Zindagi tu meri ban gai (swasan few shots) last shot swaragini

Hey lovely peeps,
Here i am with the very last shot, i am thankful for support of you all throughout the story. U guyz are great.
I honestly enjoyed writing this one and i am glad that u all also enjoyed reading.

So lets begin,
Two years of continuos pain has changed sanskar, he is not the same sanskar anymore. Old sanskar used to smile, chill with friends, party hard, play pranks. But this sanskar rarely smile, he dont count anyone as his friend except laksh, instead of parties he spend his night crying for swara, he works whole day atleast 18 to 20 hours daily.
In his life which was surrounded by darkness, a news that swara is coming back appeared as ray of light.
In these 2 year swara never tried to contact him, and when he tried she doesnot responded. It was laksh by whom both get news of eachother.
Swara,s comeback was of purpose as her parents wanted her to get married now, as soon as laksh came to know this he called sanskar.
Laksh: hey buddy! Wsup
Sanskar: nothing just going for meeting. Any work.
Laksh: you know that swara is coming today?
Sanskar: yes i know but…
Laksh: but?
Sanskar: i dont know how to face her.
Laksh: sanskar!!! Why you dont guyz behave like adults yar are you still kids? Here you are not ready to face her and there a guy is coming to see her today.
Sanskar: what?????
Laksh: yes! Aunty just told me this. She is coming back for this only.
Sanskar: no! No! Lucky i have to meet her as soon as possible. I,ll go airport to pick her i cant waste more time.
Laksh: go fast.
Sanskar cut the call and rushed to airport but his luck, swara already leaves from there and he keep searching for her.
Swara reached home and meet her parents with teary eyes, she was not the girl who can leave her house and live alone, her parents love and pamper is everthing for her. In these 2 years she was craving for this.

After sometime her mom asked her to get ready as boy and his family may come any time. She noded and goes.
She got ready but her charm and glow was lost, she doesnot wanted to get tied in such relation in which she cant give the love her husband deserve, coz somewhere her heart was still craving for sanskar. She didnot knows what to do she cant accept sanskar and cant even forget him.
Dressed in beautiful suit she was standing before mirror lost in her thoughts. When someone knocked, she looks up and sees laksh,s reflection she turned with happiness.
Swara: laksh!!!
She goes to hug him but he stoped her
Laksh: you dont talk to me.
Swara: you can complain later, but before let me hug you atleast.
Both shared friendly hug.
Laksh: i missed you sooo much.
Swara: i missed you too.
Before they could talk more her mom came.
Mom: swara come fast, they have reached.
Swara: yes mom.
She starts going behind her mom but stoped by laksh.
Laksh: are you sure for this?
Swara: yes.

She goes out and meet everyone, other family was very much impressed by her. Laksh also came down and swara,s dad introduced him as swara,s friend.
Mom: swara, why you dont take sahil with you and show your room.
Swara: but…
Dad: yeah you both then can talk for sometime alone.
Sahil smiles at swara and gets up and swara also stands nervously, while laksh comforts her by his gestures.
Sahil: nice room
He said as soon as he entered.
Swara: thankyou. Have a sit.
He sits on the bed.
Swara: so you want to ask anything?
Sahil: nope.
He was just looking at swara her beauty and innocence has made him fall for her at first sight.
Swara: ok then lets go.
She ahead to go but he hold her hand and she turned in shock.
Sahil: lets be here for sometime alone. After all we are going to marry.
Swara gets uncomfortable and tries to free her hand but all in vain, he comes near to her and leans forward.
Swara: behvave your self mr, sahil.
She gave a tight slap on his face that made him furious.
Sahil: how dare you to slap me? You dont know who i am.
He holded her by her shoulders forcefully when swara screamed ” lakshhhh! Mom!!!!” And tries to free herself. Other side laksh jumped the stairs hearing swara screams and everyone followed.
Looking them in such position laksh lost his mind and starting beating sahil while swara hugged her dad.
Laksh continue beating him downstairs and throws him out of the house when sahil collides with sanskar.
Sanskar shockingly look at sahil then swara and everyone else.
Sanskar: what happened?
Laksh: that bastard tried to misbehave with swara.
Laksh was about to give another punch when sanskar starting beating him madly.
Sanskar: how dare you!
Sanskar turned furious and beats him hard while sahil,s parents were trying to stop him. But he was not ready to leave him.
Swara: stop it sanskar, he will die.
She pulled them apart, while sahil,s dad appologize and take his son out.
Sanskar was standing silent with anger in his eyes.
Swara: have you gone mad? What was all this?
Sanskar: yes i have gone mad. And i wont spare anybody who will hurt you. I cant see tears in your eyes.

He pointed towards her eyes, she wiped her tears and goes into her room without saying anything.
Swara comes in and cried out her heart, sanskar also came.
Swara:sanskar please leave me alone.
Sanskar: y r u doing this? Y r u punishing urself for my deeds?
Swara:i am punishing none just leave me alone.
Sanskar hold his hands before her. And cries.
Sanskar: please dont do this swara. I know i have made many mistakes, i have taken alot time to realize my love for you i dont have even right to appologize now, the one whom i loved i thought her as a friend, and the one with whom i was in relation of friendship i thought it as love.
I cant even ask for a chance now but all i want is your happiness, i cant see your tears.
Swara broke down seeing his condition this time he was not just saying this all, he really mean it. The pain was visible in his eyes. She griped his hands by hers and cries as their foreheads meet.
Swara: my all happiness are only with you sanskar!
She decided to give him a chance if not for her then for him.
Sansakr: i love you swara, i love you so much.
Swara: i love you too.
Sanskar cuped her face wiping tears he kissed her forehead.
Sanskar: i promise i,ll remove all this bad memories with good one.
Swasan hugged eachother.
Sanskar made swara lay on bed and sit besides her until she sleeps.
And the next morning brings a new start for swasan their life is full of happiness now, laksh has named them officialy as love birds. But trio miss their friend Ragini, she is part of their life still in their memories and will remain alive their forever…..


How was the story so far?
I hope now you all get it that what was the theme. Right?
Do comment your veiws for the last time.
And a big big THANKYOU for you support.


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