Zindagi tu meri ban gai (Swasan few shots)part 2 swaragini.

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So here is second part and i didnot get time to proof read it. There can be many mistakes plz avoid them.

They were siting on floor of auditorium in circle,but all were busy in themselves. Laksh was doing something on his phone,swara reading a book and sanskar writing his assigment while ragini was looking at all.
Ragini: guyz you all are here to listen me?
Laksh:yes! But how will we listen you. If you wont speak?
Sanskar: we are here from past two hours and you have not spoke a word.
Swara:come on ragini. Just say it. (Looking at nervous face of ragini she got an idea) ok i have a idea, we all will write a thing that we have not shared with each other yet on a paper and fold it. Then we will read all chits one by one. So you can write that? What say?
Ragini got some relief, “done” she exclaimed.
Sanskar: but i dont have anything to write, i share everything with you all.
Ragini:please sanky! Think! There must be something.
Sanskar looks at ragini and thinks” ok then! Lets confess it today to you” later he smiled and said “ok”.
Swaragini got happy and sanskar looked at laksh, who was busy in thinking something.
Sanskar:now! What are you thinking
Laksh:nothing iam just thinking which secret should i reveal.
Swara:how many secrets you have kept from us.
Laksh: i have not counted. There are soo many.
Laksh: iam joking guyz. Lets start.
They start writing while writing swara steal the galance of sanskar and stop to write with smile. All folded their papers and throws it at center. Now all were tensed not only ragini as they have confessed major things.
Ragini picked the first chit and open it,
” i smoke sometimes ” laksh.
She read with a shock and all looked at laksh.
Laksh: guyz! Explaination later plz, first lets open all chits, saying this he took out other chit and reads it.
“Dad is forcing me to go lodon for higher studies” ragini.
Another blast for them, now ragini was victom of thier looks.
Swara: means…. you have to leave all of us?
Ragini did not said anything while sanskar face turned pale and he picked the next chit.
” i love S?” Swara. he read it and look at swara confused while she avoid his gaze and took the last chit.
” i love you…………. ragini” sanskar. she read it with much dificulty and tears filled in her eyes but she hold them back with much difficulty. ragini looked at sanskar shocked while he was looking away sadly.
All four were quiet, no one knew what to say.
And finally laksh started.
Laksh: whenever i am at home, i just feel suffocated, i,m just feed up by mom and dad,s fights. Since 19 years i am bearing all this. But now i just cant take it. So thats y i sometimes…..
Swara placed her hand on his.
Swara: its ok lucky! We are always with you.
Sanskar: yeah and promise you wont smoke again. Instead whenever you will feel depressed you will meet us.
Laksh: okkkk i promise. but you love ragini??since when?
Sanskar: since school. That time i thought its just an attraction but with time i came to know that its something else… i thought today is best time to confess it. But it was bad time.
He looked at ragini.
Ragini: sanskar! Y didnot you tell me before?
Sanskar was quiet.
Ragini:dad is really forcing me to go lodon. But now i have gotten an idea.
Sanskar: what idea.
Ragini:ask your parents to talk with my parent as soon as possible.
Swara laksh sanskar trio were suprised.
Sanskar: that meanssss..
Ragini:that means i love you too idiot.
Laksh: wohoooo! Laksh exclaimed with happiness while swara just smiled.
Laksh: so now your turn swara. S for?
Swara: s for? She pretend.
Ragini: you love S?
Sanskar:who is that S?
Swara looks on for a moment than said
Swara: aahhh! What kind of stupid besties i have. S for my salman khan.
“Oh god!” Trio said together while she chukled.
Swara: ok now i have a class will see you guyzz.
She ahead to leave but then stops
Swara: and you may also move lucky. They have just confessed their feelings. Give them some privacy.
Laksh:aryyyy but i dont have class now?
Swara: come with meeeee.
She draged him out.
Sanskar: oh damn!
Ragini: what happened?
Sanskar: i have to submit this assignment. Else i am gonna die by professor.
Ragini laughed while he got up and took his papers.
Sanskar: but hey! Would you like to give me some precious hours of your evening today?
He asked before leaving and ragini noded with smile.
Ragini reached at place which was beautifully decorated with roses and lights, table was also decorated for two there. She was dressed in black gown and had left her hair open. She walked in with an awe and found sanskar. He was looking cute and charming like always he smiled at her and moved towards her. “You are looking beautiful” he complimented her “thankyou”.
Holding her hand he takes her towards the table and pulled chair for her, ragini sits and flowers shower over her along music scattered in wind.
Ragini was suprised and she smiled at sanskar, then they had dinner talking about random things.
They spent a great time together, walking towards the car sanskar stopped and sits down on his knees with a ring in his hand.
“I want to spend my whole life with you ragini. would you give me an honour to have your company throught out the life” ragini noded with teary eyes and he slides the ring over her finger. Later
Ragini opened the car door to get in but found a little box on seat, again she looked at sanskar suprisingly.
