Zombies Attack (Part 15)- last episode


they all goes to the 13th floor. there is Some zombies. utkarsh and laksh are shooting the zombies one by one. they walks from there.

swara is sleeping. while sanskar stares at her. swara caughed. sanskar get up and pour some water on the cup. sanskar gives it to her. swara sit in bed and drinks the cup of water. swara didn’t what had she told or sanskar told. sanskar looks at her. swara looks on.

they all goes to the rooms searching. there are many room. in one room, there is smoke coming. they are goes to the side of room. they hidden and looks inside. Durga Prasad does some pujas. they hidden. “come inside” durga Prasad says. they are shocked to know that durga Prasad is knows that they are hiding. they get inside. durga Prasad sees them smiling.

“where are others and what had happened?” swara asked. “they are gone to the 13th floor to get the black magic book and destroy it” sanskar says. he didn’t say that they express their love. “okay” swara says. after a while, swara says that she wants to go to the 13th floor. “no, it’s not the right time to walk. you are hurt” sanskar says. “I know. but, I want to help our friends.” swara says. sanskar didn’t approve. swara does not give up. at last, sanskar accept.

“why are you here, guys?” durga Prasad asked. “we came here for get the book and destroy it” Tusshar blabbered. they get frustrated with Tusshar. “which book?” durga Prasad asked. “don’t act so smart. we want the black magic book” ragini says. “black magic book? what is that?” durga Prasad says and gets up. durga Prasad smiled crookedly. “Owh, it’s mean you didn’t know?” laksh asked. “yes, my son” durga Prasad says. “don’t say me as son” laksh says. “it’s not the problem.” Aaliyah and Nikhil says. laksh looks.

sanskar helped swara to walk. swara looks at his caring nature. sanskar and swara looks at each other. swara leg gets pain. swara wimps. sanskar gets hurt by swara’s pain. sanskar and swara walks.

laksh instructs the others to search the book. durga Prasad smile change into anger. durga Prasad tries to prevent them from searching. laksh stops durga Prasad. “you are the one who says that you don’t know what is the book. right? we are just searching. don’t get panic. it’s not good for health” laksh says. “just stop your nonsense. you are messing my place” durga Prasad says. “don’t worry. after the search we will clear you places” laksh says. the other area searching the place.

swara and sanskar walks to the 13th floor. they see the durga Prasad room. they gets in. in the room, durga Prasad says that wait, I’ll put some magic on you. “we will see” laksh says.

the sun rises, the light hit the faces of them. durga Prasad take something and starts to murmur a magic spell. laksh tries to stop him. the fire starts to lit in the box shaped aluminium. sanskar makes swara sat there. he goes to bathroom and gets water. he poured it on the fire. “who are you?” durga Prasad asked. sanskar didn’t say anything. paridhi goes to swara and helped her. sanskar and laksh brats durga Prasad. durga Prasad can’t bear the pain. he gives the book to them.

they gathers around and destroy the book by burning it. the zombies dies. durga Prasad looks lost and starts crying, childlissly. “now onwards, live a life of honest” they said and goes from there. they go to the main door. laksh broke the door by the metal he has. they gets outside. they breath the air.

they group hugged and how’s in their separate ways. Aaliyah says goodbye to Nikhil and walks away. Nikhil can’t bear so he goes to her and back hug. Aaliyah cries and hugged him back. they walks from there united. Tusshar says goodbye to laksh and goes from there. laksh and ragini smiled. swara sitting in the floor. “I love you” paridhi and utkarsh confessed. they hugged each other. abhay looks at them both and smiled. ragini and laksh kissed each other on forehead. paridhi, abhay and utkarsh looks at swara and ssanskar. paridhi goes to swara and says that she told to sanskar about her. swara looks at sanskar awkward. sanskar smiles. swara gets up and walks slowly. sanskar comes behind swara and lifts her. swara looks stunning. paridhi, utkarsh and abhay clapped. swara gets shy. “will you be my better half?” sanskar asked. swara smiles. “I will” swara says. sanskar kissed her forehead and walks from there with their friends.

ragini and laksh looks into their eyes and smile. they walks from there. “I have know a work for 1 week but salary is Rs.25000” laksh said. ragini beats him in his shoulder. “if ever go. then I will kill you before any zombies kill you” ragini says. “okay” laksh said and they walks hugging each other.

and then they lived a small but happy life….. so, guys. di

Credit to: Tamizhacchi

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  1. Loved it dear and miss u

  2. ending raglak scenes is nice, come back with new raglak ff

  3. my next ff is swasan one…

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