Zindagi Ki Ek Quahish – Swasan OS By AngelAshu


Hello Friends..
This is AngelAshu..
I came here with my new OS..
Hope u all will like as always..
Thanx a lot for ur support..
This is my 3rd Swasan OS..
Let’s read and give ur reviews..
Its very unique concept.. Let’s read..
So, I kept this OS tittle as #Zindagi_Ki_Ek_Quahish (one wish of life)

Chalo chalo bahut soch lia.. Let’s read intro..


Sanskar Maheshwari: great business man.. Handsome guy.. Atractble.. Loves his wife a lot.. Trying to understand her more..
Swara Sanskar Maheshwari: beautiful house wife.. Loves her husband secretly.. She confused about her feelings..

So, friends..
Its a story of Husband and wife..
He tries to move close with her..
But she not supporting him..
Its doesnt mean she dont lives him… She donno y she doing like that..
He surprising about her sudden behavior change.. He always supports her..
Let’s see how they live together…
How he makes her feelings out…
How His love changes her..

Let’s Starts Swasan OneShort #Zindagi_Ki_Ek_Quahish

Swasan parents fixed their marriage (arranged marriage) with
Swasan agree..

Finely swasan marriage completed with all Indian rituals and traditions..
Its first night of swasan..
Room fully decorated..
Swara seated middle of bed with much nervousness..
He seated in front of her..
He softly placed his palms on her palms..
She little shivered due to his touch..
He slowly opens her veil…
Mesmerized to see her beauty..
She smiles.. He too..
He slowly coming close to her.. Which makes she
Feel as something new…
She blush..
He about to place his lips on hers…
Swara turns her face..
He smiles to see her act..
He about to turns her face..
Swara: Sanskar plzzz..

He surprised..
Swara: am sorry.. But am.. (Interrupted)
Sanskar: it’s okk swara.. If u are not ready for this.. U can take time..
Swara: (relaxed) am sorry.
He stood and took blanket and pillow..
Swara: ye kha le jaaraha ho..?
Sanskar: WO my bahar jaunga sone..
Swara: u can sleep here.. I mean beside me..
Sanskar: r u sure..?
Swara: hmm..
Both slept..
Swara: (monologue) ye Maine kya kh Dia.. Galti to nhi k na my..? Sanskar hurt hua hoga na..? Ohhnnoo swara…. Ye kya kh Dia tumne.. But mje bhut dar lagi ti.. To kah di.. What’s happening.. Donno what to do..

Both slept..
Night passes..

The next day.. Swara doing arti..
Sanskar disturbed by her amazing voice..
He went downstairs and staring her..
She completed her arti and turns..
She surprised to see her hubby staring her..
She goes to her..
But he lost in his thoughts..
She waves her hand in front of his face..
No use..
Swara: sssansskarr..
No response..
Swara about to jerk him.. But she stops her self coz she don’t wanna touch him..
Suddenly home bell ranged..
So, he came in sence..
Swara: mmyy.. Dekti hu.. Aap fresh hojao..
Sanskar hits his head.. With a smile..
Sanskar (monologue) : toda sabar Rakho Sanskar.. Haha..
He went upstairs..
3 months passed..
No closeness between swasan..
One day..
Swara coming downstairs..
Her leg slipped suddenly..
She about to fall..
Sanskar came and holds her waist..
To save her..
She scared.. She closed her eyes tightly..
Current passed in her body due to his touch..
She opens her eyes..
He hairs flying..
Still in same position..
Both have a sweet eye lock..

BG plays..

Tere bin… Tere bin..
Tere bin.. Tere bin..
Tere binaaaa… Marna nahi.. Jeena nhi tere bin..
Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa ga ma pa sa ni sa ni sa ni..
Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ga ri sa ni da pa ma ga..

Both came in sence..
He helps her to stand properly..
She stood and left from there..
She went to her room..
She taking breath heavyly and a little smile on lips..

Swara: ye kya ho rahi mujhe.. My my heart beat stopped when he touched me.. Am not able to understand my feeling.. 3 months se my khudh ko samaj hi nhi paarahi hu.. K my sanskar k kareeb q nhi jaa paarahi.. Kya Sanskar ko bhi aisa lag rahi..?