Sansakr: last suprise for tonight (winks)
She takes the box and sit while sanskar also get in.
Ragini opened the box and found a beautiful barcelet in it.
Ragini: its beautiful sanskar! Thankyou.
Sanskar: may i?
Ragini noded and he made her wear the bracelet.
One month later,
Arrangments for ragsan engagment were going on.
Swara was wearing a beautiful lengha and was instructing the servants to do properly.
Swara: guest can arrive at any moment, and you are still decorating entrance.
Servant: just 5 mins madam
Swara: do it fast.
Ragini,s mother comes.
Rag,s mom: thankyou so much swara, you have helped me alot. Idk how could i hv managed if you were not here.
Swara: come on aunty! Its my besties engagment, anything for them.
Rag,s mom blesses her.
Rag,s mom: yeah! Call ragini also. Please ask her how much time she will take in parlour she has gone since afternoon. Sanskar,s family must be arriving at any moment.
Swara: dont worry she must coming, anyway i,ll call her.
Swara called ragini. Lady was doing her eye makeup when her phone rang. Ragini: one minute plZ.
Ragini: yes swara.
Swara: where are you ragini? Sankar can reach any time with his family and you are not still here.
Ragini: i am getting ready yar, i,ll be there in half hour.
Swara: and is there anyone with you?
Ragini: yes, mom sent me with akshara but she had to leave for some work. Anyway i,ll come by myself.
Swara: what??? How can she leave you alone? Ok i,ll come to pick you or i,ll ask laksh.
Ragini:no i,ll manage you help mom there.
Swara: but?
Ragini: ok i,ll see u bye.
Swara texts laksh to pick ragini and then laksh called ragini but she also said same thing to him that she will come by herself.
After sometime sanskar came with his family and laksh, swara greeted them with rag,s family.
Swara: not bad monkeys are looking handsome.
Sanskar: you called me monkey?
Swara: nop! I called you handsome (winks). And laksh didnot you went to pick ragini?
Laksh: nah she said that she will come herself.
Swara:god! This girl.
Sanskar: ask her to come fast, i cant wait any more.
Laksh: ohooo have some patience man.
Sanskar: if your would be wife is so beautiful and you love her so much than how u can wait?
Swara eyes got teary
Swara: i,ll come in a moment.
Sanskar: what happened to her?
Laksh: dk i,ll go and check.
Swara comes into a room and laksh follows her but she didnt knew it. She sits and cried out his heart.
“Why God why this is happening with me, please give me strength so that i can stay strong…… u have filled my heart with sanskar,s love but u have not written his name in my destiny. Then plz free me from this pain also” she crys. Laksh was shocked to see her condition and he recalled “i love s?”
Swara got stunned and wipes her tears.
Swara: laksh you here?
Laksh: you love sanskar.
Swara was taken aback.
Laksh: y you dont tell him?
Swara: there is nothing to tell. He loves ragini and ragini loves sanskar.
Laksh:and you?
Swara: iam no where in their story. plz promise me you will not tell this to any one.
Laksh hugged her.
Swalak comes out and found everyone quite, they also found sanskar in state of shock.
Laksh:sanskar! What happened?
Swara! Aunty? Why all are so quite?
Sanskar:ragini… ragini met with an accident.
It has been two months to that incident still their pain was fresh. Pain of losing her friend. Sanskar was all shattered after ragini,s death. Swara feels a new death everyday seeing him in pain.
Their frndship was not same anymore trio rarely meet now. Though sanskar and laksh still share same bond but swara was not same anymore and one day she text them.
Swara: guyz i have decided to go paris,i,ll complete my graduation there. I could not meet you both as i hv flight in hour please take care of your self.
She decided not to meet them becoz she dont want to get weak.
As soon as sanskar and laksh got text both rushed to her house but they came to know that she had already left.
Sanskar: how can she do this?
Laksh: plz stop her sanskar! Only you can stop her.
Sanskar: what do you mean?
Laksh:she love you.
And he told him everything. Sanskar was taken aback.
Sanskar: this can not happen.
Laksh: if you dont believe me wait!
He rushed to swara’s room and bring her dairy.
Sanskar opened it and first line itself was enough
” i love sanskar”
Sanskar: shit shit shit. Iam such a jerk.
He rushed to airport, asking details he runs in.
Swara was about to step in plane when someone pulled her at side.
Sanskar: plz dont go swara
Swara: dont stop me. Plz let me go.
Sanskar: i know you love me…..
Swara was shocked
Sanskar: i know i have hurt you alot, i am such a loser that i could not realise your love please forgive me.
Tears were flowing from her eyes she wipes them.
Swara: there is not any your mistake. You dont have to appologies as i loved you, you loved ragini.
Sanskar: i could not get my love but i want to give you yours.
Swara: no Sanskar! I dont want this anymore. I have to go.
Swara left and sanskar broke down there…

To be continued.

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      I messed it up. Right?
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      Ik i messed it bit,
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    But how can sanskar said that so easily after the death of his love before 2 months..how can he said to give swara chance …

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