Zindagi tu meri ban gai (swasan few shots) part 3 swaragini

Hey lovely readers,
Thankyou for your support till now. I seriously have got best readers love you all. And i know that last part turned into somewhat crap,so here is bonus chapter for you all with full swasan moments.
i just wanted to make this story realastic not dramatic one, i hope that in this part i make justice with sanskar,s emotions by my words. But if i failed then no slippers plz.
No proof read so there may be many mistakes.
Lets begin,

Sanskar came back to home, with died hopes. again he had lost someone who meant everything for him.
He was in strange state, guilt? Pain? Anger?
None word can define his state.
The pain he felt for ragini he was feeling more for Swara……. She was the one who was besides him in every ups and down of life. That much memories he had of his childhood all were with swara, laksh and ragini became part of it later before there were only swasan. His relation with swara was something which was beyond frndship. But it was not love . Atlest he thinks like that beacause he loves ragini. Then how can he loves swara. But swara was like shadow for him and he never thought that one day his shadow can leave him also.

He was sitting blankly on floor with the support of his bed, when he felt a hand on his head,at looking up he found his mother sitting besides him.
Mom: what happened?
Sanskar: i lost everything mom.
Mom: missing ragini?
Sanskar: Swara! Tears flow down his cheeks.
Mom: Swara?????
Sanskar: she loves me.
His mom was shocked when he narrates whole story.
Mom: i wish she had loved someone who could love her back.
Sanskar: i wish i could have stopped her falling for me.
Mom: or?
Sanskar: or could stop my self falling for ragini.
His mom was shocked by his this statement.
Mom:after knowing that she loves you. you are ready to move on with swara. aren,t you? Is this that easy for you?
Sanskar looks on he had no answer to this question.
Mom: did you really loved ragini sanskar?
Sanskar: yes i do mom. He said without even thinking.
Mom: then what feelings you have for swara?
Sanskar: idk i really dont know, i just want to see her happy at any cost. Her smile is most precious thing for me.
Mom: even if that costs to forget ragini and move on?
Sanskar: yes mom yes. Nothing matters to me, more than swara. And why you are even asking. U know very well that what importance swara had in my life since childhood. even everyone knows laksh, ragini that swara comes first for me always.
Mom: i know and thats why i was shocked when you choosed ragini as your life partner.
Sanskar just looked at her.
Mom: you dont have even clear image of your feelings, and in your immatuarity you have hurt that innocent soul so much. You wanted ragini as your life partner but you didnt realize that its swara you need everytime, she used to be with you like your any part. And you thought that swara will remain with you like that always, she cant go anywhere so marry ragini. Beacuse your heart and mind was attracted towards ragini but what about your soul sanskar?
Sanskar was just quite like before.
Mom: and you were expecting thay you will run to swara, and says that i will give you your love and she will comeback? Were you chariting your love to her?
She didn,t stoped because there was no senceirty in your words. You have to feel that feeling not just say it.
Sanskar minds get blocked, he was confused in his own feelings he asked his mom to leave him alone for while, she gave him the dairy driver got from car and leaves.
It was swara,s dairy.
Sanskar starts to read it.
“I love sanskar, shhhhh dear dairy its top secret dont you dare to tell anyone.
I fell for my bestie, the bestie with whom i have grown up, i have blur memories of our first meet i was 8 or 7 playing in the park i got hitted by ball, it doesn,t hurt but it made my dress dirty, i was crying like hell when a boy of my age came running and said sorry to me.(sanskar smiled recalling that moment) It was first time i met him. Then we used to play in that park daily, from that park we shifted to school together where our bond got more stronger.
Eeeeee! That sanskar, no matter how much i hide from him he manage to put colour on me and himself escaped out.
He have got bad habbit to put colour on me first.

We both played alot in rain, and i got fever… huhhh y me only. Sanky was fine he didnot got even flu.
But he sticked to my side whole week, until i got fine. He didnot even moved from my bed.

We danced together and it was appreciated by all, everyone said that we played some magic on stage.

We study together sometime at his place sometimes mine. And we topped.

( every moment was written in the dairy, their fights their sweet moments that made sanskar more emotional)
And then in high school i fell for him the day when some boys were teasing me, and he beats them hard. In high school we also met ragini and laksh and we four become frnds but still swasan bond was precious.
The moment all four shared were also written.

In the last it was written “Sanskar loves ragini” after that all pages were blank.

” you realize the value of something when you lose it, i took so much time to realise that my soul is connected to swara. I would have never realize it if she had not leave me like this”

To be continued…..

Huhhhhhhh! Thats all i tried my best to make it worthy to read. I hope it was.
If not then no slippers and veggies plz.
But do comment as comments for this updates are most awaited.
So next update will be last i guess.

Till then take care.

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