Zombies Attack (Part 4)


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Laksh messaged ragini his mall address. behind
him the old security man comes and stands
silently. when laksh turned he starts screaming.
the man shocked. he makes him silent by
slapping laksh. laksh looks on. “why are you
screaming?” the man asked. “you are scaring
me” laksh scolds him. “oh man don’t be so weak,
if you are weak then how could you guard this
mall?” the man said. “anyways thanks for the
advice. what is your name?” laksh asked. the
man stylishly “my name…” says. laksh looking so
expected. “Babloo.” the man says. laksh looks
“okay man, I have shown the mall. now, I’m
going hoomme” Babloo sings and goes. laksh
looks and smiles. laksh walks to the office. they
gave laksh his uniform. laksh takes it and goes
to changing room. he changed it. laksh looks like
a real security guard. laksh takes photos of him
and sends it to ragini and update it as his profile
ragini gets freshen up and wears a tracksuits and
a t-shirt. she comes and sit in the sofa. her hair
is looking curly. she takes her mobile phone.
ragini gets the message. she looks laksh’s
picture and comments only it as WOW. ragini
smiled and looks out of the window near she is
laksh is shown getting the comment by ragini
and sends her a flying kiss emoticon. on the
other side, ragini smile seeing the emoticons.
laksh puts his phone on his pocket. laksh walks
out. the officers give him the mall key and and
droves to their homes by car. the door are
locked. the place is so silent.
his voice echoed. when he walk, the sound of his
shoe can hear clearly. laksh walks to the floors
one by one. when he gets to the 5th floor, he
gets a music sound. laksh walks near the door
where the music coming. laksh hears the music
sound and talking sound. he is about to open but
remembered the officers saying that DON’T
DISTURB THE GUESTS. laksh takes back his
hand and walks from there.
into the room, a troupe is shown composing a
music. a mobile rings. a man picks it and attends
it. the man starts speaking. another man is
shown tries to get the phone from the first man.
there 5 persons totally. they all starts to laugh
out loud. a girl is shown that doesn’t smiling but
trying. atlast, the man gets the phone and goes
to the balcony.
the unsmiling girl goes to the washroom. she
tied her hair and washes her face. she looks at
the mirror. another girl comes by her side and
puts a hand on her shoulder. the unsmiling girl
turned and looks smiling. “I know that you’re
hurt, swara. don’t make faces to be smiley. I
know you very much then others.” the girl says.
“No ,paridhi. I’m not hurt. I have changed. I have
forget my love for sanskar. I will don’t be a
problem between sanskar and Kavitha. they are
made for each other.” swara says. “Don’t lie,
swara. please, put out the feelings for sanskar
from your heart. go and tell him. I have faith that
he will understand your feelings for him. Kavitha
is not the girl for him, swara.” paridhi says.
swara looks at her. swara’s eyes are full of
water. “put out, swara” paridhi says again. swara
hugged paridhi and cried. “No, paridhi. I won’t
tell him. it’s not my life only. himself also. I
don’t want him to be sad or whatever. I don’t tell
him till my last breath. I want him to be happy
with his girl.” swara says. “then, its your
problems, swara. I won’t tell you anymore.”
paridhi says angry and walked out.
swara wash her face again. she dried her face
with towel. swara comes outside. the other
persons are looking the nokh jhok of sanskar and
the other man. “go away, utkarsh.” sanskar
shooed him. utkarsh laughed and goes from
there and sit with The other persons.
“hey, I asked you to buy for me a new mobile
.but you…” Kavitha says. “baby, I will buy for you
a new mobile. just wait. first, I have to finish the
composition. then ,I will get cash and I will”
sanskar says. Kavitha gets frustrated and
disconnected the call. sanskar looks sad.
“erghhh, he is useless.” Kavitha says. sanskar
looks out of the balcony. suddenly, he hears a
guitar sound. sanskar walks in. swara plays
guitar and sings ‘HUMARI ADHURI KAHAANI’
song. they all amazed by her singing talent.
when she was finished singing they all congrats
her for having a nice voice and talent. sanskar
looks at her. swara looks at him and smiled
awkwardly. sanskar smiled at her.
On the other side,
laksh gets into the elevator. laksh goes to the
down floor. when the elevator opens, he sees
two man. the two have curly hairs. laksh gets
out looking at them. they also looking at him.
“where are you going?” laksh asked. “we are
going to the 13th floor” the man says. laksh
looks on.

Precap : Laksh hears a knocking sound and gets
scared. he has metal tool in his hand and walks.
on the other side, the troupe members looks at
the sky. the sky turns into purple .looks like a
demon day.

how is the episode guys…? I hope you like my ff,

Credit to: Tamizhacchi

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