Zombies Attack (Part 10)


hi guys I came back with another episode of Zombies Attack…. guys if you didn’t like the ff… then comment. thank you… I hope you will like my ff….. I want to entertainment you guys. I don’t want you get dissapointed.

they all are shown looking at apoorva. “what?” paridhi asked from behind of them all. apoorva sighed deeply. he start narrates the story …

‘the book is made by a tantrik. Durga Prasad theft the book from him for his work. he is worked magics by the book. that all are worked. but now he is trying to get the world for himself. so, he used the magic for create zombies. if, the zombies wants to die. then you have to go to the 13th floor and get the book burned. if a man bited very hardly then the man will die. or not the man also changed to a zombie himself. he will not be able to get into a human again and he will die.’ apoorva narrates the story.

Neel looks at akil and starts crying for him. “they are saying, you are dead. you couldn’t get into human form again” he cried. they all looks so sympathetic about Neel. they all comes to him and conceled him to don’t worry. akil didn’t care about him. Neel cried.

after a while they all sitting around on the floor. they make some plans to go to the 13th floor as and get the book burned.

they take some stuffs from the room for their safety. they walked to the hall. there are zombies in there. laksh stand infront. behind him in left ragini stand, right sanskar and swara stands. behind them others are stands. the zombies comes. they all looked so scared. “don’t be scared, guys. if you scare then you won’t never be safes. so, please be brave.” laksh said. they doesn’t utter a word. “guys now I’m starts to count to 3. when I say 3 then we have to attack them. okay?” laksh said. they all prepared for attacking and says okay. “1…2…3…attack” laksh counts and scream. they all screams and runs at each side without attacking. they are hidden. laksh didn’t get answer.

laksh turned around. he looks no one. “they are escaped” laksh said. laksh turned. the zombies comes to him. he didn’t breath. the zombie comes closer to him. the zombie smells him. laksh gets panicked and runs from there screaming. the zombies runs robotically to him.

they all runs from there and hidden in a room. there are no zombies. “you also left me.” laksh said to ragini. ragini looks awkward. “sorry, laksh. I want to say to you to run. but word didn’t come, soorrryy” ragini says, putting her hands in her ear. laksh smiled at her. ragini smiles. “guys, stop your romance and thinks about how to get out” they all said, chorus. “okay, okay” laksh said. ragini smiled. laksh starts thinking and noticed Tanu and Nikhil are missing. “where is Tanu and Nikhil?” laksh asked. others looks around for them.

on the other side, Tanu and Nikhil is shown running upstairs by the lift. the lift didn’t work, so they runs. behind two zombies is following. they are get trapped in the upstairs. because, the upstairs are locked. so they locked between lift and the up side. Nikhil jumped from the side of the lift. “jump” Nikhil says to Tanu. Tanu says can’t. Nikhil comes again and helps her. she jumped and runs from there. “help me Tanu” Nikhil screamed. “I want me to be safe. if you live then we will meet” Tanu says. Nikhil realized that Tanu is leaving him. that she does’nt care for him nor she doesn’t loved him. the zombies comes to him. suddenly, a gun shot take place.

“there is a gun sound.” abhay, paridhi, Neel, and utkarsh says. “I know, we have to go and take a look and we have to save Nikhil and Tanu” laksh and sanskar says. swara, sanskar, laksh, ragini and others goes from there.

the gun sound came from downstairs. the zombie dies in the floor. Nikhil looks so scared. Aaliyah is the one who shoots the zombie. Nikhil looks at her. swara, ragini, laksh, sanskar, paridhi, utkarsh, abhay, Neel and Tusshar comes there shocking. “who is this and where is Tanu?” Tusshar murmurs. Nikhil and Aaliyah look at them. Aaliyah hold the gun in her hand. “she is my wife.” Nikhil says. “then, Tanu?” Tusshar again asked. “shut up” they all said.

“is his fiance” Aaliyah says and holds the gun downwards. Aaliyah sighed. “I know, Nikhil. you loved her and you want to divorce me. but, I’m came here for save you. because, I made a promise to your parents in our marriage that I will keep you safe. this night only, and then we are separate.” Aaliyah says and walks. while, walking a zombie comes there. she shoots down. she didn’t scare. she is very brav.
Nikhil realized his mistakes by her wife’s speech. she realized that true is Aaliyah not Tanu. Nikhil wants to convince her but didn’t have word.

sanskar phone beeped. he takes his phone and attends the call. someone speeks something. sanskar gets shocked. swara noticed it. swara comes from behind and put her hand on his shoulder. he turned around and sees swara.

Precap : Kavitha hugs sanskar. swara looked hurt.

so, guys did u like it? comments need …

Credit to: Tamizhacchi

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  1. Don’t stop yaar its a awesome story nikhil realized his mistake now kavitha came its time for sanky to realize his love don’t end the ff soon at least a 50 chapter if possible update one more chapter update soon will be waiting

  2. superb dear

  3. tq for the comment aditi syam and ammu …i will try my best to make the ff at leat 50 parts.

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