Zindagi Kuch Toh Bata (Part 4)


Hellooooooooo People.You forgot me..So sorry .

Part 3 : Here

ZIndagi Kuch Toh Bata

Part 4

Recap : Mothers Day celebration

S: laksh come one leave him

L: no swara its fine . u can go.He always treats me like this.

S: laksh now don’t get emotional come

L: swara I want to be alone please

S: laksh come on

L: swara please

S: 5 4 3 2

L: ok I am coming

S: that’s Laksh Maheshwari

L: come lets go

R: sanskaar

San: hmm

R: u know what

San: I like laksh

San ; (looks shocked) what

RAgini takes a photo (did u think so ssoon)

R: yay I made a fool out of you

San: ragini

R: oooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk sorry

San: this much big was not required

R: my wish

They 4 meet each other and go home

Mothers Day : they bring a big cake and write happy mothers Day.They make cards . And they do all decoration

Sumi : aww swara ragini sanskaar thank you

Laksh gets shicked as she doesnot tell his name as he was the main one to bring all cake and idea.SUmi doesn’t realize she dint say his name and all is done. Anapurna wishes all.Laksh seems sad.He goes in the balcony and says to himself.Why did aunty onot say thank you.He is crying.Suddenly sumi walks through there.She hears it and goes to laksh.

Sumi: laksh

L: han aunty

Sumi: thank you

L: why

Sumi: actually I dint said u there cause I wanted to say u big thank you

L: ( smiles) in mind she is so gud

Sumi : Come enjoy the party

They all enjoy the party and sleep

Wait we forgot something.Swalak Ragsan bday’s are coming after 5 day

In Night

Sanskaar POV : RAgini is so nice.Today when she said she loves laksh I literraly got scared thank god she said it was a joke but what if it turns true.NO sanskaar stop thinking like that.RAgini is your first love and only she will be.SO have a good sleep

Laksh POV : I don’t understand whether I like swara.She cares for me so much.Much more than Sankaar.This feeling is crazy.I don’t know what to do what to say but ya I thhhink I lovee .no laksh u don’t love her concentrate on your studies right now.

Swara POV : My first crush is sanskaar but I don’t understand whether laksh is truly my love or sanskaar.MAa says we should close our eyes and whose face comes he is that one.i heard her saying to mukti di.Let me try.She closes her eyes.She sees laksh all over.What laksh but sanskaar I mean I don’t understand anything.Aah I am going crazy.Swara I guess I should decide tomorrow let me sleep now

Ragini POV : I ove laksh.He is my true love and o on can take him away from me.I was going to say sanky but his reaction I changed the whole topic. But ya I have to make him close I mean his and swara’s friendship.I have to stop it till friendship and nothing else.I don’t know why I am feeling so insecure.After all she is my sister.Then why.Oh god tell me the right path.Nothing is going in my head .I know this is not my age but then also

Zindagi Kuch Toh Bata Plays as all 4 think : Ek din mohabbat odh kar
Ek din gali ke mod par
Teri hatheli par likhun mera naam tere naam par
Phir tu taqalluf chhod kar
Phir tu jhuka kar ke nazar
Rakhna mere kaandhe pe sar

Kuch to bata zindagi
Apna pataa zindagi..
Kuch toh bataa zindagi
Apna pataa zindagi..

Taaron bhari ek raat mein
Tere khat padhenge saath mein
Kora jo panna reh gaya
Ek kaanpte se haath mein
Thodi shiqaayat karna tu
Thodi shiqayat main karun
Naraaz bas na hona tu,

Kuch to bata zindagi
Apna pataa zindagi..
Kuch toh bataa zindagi
Apna pataa zindagi..

Tu hai to main hoon
Tu hai to main hoon
Tu hai to main hoon
Tu hai to Khuda
Tu hai to Rab
Tu hai toh falak
Tu hai toh zameen

The song ends as all four close their eyes and sleep J <3 How is it Hope u all loved it Credit to: Smiley

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