Zindgi Bitaungi Tere saaye mein (Episode 13)

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All the family members were looking at this lovely couple… they still remains in each other’s arms…the most safest place for both of them…where they felt as complete…they continue to remain like that for minutes…they were hugging so tightly just as if they fear of losing the other…
Pragya was resting her head in his chest and wrapped her hand around him…
Abhi placed his left hand in her cheek and rubbed her cheek and tears falling from her eyes with his thumb…with the other hand he rubbed her back and her head to console her.
(BG pyar hai ya sazza YehYeh mere dil patha)
After some time they broke the hug…he cupped her face and said. ..foggy let’s do this…
Suddenly pragya pushed him back and shouted

No… no…i won’t allow, why u want to kill my child. .
Hearing this abhi also shouted back with the same range. ..
Abhi:why u want to kill my wife. ..my life. .love…soul…my fuggy which is everything for me…
Pragya become calm after hearing his statement… she very softly called him..suniye…but before she could continue she felt someone’s hand on her shoulder…it is none other than our dadi…she turned and looked at her..she had an expectation that dadi would support her
Dadi: beta…initially when abhi said about killing ur child… I was angry at him but now..

Pragya: what but…
Dadi: ah… but now I think he is right..
Pragya was taken back by dadi’s statement..she said..Dadi..
Dadi plced her hand in her shoulder and said..beta we need you..tears was filled in her eyes..
Pragya removed her hand from her shouldr and said;I think u will support me…
Dadi: if it is something else then I would have but this is something related to ur life…
Hearing this Akash and Aliya steps forward
Akash: yes bhabhi dadi and bhai are right we cannot risk ur life..

Aliya: ha bhabhi nothing is more important than ur life..
Raj: pragya if there is anyother option then abhi wouldn’t have taken this decision..
Pragya with a calm voice there is option but u r not doing this..u all are wasting time on someone whose life will end with in days….
Averone one was taken back by a loud shout..it is our abhi..when pragya said this
Abhi shouted pragya..He got a flower face which is kept in the table he took it and trowed it on the floor and shouted stop it okk…Pragya was really frightened by his action..he then walk towards hold her tightly then bring her closer to him
Abhi: get ready, we are doing this..we don’t want this child…am clear no more arguments..its final he shouted..saying this he left the place..
Pragya shouted..i want this child..i want…saying this she ran to her room..
(bg: pyaar hai ya saza yeh mere dil patha)

Dadi: oh god wht’s happening here..why are u always doing this to them…
Aliya: dadi everything will be all right.. their love will make everything right
In night
Abhi returned home…All are sitting in the hall except pragya..
Abhi: dadi she didn’t come out of our room..
Mitali: how do u know that she was in ur room frm that time

Abhi: becoz am her love…I could understand even her breathe and hearbeat…each and every emotions which goes through her…leave it bhabhi u won’t understand
Aliya give me the food I would feed her
Abhi went to their room..there pragya was sitting by resting her head in headbroad and hugging his photo..he could see trails of tears in her cheeks…
Abhi plced a soft kiss in her forehead. Sensing his touch she opened her eyes…
She was about to say something but was stopped by abhi..
Abhi: we hav argued a lot today..now it is love and care time…he sits near to her and said have this..u r already ill and today u hav strained a lot..so have this…and he forwarded his hand which contain a piece of roti..
She opened her mouth without any protest..and ate the food…then she took a piece and tried to feed him..but initially he turned his face and said its u who is ill so u have first..

Hearing this pragya makes a pout..seeing this abhi couldn’t protest so he had it
They continue to feed one another.

(Bg:Saaiyara thu saiyara)
After completing their food they went to sleep…Abhi rested his back in the head board and pulled pragya in to his arms..she rested her head in his chest and wrapped her hand around is stomach..abhi also wrapped his hand around her and held her tightly..
Pragya: suniye..plz…nothing will happen..but plz..consider this as my last wish…I won’t ask anything after this..

Abhi remained silent..
Abhi:fuggy don’t make me angry..u just sleep now let’s discuss abt it in the morning..and prepare urself for the decision..
Pragya: but plz..
Abhi kept his finger in his lips and said: shhhuu just close ur eyes and sleep ok..saying this he held her more tightly..later they went to sleep after a hectic day.
In the morning
Abhi with his closed eyes fuggy coffee and then closed his eyes again…but he didn’t get any response after sometime and so he once again shouted fuggy..
But instead of fuggy aliya comes to room and asked the matter..
Abhi: where is fuggy..

Aliya: we didn’t see her from morning we thought that she is still sleeping..
Hearing this abhi removed his blanket and was about to stand but he noticed his cup of coffee in the side table and a letter below that..
The letter
I know that u love me mmore than anything in this world I too love u more than myself…that’s why am taking this decisn…am not going away frm u..am going to prepare a gift for u…the most beautiful gift that I could ever give…ur child..our child…our symbol of love…

Suniye am feared that if tomorrow if anything happens to me what will u do…it will be difficult to handle u by everyone at that time our child will handle u…she would become the reson for ur smile…reson for u to live..
I will definitely return back to u with ur gift…and am nothing will happen to me before that…I won’t leave from this world without seeing u..i would end my life only in ur lap…
Suniye..i love u…plz don’t hate me…take care…ur fuggy is always with u…now have ur coffee..one more thing all ur thigs are well arranged in the wardrobe and I have plced a list of the position of things..ok take care don’t trouble anyone..be a good boy..
Your…only yours fuggy
Screen freezed on abhi’s teary eyes….thw eyes which if filled with the love for his fuggy,,,..\
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Sometimes I won’t be able to write regularly for nxt few days sorry for that..
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