At evng..

She not able to meet her eyes with him..
He noticed that..
Sanskar: according to her present behavior.. Pata chal rhi ki she ignoring me.. (Feeling sad)

Swasan watching film..
Both seated in sofa..
Both seated in much distance..
Suddenly one romantic sence came in film.. Both felt embarrassed..
In film.. Hero coming more close to heroin..
Sanskar watching interesting way..
Suddenly swara..
Swara: ssaaannnsskkarrr (little shiver in her voice)
Sanskar: haa..
Swara: mje neend aarahi.. Am going to sleep..
She going..
Sanskar: but Swara.. Dnnr to karke sona..
Swara: am not hungry
Aap khakar sojao na..
Sanskar: (holds her hand) no way.. U have to eat first..
She became helpless..
Still ignoring eye contact..

Both having dnnr silently..
Sanskar: swara…
Swara: ji..?
Sanskar: r u okk..?
Swara: hmm…
Sanskar: then y r u behaving like this.. Am observing u from morning..
Swara: nothing..
Sanskar: if u don’t wanna share with me.. Tell directly.. Don’t tell.. Nothing..
Swara: nhi.. Aisi baat nhi h..
Sanskar: Husband hu my Teri.. Mjse nhi btai to aur kis se bataogi..
She silent..
Sanskar: at least ek frnd samjkar to bolo..
She gave a surprised look..
Swara: WO..WO. Mje aapse kuch puchni ti.. But puch nhi paarahi hu..
Sanskar: pucho na..
Swara: wo Maine.. Maine aapko apne husband k darza nhi di.. Apne se door Rakhi.. Is liye aap mjse gussa to nhi na.. ? U hurted with my words..? (Downed her face)

Sanskar: nhi nhi.. My gussa nhi hu.. Don’t think like that.. I love u.. I can wait for u.. Chahe WO kitna bhi time ho..
Unknownly a curve appeared on her lips.. She felt relaxed..

Some time passed..
Swara: (writing in diary) aap kitne ache ho Sanskar.. Jab b aao mere paas hote ho.. Bahut ache lagti h mujhe.. But y am not coming close to u.. Y am hiding my feelings in front of u.. When u said I love u.. I want to rply u.. Coz I love u too.. But y I didn’t..
She slept while writing..
At that time he came in room..
Sanskar: aree.. Ye to so gayi..

He went to her..
Took her diary from her hands.. Makes her sleep properly..
Suddenly his eyes fallen on text which wrote

By swara..
He surprised to read that lines..
He felt happy to know she loves him..
He placed a soft kiss on her fore head and slept beside her..

He not able to sleep..
He remembers their marriage..
He remembered their moments..

Sanskar: (monologue) ab tak is liye my tum se door ta ki u need time to love me.. Adjust with me.. Ohh god.. Mje ab pata chal gaya ki u loves me.. U feels for me.. Now I can’t leave u like this swara..
Its time to bring ur feelings out..

Night passed..

The next day..
She serving breakfast for him..
She serves and about to go as always..
He became naughty..
He suddenly holds her hand..
Sanskar: (placed a soft kiss on her palm) breakfast bhut achi Bnai..
She surprised.. Feeling happy.. But hiding her emotions..
He trying his best to makes her more feel for him..

Sanskar: swaraaaa…
Swara: jii..?
Sanskar: yha baito na todi der mera saath..
Swara: kyu..? Kuch kaam h..?
Sanskar: nhi.. I wanna spend sometime with u…
Swara: (ignoring him) I have sone work in kicten.. Am going..
She stepping..
He about to stop her..
She falls on him..she tittle up on him..
Her big eyes became more big..
He smiling cutely..
She realise her position about to up.. Again falls on him..
He enjoying..
Both have eye lock..

BG plays..

Dil ne ye kaha hai dil se..
Mohabbat hogayi hai tum se..
Mere jaan mere dil bhar..
Mere aitbaar karlo..
Jitna bekarar hu mai..
Khudh ki bekarar karlo..
Meri dhadkanon ko samjo..
Tum bhi mjse pyaar karlo..

