Zombies Attack (Part 12)


hi guys….guys do you like my ff.? if you don’t then tell me….

the zombie comes towards sanskar. sanskar walks. swara comes to him pushed him a side. the zombie searched for him where she pushed him. sanskar and swara did found. the zombie goes from there. sanskar and sanskar walks from there silently. swara gets him to a side. there is no sound. swara look at him. “why are you saved me? I want to die. there is no one for me.” sanskar cried. swara didn’t utter any word. she slaps him tightly that will turn his cheek in red.

sanskar looks at her shockingly. “why you want to die. if Kavitha is left then there is no one for you. you never think that I’ll be there for you. I have been alive for you.” swara cried and hugs him. sanskar was confused to what to do. sanskar felt something into him when swara hugged him. he wants to hug her back. but Kavitha memories is into him.

at last, sanskar comes to hug her back. but in a second swara realized what she is doing. swara jerked up. she looks at him, shocked. the tears rolled down from her eyes. sanskar wants to care for her. sanskar comes closer to her. swara backed up from him. “sorry, I hugged you, emotional.” swara blabbered and goes from there. sanskar looks at her going.

laksh ragini and others are thinking what to do. “guys, we don’t have any ways to get that magic book. so, we have to find a way to get out of here.” laksh said. “but swara and sanskar” Paridhi asked. “we have no time to wait for them. every second, the zombies are hunting for us. we will write a letter to them. if they are comes and sees it will be easy.” laksh said. “I don’t think so about this plan” abhay says. “if they didn’t get it. and what will write.” abhay asked.

“it’ll be easy, I’ll write to them to call from the Mike when they comes. and, we will put that letter on the door.” laksh said. “okey” abhay says. “okay. I’ll go with ragini. you have to choose a person to accompany you.” laksh said. they thinked. “I’ll be with Nikhil” Aaliyah says. Nikhil looks guilty of himself. Aaliyah rakes outside her gun and holds it. “I’ll be with Tusshar” abhay says. “I’ll be with paridhi” utkarsh says. “okey, but Neel you?” laksh asked. they all looked at Neel. “I don’t want anyone. I’ll go myself.” Neel says. “but, Neel. it’s very dangerous to go alone. if you want then choose into them.” laksh said. “yes, laksh is saying, right. it won’t be safe. choose from us.” ragini says. Neel thinked. “I’m sure. I don’t want anyone. I have gun. I’ll be myself.” Neel says. “then it’s your matter.” laksh said.

they goes from there after hugging each other. “they said be careful to each other. after a while, they all separated. ragini and laksh’s goes near to the lifts. paridhi and utkarsh goes to the main door to looks for any way. abhay and utkarsh goes to under ground. Neel is gone to the car park.

akil is shown trying. at last, the rope cutted because of his trying and shaking. he gets up from the chair. he is smelling something all around the room. after smelling, he walks from there.

Neel thinks about akil while waking. he did not searching a way. when she comes to the spot where akil gets bitten. he gets angry while thinking about akil. “akil, it’s my promise to you. I’ll avenge on the zombies on behalf of you.” Neel thinks. Neel starts searching for the zombie who bites akil

“first, we have to search swara and sanskar.” paridhi gets worried. “why are you worry for them. she is with sanskar. he won’t let anything near her.” utkarsh says. “I know. but I was worried for swara. utkarsh, you don’t know. swara is in love with sanskar.” paridhi revealed to utkarsh. “what are you saying?” utkarsh shocked. paridhi tells about swara to utkarsh. “now, Kavitha also is here. she will definitely get hurt when they are close. so, if she gets hurt the she will goes lonely. then it’ll be dangerous.” paridhi says. “okay. let’s search” utkarsh says. they goes from there.

abhay and Tusshar walks. Tusshar asked his nonstop stupid question to abhay in his English. abhay is so frustrating. he didn’t understand Tusshar question. abhay says quiet to Tusshar. Tusshar stopped talking and they walk.

Aaliyah and Nikhil walks to the corridor. the moon is in full transform. it’s looked so romantic. Nikhil wants to tell Aaliyah that he is realized his mistakes. Aaliyah didn’t care. she looks down and forth. but didn’t get any way. Nikhil looks at her. Aaliyah sighed and looked at the moon. Aaliyah is mesmerized by moon’s beauty.

Precap : raglak is walking to go upstairs.

so, guys, I hope you will like it. bye, take care …

Credit to: Tamizhacchi

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