Zombies Attack (Part 5)


hi guys… I have many of you asking is in the ff have any ghosts or zombies… I’m saying there is full of zombie…no ghosts. and thanks for your comments….

Laksh looks on. the two man says that they are going to the 13th floor. “why are you going there?. the people are saying if anyone goes near the floor, they will be turned into a animal.” laksh says. “we are his devotees. and we are not the only one. there are many people in the 13th floor and There are many people to come. so don’t disturb.” the man says.

“okay. what is your names?” laksh asked. “it’s none of your business to know my name.” the man says. laksh gets a little bit angry. they gave a flower to him saying goodbye. laksh throws the flower away. he kicked the man on his back. the man about to fall but the other man catch him at time. “wait and watch I’ll give you the punishment for your deeds. especially for this.” the man cryed like a child and goes. “go… go…go… don’t show me your face anymore.” laksh said and walks from there.

laksh hears some sounds and goes to the CCTV camera place. he goes there and sit in the chair. he open the CCTV footage and checked the CCTV computer. there is a man walking and hiding. laksh starts to walk to the place where the man is hiding. the man I’d hiding behind a showcase sofa. laksh stands behind the man. the metal tool in his hand.

the man looked left and right and gets up. the man turns and sees laksh. he is shocked and screams.

in a room, a man is shown ,lying in the bed. a girl is shown, comes out of the bathroom wearing a gown. “come by my side Tanu” the man said. Tanu comes to him and sit beside him. he romances her. Tanu stopped romancing and says to the man Nikhil that when will he buy for her the necklace and when Will you divorce your wife, Aaliyah ?. Nikhil gets up and takes a box from his beg and gives it to her. Tanu opened the box and sees the necklace he asked. Tanu gets happy and gives him a kiss. Nikhil smiled and they hugged. Nikhil’s phone beeped. it’s Aaliyah. Nikhil attends the phone and says to her that he is in the meeting room. Aaliyah looks suspicious, on the other side and cuts the call. Nikhil switched off his phone. Aaliyah calls the office hearing about Nikhil.

“sorry madam, sir is not here.” the office manager says. “okey, did you know where he is?” Aaliyah asked. “sorry, madam. I don’t know. you can call his friend abhishek sir. he will know.” the managers says. Aaliyah cuts the call and calls abhishek and hearing him. he Told her the truth. Aaliyah looks frustrated.

on the other side, a man from the troupe looking at the sky from the ballcony. the other troupe members were busy in eating.suddenly, lightning came from the sky. the man closed his while lightning come. after few seconds, he opened his eyes and looks at the sky again. the sky looks. the lamp around the mall didn’t work. the place looks so dark. the sky Turned into a purple and orange colour. he calls out for his friend. they all comes to the balcony sees the sky. they all are amazed by the sky. swara and paridhi looks at each other. sanskar and utkarsh sees each other. the 4 of them asked the man what is this, abhay. “I’m also with you only. I don’t know.” abhay says. they all close the balcony sit in sofas. they all scared.

on the other side,

laksh roped the man with chair. the man tries to move but can’t. “just stop you trieness to free yourself. what’s your name?” laksh asked sitting in a chair. “name my is Tusshar.” the man blabbered. “why are you blabbering in English” laksh asked. “sir, I want to learn English. so I’m learning a little bit only. so, I’m speaking my English to bnok(know) fulled (fully)” Tusshar said, crying. laksh understand his English a little bit.

The car parking are is shown. a man is shown, gun in his hand. he is looking killerly. another man is shown. he is looking as a joker. the man says to the joker to take the man in the car’s bonet. the joker opens the bonnet and takes the man. the man punched the other man, mercilessly. the joker looks at his boss punching. a call comes to him. he attends. the person on the other side is his daughter. “papa, why are not coming till now. it’s my birthday. I have waiting for your gift.” the girl said. “don’t worry anusha. I’ll come in an 2 hours.” the man says. the other man tries to get up. the man shows some sign to the joker. joker says okay. the man goes from there.

the joker tries to punch the man. but can’t instead he is slipping to punch him. the man comes to punch the joker. but the joker takes a metal tool from your car bonnet. the joker hits the man with the tool on his head. the man died there. the floor is full of blood.

on the 13th floor, there are many people in a room. they all murmurs a mantra. a man is shown sitting infront of them. they all saying DURGA PRASAD continuely. Durga Prasad didn’t utter a word and shows his hand to them. they all get silent. “this day for all of us. now onwards after I say the mantra. we will be the god to the world. then, we are immortal.” durga Prasad says. they all laughed. durga Prasad takes a book and turns the page. he starts reading the mantra in the book repeatedly. a lightning came out of the book. the people in there start feeling dizzy and the lightning separates to many lightnings. the lightnings start gets into the bodies of the people in the room. some People escape from the lightning. the escaped peoples killed by other men. but the top men who is spoke with laksh just a while ago runs from the room. they looked scared.

Precap : The joker gets bite in his nose by the one of the zombie. Ragini comes into the mall.

so, guys did u all like my ff.. I hope you will like my ff.

Credit to: Tamizhacchi

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  1. Oh my god zombies in a mall…hope our 4 leads comes out safely…but unaku intha idea epidi vanchu…itz diff..

  2. eppaditha ippadila yosikiringalo, rombo characters therirango but some how funny irku so add some romance also sollavendiyadhu illa coz any how ninga pannithutha irkingo.. really going well yar..

  3. intha story based onMalaysia – Tamil movie Vere Vazhi Ille. I changed the story lines a little bit only.

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