Zindagi Kuch Toh Bata (Part 3)

Helloo People . I am really sorry I told u all that my exams would end on Thursday and I would post . But due to whether conditions we were given holiday .so pray for me too.From Monday there will be big big parts I promise

Zindagi Kuch Toh Bata

Part 3

Scene start in school

S: laksh


S:kya hua

L: (looks at her confusingly as she asked him first)

RagSan Come

R; swara what happened

S: nothing ..feeling bored

San: ya I mean we should make friends

S: but I want to make with such people who respect us as friends not as the people who live in big bungalows and some they have so much attitude.uhh

R: true.

L: I too agree

Suddenly 4 girls enter

Avantika Aashi Kavita Kavya (2 twins)

Avantika: hello..are you people new here

S: ya.but you

Avan: oh sorry forgot to introduce each other Me avantika my sister aashi .This one is kavita and her sister kavya

They play the roles

Avantika : Chandni Aashi : Neha Kavita : Nikita Kavya : Roop

S: hello

Avan : hi

S: so are you people new or

Avan: ya we al are new

R: then you people must have made new friends

Aashi : na .i hate them

R: why

Avan : no we are searching for people who treat us as friends

San : then how are they treaing you ?

Aashi : actually we live in a very big hous and half of the school knows it and u see

Avan : ya and we don’t like it

S: why are kavita and kavya not talking

Kavi: actually nobody asked us anything

L: hello

Kavi : helo mr

L: laksh

Kavi: oh nice name

Avan: why don’t u join us today.like you can come to our house

Suddenly laksh says

L: no actually.we have planned something

S: ya we will meet u tomo

Kavi : fine then bye

Kavita Kavya Avantika Aashi go

Ragini and Sanskaar : what plan today

L: buddhu its mothers day

San : wait who remembered it (laughs)

L: swara said me (angrily and goes from there)

S: arrey kahan chala gaya

San : swara chodo usse apne aap theekh ho jayega

S: sanskaar tum hamesha laksh ko aise kyun treat karte ho

San : aadat hai swara

Precap : swara goes to make up laksh and mothers day preparations

Another small part ..sorry people and pray for me for my safety <3 <3 love you all.Ty tina Credit to: Smiley

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  2. i like laksh and swara jodi because they look made for each oher .lakswa both are chemistry really good.but i don’t think that swasan that has no chemistry with eachother.but never mind as per current track swalak jodi is not possible.but atleast see friendship in both of them

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