After 2 dayz..
She start realising her feelings for him..
But still behaving like old..
A bright morning in swasan life..

Swara wokeup..
She got fresh.. She noticed Sanskar still sleeping..
She went downstairs..
She did arti and prepares breakfast..
Swara: Sanskar ab tak aaya q nhi.. Ek baar dekkar aati hu.. (Tension face)
She went their room..
Sanskar Still sleeping..
Swara: itna der tak kabhi nhi soya na..
She goes to him..
About to touch him.. Stops her self..
Swara: Sanskar.. Sanskar..
No response..
Swara finely touched him to jerk..
Her face became more tension..
She touchs his forehead..
Swara: oh my god.. Uske temperature bhut zyada hai..
(Tears rolled in her eyes)

She calls doctor..
Dr came..
Dr chkd Sanskar..

Dr: Listen Mrs.Maheshwari..
Swara: yes Dr..
Dr: ye baat khne k liye toda mushkil hi h.. But..
Swara: kya hua Dr.. Kya hua Sanskar ko.. WO teek hai na..

Dr. He is in critical contion.. U know about hospital strike’s.. So, hospital 4-5 dayz k liye open nhi hogi..

Swara start crying..

Swara: kya hua Sanskar ko..

Dr: Mr.Maheshwarik temperature bahut high hai.. Presently use this medicine.. Maine injection kar Dia hai.. Katre se bahar hai.. But U have to take more care for him..

Swara: sure dr.. I will.. Thanks a lot..

Dr: inko abhi hosh nhi ayega.. kuch jaroorat pade to call me..

Swara: kitna time lagegi Dr..

Dr: it can take time.. 24+ hrs.. U take care of him..

Dr leaves..
Swara just stood like statue..

Swara: 24+ hrs tak hosh nhi aayegi.. Whattttttt…
Sanskar ko my aise nhi dek paungi.. Do pal hi mjse nhi hue.. UE sab kya ho rahi..

She hardly controlling herself..
She wipes her tears..
She took ice water and cloth..
Keeping that on his fore head to decrease his temperature..

Tears falling continuously from her eyes..

Swara: Sanskar.. Sanskar ut jao.. I can’t see u in this condition..

Sanskar unconscious still..

Swara: Sanskar ut jao.. Tum.. Tum naraz ho na mjse.. My Teri kareeb nhi aarahi.. Kya karu my.. Mje hi khud pta nhi y am behaving like this..
Har ladki apne shadi k bhut sapne sajaati hai.. Har ladki k quahish hoti hai ki apne pati usse bhut Pyaar kare.. But sab ko ye kush naseeb kha milti Jo mje mili.. I know tum mjse bhut Pyaar karta ho.. But my us din bhut nervous ti.. Mje laga Teri pyaar b bhut boyz jaise temporary h.. But I realized from these all dayz.. How much u loves me.. Ur care for me (crying more)..
My tumse bhut pyaar karne lag gayi hu.. Socha kuch hi dinon me hamare ye dooriyan kam ho jati hai.. Tumne mjme itni badlaf le aayi apne pyaar se.. Ab ye Teri kya haal hue.. (Talking to unconscious Sanskar while applying wet cloth)
She kept her head on his chest..
Start crying more..
Swara: mje punishment de rahe hona..? Plz maaf kar do mje.. Isks alawa koi bhi punishment manjoor hai mje.. But I can’t c u like this.. Ut jao.. Plz Sanskar ut jao..

She remembering their marriage.. Their first night.. Their all moments.. Crying more and more..
Day passing..
She didn’t eat.. Atleast didn’t take one drop of
She gives medicine to him carefully..
Sanskar still unconscious..
Swara: (weak voice) saaannskarr. Utjao na.. Shubh se tum aise hi so raha ho.. Ut jao na.. Dekho raat hogayi..
No response from Sanskar..
Swara: Sanskar.. Mje dar lag rahi aise akhele rhne me.. Ut jao.. Mjse baat Karo.. Mje raat me bhut dar lagti h… Plz utjao.. I can’t c u like this…
She hardly controlling herself..
Swara still applying wet cloth on his forehead..
She didn’t slept..
Sanskar still unconscious..
Swara: shubh ho gayi Sanskar.. Ab to meri baat maan jao.. I can’t c u more like this.. Ut jao..

