Zindagi tu meri ban gai (Swasan few shots)part 1 swaragini.

Hey all,
Its areesha and for the very first time iam writing something on swasan. The story is of few shots not of fanfic.
Hope you all will like it.

Part 1

The slight rays of sun entered the room,and strikes his face. he turned his face at other side,burying it in pillow.
He was in prone position,not permiting any glance of his face.
He was not completely out of his slumber yet,when his phone rang.
He stretched his arm without lifting up his face and grasp the mobile from side table. Sliding his thumb over screen he picked the call and placed it on his ear.
“Hmmm?…. Yeah Ok” he mummbled.
After few minutes he left the bed and made his way to washroom. he came out rubbing his small silky hair that were approaching his eyes. He had small eyes that looked innocent. he put on white t-shirt and black blazer over it and came infront of mirror(any guesses who is he? No??? Ok so all the girls hold your breathes because here we are introducing the male protagonist of story”SANSKAR MAHESHWARI”)
he brushed his hair that were still falling over his forehead, slides the watch over his wrist,sprayed bit perfume and he is ready with cute smile on his lips.
Sanskar came out of his house jumping the stairs and saw a black car parked there. He smiled and screamed ‘hey buddy!’.
Getting out of the car was a guy in brown pants and white shirt. his hair were set erect with gel and he had googgles on his eyes. He gave his breathtaking smile to sanskar and waved at him’hey!’ (introducing LAKSH MALHOTHRA best friend of sanskar) after a brotherily hug both get into the car and leaves.
Sanskar:drive fast lucky! We are already late. she will surely kill us.
Lucky:sure sir! But before that we have to pick doll as well.
Sanskar:oh than ok. Atleast we three will be killed together by her not only we two.
Laksh laughed.
Both reached outside of a big mansion, where a name plate was hanging “kapoor’s mansion”
Both went in. Servant ask them to sit. House was more beautiful inside just like a palace.
Both were waiting for her when a lady came in drawing room,her hair were open and she was wearing a saree.
She seemed really graceful.
Lady: laksh! Sanskar! You both here? (Smiles)
Laksh: hello aunty! Actually we came to pick swara for college.
Lady:swara??? But she went out somewhere early in morning.
Sanskar: what? But where?
Lady: idk! This girl when she comes and when she goes. She is really out of my control now.
Sanskar:its ok aunty. She must be in college. We will meet her there.
Lady smiled and both ahead to leave.
Lady: and yeah give this to her. She forgot it here.(giving them her cell phone.)
Laksh takes it and leaves.
Laksh and sanskar gets in the car and drive to the college.
Laksh: this girl! Only god can handle this girl.
Sanskar shook his head in disbelief while spining her phone in his hand.
After reaching the college both made their way to canteen,where she was supposed to wait for them.
They reached there and look around,canteen was filled with students eating,chatting and gossiping around.
In that bustle atmosphere they found her,reading a book.(any gusses? She is “RAGINI” yar obviously)
And goes to that direction. They drag their chairs and sit without saying anyword.
She lift her eyes that were lined by eyeliner and mascara was applied on her eyelashes that was giving them a beautiful look.
She looked at laksh and then sanskar and again continue to read.
Sanskar:laksh! you are always late and make me late as well.
Laksh: (in disbelief) what??? I made you late? Sanky its you who take an hour to take shower.
Both started to blame eachother while she was still avoiding them.
Sanskar: yeah so what? One should smell good not dirty like you.
Laksh:i smell dirty?sanskarrrrr i wont leave you.
He start throwing chips at him while sanskar responded the same.
“Ohhhhhh stop it!” Finally she moved her pink glossy lips and shouted at them and both stoped.
Her hairs were closed in high ponytail and she was in pink top with blue jeans.
Ragini:first you guyz are late! And know this drama.
Laksh: amm….. i know we are late but…. (he thinks how to escape) swara! Swara! Is more late.
Ragini:really? I know she is storm. When she comes,when she goes no one knews. She remain in her own world BUT for her friends she is always there.
She was here but thanks to you guyzzz,Who are so late,she thought to go and play some music until you both come.
Sankar and laksh looked at other and uttered together”whattttt????”
Ragini:yesssss! Now shall we go?
Trio get up and goes.
They reached at auditorium hall, it was all empty but was echoing with melodious guitar tune. she was siting at stairs of stage.
Magical smile was playing on her lips hearing her own tune,her eyes were glowing,she was engrossed in her tunes,her head and feet were dancing as well.
Ragini,laksh and sanskar were spellbound by her tunes and stood with no movement until she finished.
She was so lost in music that she didnot saw them and when she finished sound of clapping made her conscious about their presence. she looked at them with a broad smile and her hair swings as air played with them.(introducing “SWARA” female protagonist of story)
Trio moved towards her.
Ragini:seriously swara! Your tunes are magical. They take us to some other world always.
Laksh:hayeee! U killed me. He hits his heart bit while she chuckled.
Sanskar:yeah!!!! But we will not come to pick you from tomorrow.
Swara:whyyyy? (Inoccently)
Laksh:why should we come by the way?
Swara:because iam your best friend its your job.
Trio start arguing while ragini sits down with a sigh.
Sanskar:woww! What a job it is. We come everyday to pick you and hardly get you anyday at home. You keep flying like a bird everytime.
Laksh:yeahh! So we are resigning from this job. and where is your phone?
Swara:phone! She placed her hand on pockets of her pants confidently but get disapointed and forwarded her hand for phone while laksh placed it on her hand.
Sanskar: and….. before he could say something.
Ragini:ohh! Guys stop atleast ask me why i called you all urgently. (She said bored)
Swara: ohhh yeah ragini! You had to tell something(she sits beside ragini.) And i,ll see how you both will not come(she tease them)
Sanskar and laksh also sits down to listen ragini.

Glimpse to part 2:
“Why God why this is happening with me, please give me strength so that i can stay strong…… u have filled my heart with sanskar,s love but u have not written his name in my destiny. Then plz free me from this pain also” she crys. Laksh was shocked to see her condition and he recalled “i love s?”
Swara got stunned and wipes her tears.
Swara: laksh you here?
Laksh: you love sanskar.
Swara was taken aback.
Laksh: y you dont tell him?
Swara: there is nothing to tell. He loves ragini and ragini loves sanskar.
Laksh:and you?
Swara: iam no where in their story. plz promise me you will not tell this to any one.
Laksh hugged her.

So how was this do share your views.


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