Zombies Attack (Part 14)


“but, I am saying true. I have realized my mistakes. I love you truly. please accept.” Nikhil says. “no, Nikhil. I can’t. I’m hurt. I don’t want to be hurt against and again by believing you” Aaliyah says. Aaliyah stands in the corner of wall, looking at the moon. Nikhil looks sad.

still, ragini is in unconscious. “oh no, what to do?” laksh says. he cupped her face and shakes. “ragini, ragini, get up” laksh says. there is no sound. laksh looks worried. “oh god, make a way to get water for her” laksh says. he called out her. laksh sees a fire alarm in up wall. laksh gets a idea. he puts ragini down on the Floor slowly. he gets up. laksh have a lighter. so, he takes the lighter. laksh puts lighter near fire alarm. after few seconds, the alarm start. the water begins to pour from the fire alarm. the water pouring on ragini’s face. ragini jerked up and caughed. laksh smiled in happy. he comes to ragini. ragini cupped his face and cried. they hugged each other tightly.

paridhi, utkarsh, swara, sanskar and abhay, Tusshar Walks to the upstairs. slowly, they put their foot, one by one. there is someone in the stairs. there is full of blank. they didn’t see the girl face. they called out. they didn’t get any response. sanskar goes near her and patted on her shoulder. she turned. they get shocked because the girl is none other than Tanu. she is turned into a zombie. sanskar backwards. Tanu comes towards him to bite. but, swara comes between them and fights against Tanu. Tanu in a state of anger pushed swara. swara rolled down on the stairs and get fractured on her leg and a wound on her head and hand. she screams in pain. sanskar gets shocked and hits Tanu. Tanu didn’t let go. she tries. paridhi takes out the gun and shoots Tanu. Tanu runs towards swara. behind him others are comes. sanskar cares for. he cutted his shirt a little bit and tighted on swara’s head and hand. swara screams. sanskar about paridhi cries.

Aaliyah and Nikhil are walks from the rooftop. they goes to the floors. they sees ragini and laksh. they goes to them. “what happened?” both are asked at same time. they looks at each other and then ragini and laksh. laksh tells what had happened. Aaliyah says thanksgiving to god. “let’s go find here.” Aaliyah says. “I can’t walk. I’m feeling not well, now.” ragini says sickly. “she is feeling dizzy” laksh says. “have you give her any water or something?” Aaliyah asked. “no” laksh says. “that is the problem.” Aaliyah says. she searched something in her bag. she takes a packet of biscuits. Aaliyah gives it to her. “thanks” ragini says. she eated it.

after few minutes, they goes from there. laksh helps ragini to walk. Nikhil sees them and then Aaliyah. suddenly, Aaliyah slips and Nikhil catch her .Aaliyah looks at him. they looked at each other. laksh worries for ragini. they didn’t looks at Aaliyah and Nikhil. Aaliyah stands on her feet and goes. Nikhil looks at her.

sanskar lifts swara and walks from there. paridhi and others follows them. swara looks at him and smiles. “sanskar, don’t worry im going to be death.” swara says. “don’t say like that, swara” sanskar says and hugs her. swara looks at him. paridhi looks at them both. sanskar goes to a hotel room. he puts her down. sanskar sits near her. he cares for her. swara looks at them all. after few minutes, swara gets sleep and relieved from pain. sanskar grans her hand and takes it to his forehead and cries for her.

“I love you, sanskar” swara says in sleep. sanskar hears her. paridhi called him. sanskar goes to paridhi. paridhi takes him to a corner. she says to sanskar about swara’s love for him. sanskar realized his love for her in the second. sanskar goes to swara and looks. “I love you, swara ” sanskar says. he kissed her forehead. the others looks at them both. ” there is no way to go. we have to get that book if want to go ” utkarsh says. “yes” abhay says. “sanskar be with swara. we go and find a way” abhay says. “okay, take care.” sanskar says. they goes from there.

they meet the others in the upstairs. they says to the other about Tanu and Neel’s death. “so sad, for them” laksh says. Nikhil looks a bit sad to hear Tanu death. Aaliyah looks at him. Nikhil looks at her awkward. paridhi says to them that there is no way and we have to get that book. ” okay, let’s go to the 13th floor” laksh says. they goes to the 13th floor.

Precap : laksh, ragini, and others are sees durga Prasad.

Credit to: Tamizhacchi

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