Dr came..
Dr chkd Sanskar..

Dr: good job Mrs.Maheshwari.. He is much better now..
Swara: Dr.. When he gets conscious..?
Dr: it can take time Mrs.Maheshwari.. U don’t worry.. He is fine now..
Swara: okk..

Dr: u give medicine properly.. Everything will be fine..

Dr left..
Swara sees Sanskar in unconscious state..
She ran to balcony (big balcony.. Much space is there.. Swing also present there..)
And cries a lot.. Crying crying…
Swara: mjse aur nhi ho rahi Sanskar.. Nhi ho rahi.. Nhi ho rahi.. Mje koun sambhalenge.. Ut jao.. Oh god, plz don’t test me more.. Sanskar ko hosh me laoo..
Her all tears came out..
At that time he slowly gets conscious..
He opened his eyes..
He noticed.. No one is in room..
He feeling better now..
He stood.. He noticed someone presence in balcony..
He went there..
He saw her in that crying state..
He placed his hand on her shoulder from back..
She suddenly turns back..
She shoks to see Sanskar stood there..
Swara: (sobbing) ssaannsskkarr (touching her face and hands) aap teek ho.. Aap yaha.. Aap ko hosh aagayi..? Thank god.. (Crying) aap teek ho na..
He nodes as yes..
She start shouting on him.. While crying..
Swara: aap bahar q aayi..mje bula sakte ty na.. Aap aap andar chaliye.. (Tears falling continually)
He surprised to see her like that.. She crying for him.. Waoo..
Her voice shivering.. He understands her situation.. Her condition..
Sanskar: swara.. Swara.. My teek hu..
He cubing her face…
Swara: nhi aap teek nhi ho.. Wwo… Aapppp… Kkaall.. Se.. Behosh me.. (Nonstop tears)
She not able to speak more..
She can’t control herself now.

She hugs him.. (Her face at his chest) crying more and more..
He patting her back..
Sanskar: Swara.. Calm down.. Am fine.. See na.. Am fine.. Mje kuch nhi Hua..
Swara: (still hug) aap ko pta nhi my kitna dar gayi ti.. Aise kaise kar sakte ho aap..? (Hugs more tightly crying more)
Sanskar trying to makes her relax.. But vain..
Swara: plz aisa kabhi mat karna.. My mar jaungi..
He broke hug and places his index finger on her lips..
Sanskar: ssshhhhh… Aise baate mat Karo..
He wipes her tears..
Sanskar: swaraaaa.. Am fine.. (Loving tone)
She got emotional..
He took her into his embrace..
Sanskar: please don’t cry..

10 min passed…
She suddenly realized her situation..
She noticed.. She is in his embrace..
These all happens unknowingly..
She broke hug and step back…
Swara: (monologue) ohh goddd.. What I did.. But my apne aapko rook nhi paayi.. Kyasochega Sanskar meri bare me..?

Sanskar: what happen swara..
R u okk..?

Swara: (weeping) yes.. Aap andar chalo..

She makes him sit on bed properly…

Swara: (passing Medi) have this.. My aap ke liye breakfast lekar aati hu..
Sanskar: swara mai teek hu.. Patent jaisa treat mat karo yaar..
Swara: (angry) kya teek han..? Mje pata hai kya karna.. Aap bas Medi khao..
Sanskar had medicine..
Sanskar: my fresh hokar aata hu.. Ofc k liye der ho rahi…

Swara: ofc… No way
Sanskar: kyaa..
Swara: aap kahi nahi jaarahe..
Sanskar: kyu..
Swara: dekhiye apne halat.. Bada aagayi ofc Jane wala.. Jab tak aap puri tarah se teek nahi hoti.. No ofc.. (Full order tone)
Sanskar again shock to see her like that..

