Zindagi ( Ragsan Os) by Teja

Guys its teja os,I am only posting on her behalf.
Hy guys teja here as I give a promo of zindagi ff sorry but I can’t continue so I m writing this as an o.s … and I m raglakian and ragsanian as I give my account to my friend kayu so she is posting on the behalf of me and thanku u anjali di for liking it??
Ragsan os- zindagi …
Swalak r married and they r brother and sister of ragsan and Sanskar marry ragini as to take revenge as ragini slap Sanskar when he is ragging her so he get hurt and forcefully marry her

First day –
Sanskar come to ragini
Sanskar- so miss attitude after all u r slave of me right so where should I start from having s*x with u or making u work like a slave
Ragini- I m strong enough and I just feeling pity on you that u marry me … I will make sure to suffer u
Sanskar- let see first I will make u mine
He went to ragini and start removing her clothes she is resisting him but he is heavy compare to her as by Indian culture u can’t shout when ur husband is being physical with woman she can’t shout but she is doing her best to resist but at last she have to give up and he make relation with her as forcefully …
In morning ragini is sleeping on bed and Sanskar is on her …she get disturbed by his weight
Ragini start to push him at last she get successfull in it and get freed from him and get dress up and went down to do Pooja
One week later
Ragini is doing her room clean suddenly she like vomit sensation she run to her washroom sbe vomit and get blood on her hand as she vomit blood she clean it and went to doctor
Doctor- u r having cancer and it is last stage ..
Ragini- ok doctor thank u so much
In mind – now Sanskar will happy when I live him as he hate me
She wipe her tears
She get home back and start crying seeing swara pic
Sorry swara we will meet again in next birth take care I don’t have extra time

One month passes
Daily Sanskar see ragini changing behavior she hurt everybody by her nature ..
One day ragsan r alone in their home suddenly ragini get faint Sanskar call doctor
Doctor- Mr.sanskar she is pregnant
Sanskar overenjoyed and hug unconscious ragini
Doctor- don’t get happy she only have one month and if u want to make her alive her for one month u have to abort her child … as she is having cancer
Sanskar- what
Doctor leave Sanskar cry hard and went to a silent place and cry hard
Sanskar- she is the only girl who make me good boy make me understand my qualities and make me realise my true love yes I love her yes I love her and she is going to leave me when we r going to be parents
Suddenly his phone ring .. it flashes ragini
He cut the call and went to home

He see ragini with full eyes seeing him with hope
Ragini- what happened to you why r u making faces
Sanskar- seriously u r asking this to me ask urself that why u hide such thing from me u r pregnant as well as having cancer
She start crying
Sanskar- u know what I also die with u bcz doctor says no remedy will work on you and u have to abort this child too
Ragini- no I will not
Sanskar- u have to ragini it will ruin u from inside
He forcefully take ragini and get her an abortion
She cry he also cry but don’t show it
Sanskar- now u will happy u r ruining me and my ego from ur condition
Ragini- I love u Sanskar
Sanskar- I love u too ragini
She died as she get a cancer attack ..
He cry and remember his promise to himself ..
He went to doctor and make himself sunder to doctor as he said him to donate his all organs to needy
Thanku for reading….

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  1. Crystal089

    emotional………… And sad but nice……. Awesome…………

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    It was soon emotional

  3. nice…!!

  4. It’s nice but emotional

  5. Fairy

    Oh god!!!m still in shock….its sooooo emotional yr…oh god u made me cry!!! 🙁 update ws superbbbbbbbb….keep smiling n stay blessed dear 🙂

  6. Seriously….its emotional feeling sad.

  7. Sad one?

  8. too emotional

  9. Sreevijayan

    Very sad os dear…

  10. AMkideewani

    Sad ending but superb os❤️❤️❤️

  11. Superb

  12. Its suprb… yrr tejaa…

  13. Ragz_teju

    it’s emotional one… loved it

  14. Heart touching

  15. Asra

    amazing dear…sad os…but loved it…

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