Zindagi Kuch Toh Bata (Part 1)


Please note in my intro I said they 4 were 13yrs but now they will be 12yrs

Zindagi Kuch Toh Bata

Part 1

Scene starts in USA .There are 2 big bungalows very close to each other and so are the people

The Bungalows have their names on their childrens combined names. The first bungalow has the name SanLak Mansion And The Second One Has The Name SwaRagini Mansion.

Scene starts in Swaragini mansion.(Swaragini have separate rooms as they are very rich).Shomi (westen dress-pant and shirt ) first goes to swara room and wakes her up

Scene 1

M: swara get up

S: maa

M: isn’t today your first day of school

S: remembers it (hits her forehead with her hand )oh wow ma new day new school new friends

M: come on get up fast

Scene 2

Ragni room

M: Ragini get up fast

R: maa today is holiday right.why are u waking me up

M: ragini today is the first day of your school

(ragini without saying anything runs to the washroom) this girl also (laughing) come out fast

R: ya mom (while brushing)

Scene 3

SanLak mansion

Anapurna goes up the stairs and first goes to Laksh Room

A: get up fast

L: maa why are u so angry

A: because today someone said me he will wake up early

L: (gets up) Sorry maa (holds his ears .that innocent laksh and that too chota wala ..)

A: its ok stop your drama and get ready fastt

L: ya mom just 5 min

A: don’t come now brush neatly and come (laughs and goes)

Scene 4

Anapurna goes and wakes up sanky

A: sanskaar get up fast

S: ok mom.first wake up laksh then me

A: he already woke up

S: hein. Laksh woke up

A: ya. Now get ready fast and come

S: ok maa

Scene 5

Swaragini Mansion

Swara And RAgini are getting ready

Shekhar come out of sharmishta and his room

Shekhar : gud morning mishti

M: gud morning

Shekhar:what are u thinking

M: nothing much .was just thinking how time flies

S: ya and how fast my princess are growing up

M: ya shekhar

Swaragini come down and in Unity they say : Gud morning mom dad

M And Shekhar : GUd morning come and sit here

Swaragini are looking super cool in uniform .Swara has done a puff and tied her hair (imagine it).Ragini also has done the same thing as they like to be Swaragini – two people who form one

Shekhar : see today everything is of your favourite

Lilly (maid) comes inside to keep jug of water

Shekhar : lilly today everything is their favourite

L: yes Sir because today they are going to school so I made it

Shekhar : so sweet of you

Scene 6

SanLak Mansion

Anapurna is sitting waiting for sanlak .Sanlak come and wish them gud morning mom

Anapurna : Gud morning

L: where is dad

S: ya mom where is dad

A: he will come and he wished you best of luck

L and S: thank you mom

Swaragini and Sanlak come out of their house and see each other

Swaragini : hello laksh hello sanskaar

Sanlak : hello Swara Hello ragini

SAnskaar : I am soo excited

Ragini : mee too

Laksh : me tooo

Swara : me toooo

Abapurna And Shomi : now if this to too game is over go your school bus is waiting Swaragini and Sanlak wave bye and go to their bus

Precap : in bus Swara And Laksh Sitting together And Ragini and Sanskaar sitting together.No pairs for now as this is a teeage story but there will be equal raglak swasan swalak and ragsan scenes .The final ones by me.Till then give your comments in the space below



Credit to: Smiley

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