Swara about to leave..
Sanskar: swara..
Swara: ji..
Sanskar: mje tum se kuch baat karna hai..
Swara: (in mind) kahi ye mjse ye to nahi puchega ki my kyu roi uske halat dekkar..
Sanskar: swaraaaa..
Swara: ji.. (Jerked)
Sanskar: baito yaha..
Swara: (tries to escape) myy… My nasta lekar aayi..
She went..
Sanskar: kab tak chupaogi swara.
Kab tak.. Itna pyaar karti ho tum mjse… I surprised.. Tum chupa sakti ho.. Teri ankhen nhi Teri ankhon k asu nahi.. Ab to tum ko meri pyaar k ehsaas karwake rahungi.. (He smiles)
After some time…
She came there with a breakfast tray..
Swara: ye lijiye.. (Passing plate)
Sanskar about to take plate..
Sanskar: (holds his shoulder) aaahhhh..
Swara became tensioned..
Swara: kyyyaa..kya hua sssanskar..
Aap teek ho..? (Tears falling)
Tear drops fallen oh his hands..
Sanskar: (loving tone) swara.. Am fine.. WO bas pain aaraha ta..
Swara: aap koi kaam mat karo.. U r still weak..
Sanskar: fir my kaise khaunga.. Koi nahi.. I will manage..

Swara: My kilati hu aapko..
Sanskar silent..
Swara seated beside him on bed..
She start feeding him aloo parata..
Sanskar: waoo aloo parata.. My fav..
Swara silent..
Sanskar: swara.. Kuch baat karo na.. Aise silent mode par q ho..
Swara: kuch nahi.. Aap teek se khao.. (Strictly)
She feeding him..
Sanskar just staring her…
His lovely wife looking more beautiful when she caring for him

He giving lovely gaze to her..
Her hairs falling on her face..
She adjusting her hairs and feeding him..
He eating..
Again hair falls on her face..
This time.. He adjusted her her hairs..
She looks at him
Both have a lovely eyelock
A smile appears on her face ifself..

BG plays..

In lamhon ke dhaman me..
Wakai ja se rishte hai..
Koi kalma mohabbat ka..
Dohrate Farishtey hai..
Kaamosh si hai zammen hai..
Raan sa falak hai..
Ek noor hi noor sa ab aasma talak hai.

Nag mai nag mai hi..
Jaag ki soti fizaon me..
Husn hai sari adaaon me..
Ishq ki jaisi hawaon me….

(His finger touches her cheeks.. She felt new again.. Nasta completed.. She about to leave.. He holds her hand and drags her on him…
She falls on him..
Her face became red due to blush)
Nag mai nag mai hi..
Jaag ki soti fizaon me..
Husn hai sari adaaon me..
Ishq ki jaisi hawaon me….

Sanskar: problem kya hai tumhari.
She silent.. Try to avoid eye contact..
Sanskar: kareeb q nahi aati tu meri..? Pati hu my tumhara..? Kya mje itna bhi Haq nahi..?

She blushed.. She frees herself and ran..She went kicten to keep plate..

But both in same feeling…
In each other thoughts..

Sanskar taking rest..
Swara went to another room..
She took Sanskar photo..
She start talking with photo..
Swara: kyu karti ho aap aisa Sanskar.. Meri andar k feelings ko q raise kar rhe ho aap.. Pta nhi mje kya hojati aapke kareeb aane se.. Fir b my aapko door q rak rahi hu.. Aaj tak my kisi se ye baat nhi kahi..
Dar h mje aapke paas aane se.. Dar h mje apne kismat se.. Dar h mje apne gujre waqt se.. Jisse b my zyada pyaar karti hu.. Mjse hamesha cheenjata h.. (Crying) my aap se Pyaar na karna chahu par bhi Pyaar hogayi mje aapse.. Kya karu.. My aapke kareeb aakar aapko nhi kho sakti.. Kabhi nhi.. Kabhi nhi.. (Wiping her tears)
She hugs Sanskar’s pic and slept.. Due to her weakness.. She didn’t take a single drop of water from 24+ hrs..
At the another hand..
Sanskar wokeup..
Sanskar felling better..
Sanskar: ye swara kha rah gayi.. Ek baar jakar dekta hu..
He chks whole house.. But didn’t find..
Sanskar: ab to guest room bhaki h..

