Zombies Attack (Part 2)


hi guys… you all like my first part?

the scene(proposed scenes) is all are flashbacks of ragini laksh. their love was 3 years old and today is their as anniversary. ragini waiting at at a coffee shop. she is messaging and calling him.

on the other side, laksh was sleeping quietly. the ringtone of his phone disturbs him. he get up from bed. he takes his phone from the table next to his bed. laksh doesn’t see who is calling. he picks up the call. “hhhhiiiii” laksh said in a sleepy mode. ragini gets angry the way he said hi. “bye” ragini annoyed. ragini hangs out her phone.

laksh looks on. he checks the phone. he realize ragini is called him. “why she is getting angry?” laksh confused. he checks the date. it’s 2/5/16. “oh shit, it’s our anniversary” he shocked. he gets ready and start his motorbike.

ragini waited for him for a while. she is so impatiently gets up and open the door of the coffee shop. laksh also pushed the door at the same time. they bumped into each other. ragini starts walking from there. laksh followed her. he grabbed ragini’s fist. “I’m sorry.” laksh conceled.

“stop saying that. you forgot our anniversary and then what is the meaning of your love towards me?” ragini said. laksh gets annoyed. “don’t say That. I’m loving forever.” laksh said. they start to argue in the road.

“if you didn’t like me then you go on.” laksh said. ragini looks at him annoyingly. she walked away. laksh changed his mind. he starts his motorbike and followed ragini. laksh stopped his bike in front of her. “come, I will drop you at college.” laksh said. ragini looks at him a while. she gets in his bike.

laksh sees her in the reflection of side mirror. ragini looked at him. laksh drives from there. laksh sees her in the mirror and driving seeing the road. ragini also looks at him.

he drops her at college. ragini says thanks to him and goes. “shit, no kiss.” laksh angers. ragini runs towards him and kissed in his cheek. laksh looks at her amazingly. ragini turned. laksh grabs her and kissed her cheek. she smiled and goes. laksh smiled while driving from there.

On the other side,

A Widower is shown doing puja. she wears a white Sartre. laksh comes there. he takes her blessing. “mom, good morning” laksh greeted. the lady is laksh mom. mom greeted him back and give him prasadh.

laksh ate the prasadh. a man comes to laksh house. his mom Greeted the man. “namashkar, sister.” the man said. “namashkar suryavamshi bhai.” mom greeted(suryavamshi is laksh’s late father friend.) . ” I have a news for you” suryavamshi says. “what is the news, bhai.” mom asked. ” I have found a work for laksh. but the works is for 3 days only.” suryavamshi says. mom gets confused. “don’t be confused. the mall is going to be shut in 3 days. he has to work as security in night. salary Rs. 13,0000.” suryavamshi said.

mom gets a little bit thinking. suryamshi looks on. laksh also thinking. “okey. but 3 days only, why the salary is so high?” mom asked. “because , there is going to work one security in the mall in those 3 days. that is why the salary is high.” suryavamshi says. mom and laksh then says okay because of their arising problems. suryavamshi greeted them and goes from there. “you have to get ready tomorrow at 2.00pm .I’ll come and pick you.” suryamshi says. laksh says okey.

Precap : Laksh and suryavamshi standing in a mall.

so guys did u like it?

Credit to: Tamizhacchi

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