Zombies Attack (Part 11)


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“what happned?” swara asked. “kavitha is here.” sanskar says. “what” swara is shocked. “yeah…she is in the car park. i have to save her from the zombies.” sanskar says. swara says to sanskar that let’s go and save kavitha. “thank you ,swara. but i don’t want you in trouble.” sanskar says. “its ok. i wil come to your safe.” swara says. sanskar lookson with her words. paridhi comes behind swara and asked what happened. swara says that kavitha is here. paridhi gets shocked. swara says that they will go and save kavitha. paridhi nods and goes to inform to them. “be safe” they all said. swara and sanskar goes from there. and others are goes to the room.

kavitha is shown walking in the parking lot, typing something in her phone. she gets call from laksh. she puicked it.”hello, where are you.” sanskar asked. “in car park” kavitha says funnily, “i asked you in which side” sanskar asked. “im in the left side of the car park. a grey colour car is parked behind me.| kavitha says. “okay,wait there. i come” sanskar says. swara sanskar searched. kavitha is shown waiting humming a song. the zombie comes behind her. she gets the sound of zombies.”what is the sound?” she asked herself and turned around. she gets shocked and screamed. swara and sanskar hears her and runs. kavitha runs from there. swara and sanskar followed kavitha’s voice. kavitha hidden in a car bonnet.

she messaged sanskar where are you. sanskar replied that they are searching for you.kavitha hears swara and sanskar talk sound. she creaked open the bonnet. kavitha looks at sanskar and called him. swara and sanskar helped her to get out. Kavitha gets out. she hugs sanskar as and cried.

sanskar convinced her to don’t cry. “what is that… erghhh” Kavitha asked. “its zombies, Kavitha.” sanskar says. “what, it’s zombies. I never ever met a zombie in real. it’s unbelievable. I can’t believe it. the zombie came to me. I was scared. OMG …” Kavitha says. sanskar looks at her. “sanskar, there is no time to stand and talk. we should go.” swara says. “yeah, Kavitha come. let’s go from here.” sanskar grabs her hand. “where? I don’t want to come with you. I want to go.” Kavitha says and takes her hand back. sanskar looks shocked.

“what are you saying, Kavitha. he want you to be safe and sound.” swara says. “hey, who are you to come between us. I’m speaking to sanskar.” Kavitha says. swara looks hurt. sanskar looks at swara hurting and turns. “Kavitha, mind your word with swara. she is my friend.” sanskar said. “ohh” Kavitha says, egotically. “you don’t worry, swara” sanskar says.

“it’s OK. sanskar, I wait at side. you talk with her.” swara says. sanskar grabs her hand. swara takes her hand back and goes. “thank god. she Is gone.” Kavitha says. sanskar looks on. “what? you’re unpredictable.” sanskar says. “me …unpredictable. you loved the unpredictable.” Kavitha says. “why? she wants you to safe and sound” sanskar angers. “who wants her care.” Kavitha angers. “I want” sanskar breath. “what? do you love her?” Kavitha asked. “I’m her best friend …” sanskar says. Kavitha looks on. “let’s break up. I don’t want to come with you and die. I want to live a luxurious life. not with” Kavitha says. sanskar looks at her shell shocked. swara turned other side.

“I thinked you’ll be a great musician in future. but, now I comes to know that you will die here. I don’t want to die.” Kavitha says and goes from there. sanskar is heart broken.

“what they are doing? they are taking time to get that girl here. erghhh. here, we have so many work. they are thinking that we are have no work.” laksh angered. they all looks on. “what they are doing?” paridhi asked utkarsh. “I don’t know. let’s go and check” utkarsh says. they heared their talk. “why? then you also will be like this” laksh said. paridhi and utkarsh looks worried.

on the other side, sanskar sit in his knees and cried. swara looks at him from distance. she gets hurt when he is crying. swara looks down. sanskar stopped crying. he gets up and starts walk. there is a zombie. he tries to commit suicide by getting trapped in zombie. swara looks at him walking and looks at the zombie. she gets shocked and runs towards sanskar. sanskar walks. swara called for him. he didn’t turn. he walking near the zombie. the zombie looks at him.

Precap : swara slapped sanskar. sanskar looks on.

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Credit to: Tamizhacchi

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