He went there..
At that time swara taking with his pic..
He listened full convo..
He goes to her..
He smiles to see her angelic face..
He cases her hairs..
Sanskar: aisa kya karu my.. Jo tumhe tere dar se door kar saku..
U r my everything swara.. I don’t wanna lose u… I love u my princess.. Let’s see Teri prince kya karega..
He kisses her forehead and left..
After sometime he came with lunch plate..
Sanskar: (carefully) swara.. Swara..

She disturbed..
She opens her eyes weakly..
Swara: Sanskar.. Aap yaha.. Kuch chahiye..? WO my pta nhi kaise sogayi…
Sanskar: shhh.. Bhut bolti ho tum.. Ab meri suno..
Swara: kya hua..
He took lunch plate and start feeding her..
Swara: aap kya kar rhe ho.. Mje nhi khana.. Aap khao..
Sanskar: kal pure din se kuch nhi khai tum.. Teri heath kya hogi..? Ab chup chao khao..
Swara: par maiii.. (Interrupted)
Sanskar: no comments.. Agar tum nhi khai to my b nhi khaunga.. Fir dawai b nahi lunga.. As ur wish..
Swara: nhi.. Aisa mat karo.. My kha lungi.. Aao bhi khao..
Sanskar: pakka..?
She nodes as yes..
Both eating lunch on bed..
Swara crying silently..
Sanskar noticed that and felt bad..
Both completed lunch..
Sanskar: (placed his hand in her shoulder) ek baat puchu..?
Swara: (jerks his hand.. Move little far from him) ji. ?

Sanskar: stop these all swara.. Its enough now..
Swara: m not getting u..
Sanskar: kyu kar rahi ho tum ye sab.. Kya paogi ye sab karke..? Dard..?
Swara silent..
Sanskar: itna Pyaar karti ho mjse.. Chupaati q..?
Swara: aap ye kya baat kar thye ho.. My aap se Pyaar nhi karti..
Sanskar: acha.. Then Teri ankhon me mere liye ansu q aayi..? Teri haton me meri
Pic q hai..? Jawab do mje…
Swara silent..
Sanskar: dekho swara.. Myne Teri sare baate sun li..
She shock….
Sanskar: I know tum mjse kitna pyaar karti ho.. Kaise chupa rhi ho tum itna Pyaar..?
Tears coming into her eyes..
He wiping her tears.. Holds her face..
Sanskar: bhut ro liya.. Ab no more..
Swara: Sanskar.. Please door rho mjse..
Sanskar: nhi.. Nhi rahunga my tum se door.. Tum meri patni ho.. Teri dard mera dard h..
Swara crying only..
Sanskar: past ko bhul jao swara.. Life ko hum khud bnana hai.. Koi nhi cheen sakta Teri chej tere se.. Jo Teri h.. Whi Teri paas rahegi..
Swara: par meri baat alag h..
Sanskar hugs her tightly..
Sanskar: nhiii… Teri life meri saath Judi h.. Ab tumhari life waisa hi chalegi.. Jaisa tu chahti hi..
Swara: Sanskar.. Aap ye kya jar rhe ho.. Chodo mje..
Sanskar: nhiiiiiiiii.. Nhi chodunga my tujhe.. Ab to apne dil k baat kaho mjse.. Swara my tera hu.. Tera pati hu.. Mje sab pata chal gayi na.. Ab to bolo apne dil k baat mjse.. Apne Zindagi k quahish puri karo..
Swara melted.. She tries to free her self.. But vain.. She is in love with him.. She is in his embrace..
She not able to control herself more.. She hugs him back..
He felt happy..
Sanskar: kuch to bolo Swara..
Swara: kya bolu Sanskar.. Kya bolu.. Ye to nhi bol sakti na ki my aapse kitna Pyaar karti hu.. Apne se zyada pyaar karti hu my aap se..
They broke hug..
Swara: btana chahti ti.. Par bata nhi paayi.. Mje khud nhi pta k my kya kar rhi.. Us din to my nervous ti.. Mana kar Dia..
Par dhere dhere my heart starts liking u.. (She holds his palm) Ur nature attracts me towards u.. But kabhi b nhi kah paayi.. Jab aap meri kareeb hote ho.. Aisa lagta h ki my aasmaan me ud rahi hu.. Bhut control karte aayi khudko.. Phir aapko unconscious state me dekkar.. Meri sanse Ruk gayi.. Zinda laash hogayi ti my..
Aapko hosh me dekkar my khud ko rok nhi paayi.. Kahte h na.. Kisi b expensive cheej ko khone k baad hi pta chalte h ki uski value kya h.. Aap ki WO halaf mjme bhut badlaaf le aayi.. Rah nhi payi my aapke bina..
Am sorry Sanskar.. Am really sorry.. Mine aapko bhut taqleef di.. Mje bhut dar lagte h kisi ko close hone k .. Coz kahi my unhe kho Dia to.. My nhi jee paungi.. Kismat k khel me fas gayi hu my Sanskar.. But I really loves u a lot..
He not able to stop his tears..
He hugs her again..
She crying badly..
Sanskar: basssss.. Now no more.. Swara sab teek hojayegi.. My hu na.. My tere sath hu.. And humhe koi alag nhi kar sakte..
Swara: plz alag hone k baat mat karo.. Isse acha h ki my himar jati..

