Zingaat (Tipsy) confessions -kanchi Two shots .shot1

Hii kanchians ,here i m back with new two shots on kanchi!
So it start from yesterdays episode,only change is that sanchi didn’t slapped veer and no rain sequence.
Sanchi decided to clear kabir’s misunderstanding ,but wasn’t able to say anything.
Everytime she tried to speak to him,something happened and she couldn’t clear issues.
So it was background intro,actual os starts from here..
The great savitri devi college and hospital was awarded by best hospital of the decade award and there was grand celebration party held in sdch.
Malhotra was greeting his guests,kabir was busy staring his lady love!
Ria was busy ogling at kabir.
Veer was obviously busy in burning with jaleousy! Pragya stuck with her gunda-gardi, while isha was busy with her pocket make-up kit!!
Apart from that,
Sanchi was all tensed.she was not able to understand what to do??
She wanted to clears kabir’s misunderstandings but didnt wanted to hurt him!
She was even upset with veers behaviout toward her.

Here,ria was fuming with anger.she was deeply heartbroken after that ‘Bittu’ drama.she thought sanchi purposely did this to her and decided to teach her lesson.
She mixed something in sanchi’s drink and smirked!!
She walked toward sanchi’s direction and reached there.
‘Hii,sanchi” she greeeted with fake smile.
Sanchi lookes at her amused.
“Hii” she replied.
They did chit chat for short time and meanwhile ria exchanged sanchi’s drink.

Sanchi drank half of the drink and left the glass on table.
She get call and goes out of hospital to take a call!!
Kabir saw sanchi leaving the place keeping her half drink on table.
He wanted to have some alone time with her ,but before that he pick up her drink and drank it down without thinking for a moment!!!! (Haaayee,pyaar me pagal!!)
He too goes out in search of her.!!

“Offo, ab tum kon ho???” Said tipsy sanchi!
“Offo,main kon hu??” Said sloshed kabir in same tone..
“Kya tum dost ho mere??” Sanchi cocked her eyebrows.
“Haaan!! I think” he said showing his white teeths..
They were sleeping on floor of secluded room amd both were in full ‘Talli’ avtar.
Suddenly light went off.
“O teri,electricity ko bhi susu aa gayi” sanchi laughed like maniac..
He to joined her in laughter.
“Pata hai dost,main bohot confused hu!” She said looking at him.
“Q ?” He aksed.
Sanchi stand up and took imaginary mike in her hand and hold it infront of her
“Kya tumne kisise pyaar kia hai?? Kya tumne kisiko dil diya hai??” She said dramatically.
He just laughed at her acts..
“Maine kia,par us nalayak ne mere dil ke tukde tukde kar diye” she acted like crying and sat down on floor.
“Kya kia usne ?? Pagla kahika!!” He said trying to make her calm..
She cried even more rubbing her eyes and continued her raving.
“Maine kitna samzaya,par sunta hi nahi”she said lowering her gaze.
He slowly cupped her face .she shuddered at his touch,but then gave in!
“Idhar dekho” he commanded!
“Dost,tum khadoos kapoor ki tarah q scold kar rahe ho??” She asked innocently.
“Konsa kapoor??” he asked.
” kabir kapoor” she said.
“Kya??sunai nahi diya(it was inaudible)” he pouted
Sanchi again stand up and started in loud voice.
“Kabir kapoor.
K for khadoos.
A for akdu and akal ka andha.
B for buddhu and bewkuf.
I for idiot.
R for ….. r for ..r for…
She didnt find any word..

“R for rascal ..” he completed and both of them burst into laughter!!
“Tum to bohot smart ho!!” She patted his back with proud ,while he blushed on her statement.
“To kya kia,tumhare bf ne??”he asked her.
“Wo mera bf nai he” she quickly replied.
“Ohk” he remained silent.
She again started her overacting
“Wo to meri koi baat nai sunta!! Trust nai karta” she pouted.
“To simple hai,he dont luv u!! Becoz trust is base of every relation” hr gave her some of his tipsy knowledge.
“U r right dost, par kya tumhe kaise pata?”she raised a smart question.
“Becoz main to bohot trust karta hu ,meri sanchi ko” he said with proud smile..
“Kyaa naam bataya?” She asked again.
Now it wad his turn to stand up.
“S for sweet si
A for acchi si
N for nakhchadi si
C for cute si
H for honest si
I for … i for
He didnt find any word..
Sanchi:- mujhe aise mat dekho!ab mere pass bhi word nai hai .
She clarified
“Par dost,kya wo bhi tumse pyaar karti hai?i mean usne kaha i luv u too??”
” nahi yaar, usne to bola hi nai!” He gets sad.
She pulled his cheeks and said “dont worry,ask her tommorow.mujhe to mera love nai mila but tumhe jarur milega. Pinky promise”
And they both slept …

Precap: main nahi bataungi!!khud padh lena next update me!

So , agar dil se pasand aaye to like aur comment kar dena. I will post next part only if i get 50 likes.hehehe kidding .i know i m not that good yet. And if u didnt liked it ,then feel free to press dislike button .it will help me to improve. Bye bye. HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL.

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