Zombies Attack (Part 3)


sorry guys… for the late. and thanks for the
comments in the previous one…. thank you so
much… I hope you will like my ff.. okey let’s
start the episode….

Laksh goes to his room while his mom prayed to
god for giving the work at right time. laksh
opened the door of his room and closed it behind
him. laksh calls ragini.

while calling, ragini is in her class. the lecture
gives tips for the coming mid term exams. the
phone beeped because she put it in silence. the
class also in silent like even a little needle falls
the the sound is heavy. she looks shocked that if
the lecture hear the beep sound then she have to
get out.

she looks down at desk when the not seeing.
ragini attends the call. “hello” ragini whispers
very very silently. laksh didn’t hear. so he asked
what. “hello, what do you want, laksh, tell me
fast” ragini whispers again. laksh didn’t hear
again. “what are you saying, ragin? I cannot
hear.” laksh said louder.

ragini rolled her as he is irritating her. she again
whispers a little bit loud. he says that he doesn’t
hear anything. ragini gets angry and shouts on
the phone. laksh cuts the call immediately. “oh
my god, she is so angry” laksh said. ragini didn’t
get any answer from laksh. she takes the phone
from her ear and looks.

“ragini” a voice calls her. ragini then realized
that the voice is the lecture and when she
shouted the whole class heared her. she stands
up. the whole class turned towards her. ragini
smiled awkwardly. “GET OUT” the lecture shout
at her. ragini takes her belongings and gets out
of the class. ragini does something like the
lecture and calls laksh. laksh attend it.
“hey, are you a crazy or a dumb. I’m saying that
what you want to tell. but you get me angry.
now I’m out of the class.” ragini scold him for
disturbing her while in class.

“I’m sorry ragini. I’m very very sorry. I didn’t
remember that you are in class by now. I’m in so
happy. so I want to share with you the happy.
that’s why I called you.” laksh confess.
“hey, laksh, it’s okay. don’t be worry. I’m fine
with out from the class. because you are the
reason for me to breath a good air, now. okay,
say me what the thing that makes you very
happy.” ragini asked him. “ragini, I have get a
work.” laksh said. ragini gets very happy. “wow
that’s so great to hear.” ragini laughed. “but the
work is not the permanent.” laksh said. “what?”
ragini confusingly asked him. “ragini, the mall is
going to be closed in 3 days. but they gave me
the salary of 3 days as Rs. 13,0000.” laksh said.
“don’t get sad, laksh. if the work is gone. we will
find a new job.” ragini says coolly.

laksh changed his tone and they conversed over
the phone oven an 2 hours. then, they cut their
call and gets to their respective works.
the day came very fast…

laksh gets ready in a collar shirt and a black
jeans. laksh looks very handsome. mom gave her
blessing to him and give prasadh a sweet. he
eats it and hugged his mom. suryavamshi comes
there by his car and horns. “love you mom and
be careful” laksh said while wearing his shoes
and goes to the car. laksh opened the door and
sat inside. laksh waved his hand at mom and
they drives from there.

After an half an hour….
Suryamshi parked his car on parking lot. he
unbolt the car lock. laksh gets outside and looks
at the mall. the mall is very big. “oh wow” laksh
said. laksh takes selfie with the mall behind his
back. laksh uploads the pic on facebook writing
that it’s his first day work in the mall. suryamshi
gets out and locked the doors of the car.
“did you like the mall?” suryamshi asked behind
him. “very much” laksh excited. suryamshi gets
him to the the mall’s main office. he introduced
laksh to the officers as the new security. the
officers didn’t ask any questions to him instead
they accept him as the new security. he gets
confused and asked suryamshi. but suryamshi
says that laksh was working for 3 days only then
this mall will be closed so, didn’t considered that
you can be a security.

suryamshi goes from there to his car. laksh
follow him till the car turned. he sees a man
infront of him very close. laksh gets shocked like
he gets a heart attack. the man was so fat.
laksh walks behind a little bit. laksh sighed. “who
are you?” laksh asked. “I’m the old security. the
officers wants me to get you know about the
mall.” the man said. the man walks to the lift.
behind him laksh followed. the man says that
“laksh should go to the 12th floor. the upper
floor 13 you won’t have to go.”

“why? I why I don’t want to round the 13th
floor?” laksh asked his arising question.
“because, there are a sage there. he won’t like
sounds. so, he says that whoever comes to the
13th floor, they would turn to be a elephant.” the
man said. “there you gone yet?” laksh asked.
“no. not at all. I was scared to go because I
might turn to be a elephant if I would gone
there” the man said.

“Hmm-mm this is too much. even the man is
already looking like elephant. then why he is
scared?” laksh thinks. the man asked what you
thinking. “nothing” laksh says. “I know that you
are thinking that I’m looking already a elephant
then, why did I scared. right?” the man said.
laksh smiled awkwardly. “I was scared because
my beauty turn into ugly” the man says like
childish. laksh starts to laugh and goes from
there. the man looks on and says that laksh was
jealous with his beauty

Ragini messaged him. laksh reads it and gives
the address. she gets the message and checked

Precap : Laksh was in security uniform. he wears
a white colour shirt and a black pants….

So guys did u like the episode… keep reading

Credit to: Tamizhacchi

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