Zindagi mein pyar dobara hosakta hai!!– Chapter 1


Zindagi mein pyar dobara hosakta hai—-by Twinkle

Chapter 1!

A woman shouts….beta get up! It’s time to go to college. A girl replies from inside….mom i m not going to college today! You forgot I have my convert today!

A man’s voice says…..akad toh dheko iski! Kitni aaram se bolti hai college nai jaaongi! Shut up and go to college. What is this?? Strretshoes and all! My respect in the society got ruined only because of you!

The woman and the girl come down. The girl is still in her night pants and a loose tee. Her hairs are loosely tied. She is none other than our SWARA.?

The woman is wearing a Bengali saree with a bun. Swara’s mom Sharmista. She has worried expression.

The!an is in his early fifties. He is Shekar Gododia….Swara’s dad.

Shekar: (angrily)Have am aim in life swara. Singing will give you some pennies but joining my business will give you crores. Look at Ragini and learn something. She does not even wait for the sun to rise. Does her duty and goes to college and you someone should be there for you to teach you something. Else you will be stranded.

Swara: Dad singing is my passion and I want to be a singer. No one can stop me from being a singer. Not even God!

Shekar: (he bangs his fist to the table) Next time I hear you say the word music I will throw you out. Shut up and go to college.

Sumi: Shekar control yourself. She is just a child.

Swara: Let him talk mom. What will he do?? Force Mr to go to college. That’s all na? But remember dad! If you want me alive then it’s better you let me persue my career.

Sumi: Swara! Subah subah aise baat nai karte baccha!

Shekar: Accha hoga agar aise bacche nahi ho toh!!

Upon hearing this swara stumbles but holds herself! She has tears in her eyes! She runs inside.
Sumi: Shona rukho toh!

Shekar: Let her go! Give me my breakfast I’m getting late for office!
Sumi helplessly goes.

After sometime in GM Swara gets readyad leaves for her concert without having breakfast. She never messes her profession due to personal problems. She and her friends gives bomb performance.

She does not even talk to her friends! She just goes home. She is upset listening to Shekar’s words.
(Friends!!! Things go on like this everyday at GM. This is just an everyday description.)

At MM.
(A sad atmosphere)
A baby cry is heard. Baby is crying loudly. A man I sitting emotionlessly leaning on the bed. He makes no attempt to pacify the baby. He is Sanskar.

A lady rushes in!
Lady: Sanskar!!! Aaryan is crying! Where are you??
Sanskar: She left me mom!
Lady is none other than AP.
She gets teary eyed.
AP: Beta woh jaa chuki hai! Uski chinta karne SE much nai badlega.
Sanskar:Woh kaise jaa Sakti thi ma??
AP: Sanskar!! Joh hona that woh hogya! Part jate jate usne tumhare liye ek bohat bada taufa chod kar gayi hai! Dheko tumhara baccha! Uska kyaal rakhna!
Sanskar: Maa…..aap aaryan ka khayal rakho mujhe naana hai.
He leaves.

Ap: Oh God! Why is this happening to our family?? Please take care of my son!
She takes the baby and goes.

Downstairs she meets her husband DP!
DP: anu! Sanskar kaisa hai??
AP: woh toh waisa hi hai ji! Much karna padega.
DP: haan…..mein chalta join. Aaryan ka khayal rakhna. Aadarsh aur pari able hafte aate honge.
AP: ji!
She just puts the baby to sleep and goes.
Her friend Vatsala comes to meet her.
Vatsala: Namaste annu! Maine sab much suna! Bhagwan NE tum logon me saath accha nai kiya!
AP: woh toh hai! But moving on is important Vatsala.
Vatsala: haan! Aaryan kaisa hai??
AP: theek hai. Woh toh baccha hai usse much pata bhi nai. Part mera Sanskar……
Vatsala: Anu I would say why don’t you look for another !batch for Sanskar who is understanding?? As a new girl comes in his life he will forget his past.
AP: kya baat karai ho tum??!!! Haan! Varsha meri beti thi! Mai uski jagah kisi aur ko nai desakti!
Vatsala: Gussa mat ho! Do you want your son to stay !Ike this for his entire life??? Does aaryan not need a mother?? Now he is small. When he grows up and asks for a mother what will you do??
AP: shaayad tum theek keha rai ho!
Vatsala: Accha mai chalti hoon bye!

Vatsala leaves…..Ap gets thinking.

Precap: Ap thinks about getting Sanskar married. Shekar decides to this swara out by getting her married as he gets insulted due to her Street shows. Sanskars pain…….

How is part 1 guys?? It’s just a 25 part story I planned…..pls support me by your lovely comments………Tell me if you don’t like I will stop??! Be true pls!!! Cya fellas take care!! Byeeeee

Credit to: Twinkle

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  1. It’s awesome dude ! Just loved it twinkle ..thanks for the update dear …I find it more interesting ..shekar is very cruel …cheapster. .I leave all that …u nailed today’s episode and I am looking forward for the next one …..
    Update asap ….keep smiling

    1. Hi dolly. Please update forever mine yaar.Twinkle awesome storyline. Show Ragini also plz

  2. nice………..

  3. I just love it plz update today if possible

  4. Awesome

  5. you had told me that u will update 3-4 episodes together na??
    plz do it. waiting for it. awesome story line twinkle/kat…

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