Zindagi Kuch Toh Bata (Part 2)


Helloo People .You people missed it na.I know I am so sorry actually u all know I have exams and it gets difficult.I am actually getting very few responses so if u don’t want its fine I will stop. Ok so enough of bak bak let me continue and ya am extremely sorry as for today a very small part

One more thing I dint mention in the intro is Swara has crush on sanskaar n Ragini on laksh.Swalak fans don’t worry something precious will come but in later parts

Recap :Swalak and Ragsan in bus

S: laksh I am soo excited. 6th standard wow

L: I know shhho

S:shh I told u don’t tell anyone this is my secret name even mamma papa and ragini don’t know

L: oops I forgot but still I am feeling nervous

S: why worry when swara is here

L: oh ya ,.how could I forget swara is here

Scene goes to the middle of the bus where RagSan are sitting

R: sanskaaar

S: its sanskar not sanskaaar

R: hmmph I will not talk to you

S: sorry

R: no

S: sorry la

R: achha ok ok

S: and now I got it

R: sanskar .when will u stop it

S: never

Creech……….The bus stops .everyone gets down. All have to punch their id cards to make sure they reached school

S: sanskaar come and sit na

San : na

S: why

San: cause I am sitting with ragini

R: ya swara

L (pouts imagine how cute) nobody wants too sit with me

S: laksh come sit with me

L: thank you so much (angrily)

S: your welcome

Teacher comes and tells them to introduce their names

Everyone tells their name

Teacher : ok students today we will be studying fractions

San:looks at ragini since he cant understand

R: gives him a assuring look

Same with swalak

Precap : Swalak And Ragsan childhood moments

Sprry people for such a small one.Please forgive me



Credit to: Smiley

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  1. thanks fr updating dear….
    nd all d best fr ur exams….
    its was short yet cute prt….
    great bonding between each pair..

  2. It’s ok dear…nice episode anyway..??

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