Zindgi Bitaungi Tere saaye mein (Episode 11)

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Pragya was standing with teary eyes after listening to abhi..Abhi was shocked to see pragya there..he couldn’t look into her eyes…he doesn’t want know what to say…
Pragya slowly come towards him with slow steps…
Pragya: suniye…what did u say…do u know what u r saying…(she stammers while speaking)she wipped her tears and continued..see I know that u love joking but such jokes..these are to much..she come more close to him kept her hands in his chest..it is a joke isn’t it..??? in a little bit louder voce it is joke…isn’t it..???
It was difficult for abhi to control his emotions..and said: it is not a joke…
Pragya took her hands from his chest and slowly step back…she move backwards…away from abhi..by looking at him with teary eyes..
Pragya: no…no this can’t happen…u r lieing..this can’t happen..while waling she loosed her balance and was about to fall but abhi holds her…she then clutched his shirt with both her hands and looked into his eyes..
Pragya: u r lienig..i know that u want this child…she wipped her tears but it continues to fall and with teary eyes and a smile do u remember..when I was in hospital u used to say that u want a child..just like ..u want a chotty fuggy..when is going to enter our life then why are u saying this..why…she cries,,holding him…and in between she rested her head in his chest…
Abhi removed her hand from his shirt and said: pragya we don’t want this child..its my decision and I hope my fuggy will agree to this becoz she loves..me u will..am right fuggy…??
Pragya: suniye..
Abhi: I don’t want to hearing anything else..u know that I love u more than anything…u r there with me always without questing and I expect the same now…
If u love me then u have to..
Pragya: suniye…do u know what u r saying…u r asking me too choose between u and our child,,how could i??
Dadi: pragya don’t listen to him..he is mad…
Abhi: dadi plz…fuggy so u love the child more than me…???
Pragya: no…its not like that…
Abhi: then what..he came closer..hold her hands…fuggy u love me…isn’t it..then plzz…else I won’t…
Before he could continue pragya stopped him..and shouted..yes I love u…I love u more than anything..and u know what this love is my biggest weakness..becoz of this love today I failed as a mother..
Dadi: pragya what are u saying…???
All are standing in the hall with mixed emotions and hearing their conversation.

Pragya: or what if he don’t want this child then what can I do…if this child comes to this world if he\she doesn’t get fatherly love..then..no dadi…
Aliya: bhabhi are u mad..we could convince him..don’t take such decision..
Abhi: aliya we know what to do…
Aliya: no u can’t..
Pragya: enough…she walk towards him…plz…am requesting u.for the last time…she placed her hand in his and bring it clse to her heart..
Abhi: no..fuggy..
Pragya: u r always making me weak … my love towards u make me weak…u know that..i love u more than anything..that’s why today I chosed u over our child..i will regret about this throughout my life and I couldn’t forgive myself for this…but what could I do my love binds me..she cried bitterly…Abhi couldn’t hold it..he hugged her tightly.tears were falling from his eyes.
(BG tu meri jane hai)

Pragya: this is what always happened…whenever u made me cry I always think that I won’t come to u…but what happens s that even if u r the reason for my tears..i always want ur shoulder to cry and wipe my tears…she cried bitterly
Abhi: I know that..and I also know that u always understand me..that is the reason why I doesn’t give u any explanation for my actions…becoz I know that u always trust me and support me…I know that u always need me by ur side..that is why I always come towards u even if u made me angry…I never let ur side even if am angry becoz I know that u need me by ur side..and I also need u by my side to share my emotions…
He broke the hug..made pragya look into his eyes..fuggy just as u said yes to all my decision plz..this time too…fuggy plz…
Pragya: I love so I couldn’t say a no to u..but am a mother so plz on’t make me say a ye..plz understand..
Abhi understands her decision and he said be ready by evening we would go and meet the doctor once I come back..
She run to her room..

Abhi to everyone: no one should talk to her.i know that u all want to change her decision but she won’t becoz she loves me..
Dadi comes forward: yes she loves u…and once again her love made her fail in her life..every time she lose something just becoz she loves u..this is what she always does…
Abhi do u really love her or is it all a dram
Abhi was stunned by dadi’s question…dadi is raising question about his love..his true love for her fuggy which is everything for him..he couldn’t control his emotions..so he left the place saying..i don’t want to give u any explanation my fuggy knows about my love…
Abhi went outside..he sits in the bech and cried bitterly..Am sorry my baby..am sorry…plz papa ko maf kar do…u know everything so plz understand the situation.. Baby this is not the right time,,u just go now and come after some years ok…don’t ever think that pap doesn’t love u..papa really loves..u really…He called purab and ask him come to love park . Then he took the car and went outside.
Aliya heard all this…when abhi comes out after hearing dadi aliya come behind him…and she heard what abhi said
Aliya in mind: so am right..there is some problem…that’s why bhai take this decision…I should find what is the matter..she decided to go to love park..she called bulbul and asked her to join her…

In park
Abhi: purab I asked to kill my child..purab..my child…our child..symbol of our love
He hugged purab and cried loudly..purab patted his back to calm him
Abhi am a cruel person…my child will be thinking like that..
Purab: no abhi..ur child understand the situation…she/he know that u r doing this for their mom so they won’t be angry…
He broke the hug..
Abhi: ha purab..they will understand after all its my fuggy’s child…I don’t have any other option left..i can’t risk my fuggy’s life she is everything for me…this pregnancy will become a risk for her life..so I have to purab…
Suddenly they heard some sound and was shocked to see Aliya and bulbul there..
Bulbul run towards abhi hugged him tightly…jiju what happen…what happen to my di… he patted her back…consoled her..he made her sit in the bench.. He explained everything to them…
Then he cupped bulbul’s face made her look in to eyes and said nothing is there…okk..nothing will happen to ur di..am there…
Bulbul hugged him and sobbed I know that ..jiju..u won’t let anything happen to her..then he looked at aliya who was standing there with tears..he wrapped bulbul with right hand and showed left hand to aliya…aliya run towards him and hugged hi..then he wrapped his left hand around aliya..
Abhi: nothing will happen to her…we won’t let anything happen to her okk..both his sisters cried in his arms..

See..lots of twist are waiting…okk..i know that u guyz may be sad with pragya’s decision…but what to do she loves him a lot…

So guyzz…plz give ur valuable comments and suggestions….ur comments and suggestions are very important
Thank u,….
Sorry if there are the mistakes…

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  5. B_Ani

    its really touching. but i can understand both their situation. i wish everything is fine soon.
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    Super episode pls update the next episode soon because I can’t wait anymore

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