Zombies Attack (Part 1)

Hi guys… I’m writing This FF for you all. I hope you all will like it.

in a crowded place a man is shown waiting. he wears a cooling glass. he wears a white T-shirt and a jeans. he is humming a music and looks at the people who are crossing him.
On the opposite side a girl is shown walking. she has a beg and books in her hand. she is a college student. when she sees me the man waiting, she turned around. she looks very scared.
The man sees her turning and walks to her. she doesn’t realize that he saw her. “what to do now, ragini?” she thinks to herself. the man comes to her and silently slaps her in her shoulder. she gets shocked and turned. ragini sees the man. her heart beat raced.
“what you want, Mr.Lakshya?” ragini said. the man’s name is lakshya. “call me laksh,” says in a modulation by shaking his body. ragini looks on. laksh stopped Shaking his body when he sees her face. he blabbers at her.
“I love you.” laksh takes a rose flower from his pocket and gives it to her. ragini smiled seeing it. but when laksh sees her she changed her face into serious. she didn’t take the flower. she starts to walk. laksh looks annoyed. “I have proposed her over 10 times 5 years but she doesn’t even says that she likes or unlike me’ laksh says to himself and kicked a tin near him. he start to walk away.
ragini turned and looks at him. he didn’t look. she stopped walking and starts to pinch her beg. laksh turned and looks at her waiting. he smiled and goes near her. she sees his shoes beside her leg. she smiles and starts to walk. they stepped at the same time. “I want you to say something. if you’re in love with me, please take my rose flower and not go away.” laksh said. ragini glare at him, angrily. laksh looks and smiled. ragini turned.
laksh takes the flower from his pocket. ragini stopped walking. laksh also stopped. she waited for bus. he waited to her to take the flower and accept his love. ragini didn’t care. the bus comes there. laksh looks on. ragini get into the bus and sit in the window sit. “ragini, I will love you forever. accept my love.” laksh said.
laksh looks at the floor. when the bus start to drive, ragini takes the flower and accept his love. laksh looks at her very happily. she sees at him and get her head inside. laksh start to run to abroad the bus. at finally, laksh abroad. he stands besides her and looks at her. ragini also looks at him. when the girl sitting beside her goes from there laksh sits. she smiled but doesn’t look at him.
laksh also starts to blabber and didn’t speak. laksh put his hand on her hand. ragini feels it. “ragini,” laksh said. “I love you.” ragini breathed. when her place comes she takes her hand back. she gets up start walking.
laksh looks at her all the while. when ragini about to go she sees at laksh and waved her hand. laksh smiled and waved. laksh gives a flying kiss. ragini gets shyness and goes smiling.

Precap : A man is shown coming to a house. and a lady is shown looking at the man. the lady is widower.

So guys how is the episode? did you like it?…

Credit to: Tamizhacchi


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..