He brokes hug..

Sanskar: ssshhhhh.. Bhut hogayi.. Bas karo.. Aise baate kabhi mat kahna..

Swara: (cutely) maaf karenge na aap mje..?
Sanskar: nhi.. Coz my gussa hi kha tum par..
Both again share a hug..
Swara: mje time lagegi aapke sath adjust karne me..
Sanskar: hmm.. Abhi abhi sab teek horahi na.. Hamare special day k liye to u can take time.. But plz mjse aise behave mat karo.. K my koi paraya hu..
Swara: hmm.. Thank u Sanskar.. Mje samjne k liye..
Sanskar: dek Teri ankhe kitna laal hogayi.. Ro ro ke.. Ab to baksh do unhe….
Both. Giggles..
2 dayz later..
Both are perfectly fine…
She making dnnr in kicten..
Sanskar came from back and hugs her..
Swara: aap aagaye.. Chodiye na.. Kya kar rhe ho..
She feeling new again..
Now she also wants to move on in her life.. But its not easy na..
Her face became red..
Swara: chodiye na.. Sanskar..
Sanskar: aise jaise chod du.. Itna mushkil se mile ho..
Swara: aap fresh hojao.. I will make green tea for u..
Sanskar: hmm.. Phle ye btao.. Hamare special night k tayyariya kab kare..
Swara: (blushing) sannnssskkaarr.. Aap bhi na..
He laughs and leaves her..
One weak passed..
Sanskar came from bathroom..
He is in only towel now.. His wet hairs.. He looking more hot like this.. He wearing his dress..
He wore bottom.. He wore his banian.. He about to wear his shirt..
Suddenly she enters in room..
She shock to see him lime that.. She never faced him like that..
He came to her and holds her waist..
She start blushing and avoiding eye contact..
Sanskar: kya hua.
Swara: WO.. WO my aapko ye btane k liye aayi hu k.. Breakfast ready h..
Sanskar: achaaa.. Maine socha mere liye aayi ho…
Swara: ( trying to free her self) Sanskar.. Chodiye na..
Sanskar: my kyu chodu…?
Swara: aap.. Aap shirt phno na.. Please.. (Full blushing)
Sanskar: q.. Aisa acha nhi lag rha hu..?
Swara: sanssskkkaarrr.. Jao shirt phno.. Mje chodo.. I have work..
Sanskar: acha.. Mje phle ye btao..
Swara: whattt..
Sanskar: hamare beach sari misunderstandings dur hogayi na.. Din le din guzar rhi.. Fir bhi ye doiriyan… Swara.. Tumhe kya lagta h.. Hum apne life me move on hosakte h ab..?
Swara: (became full red in blush.. Avoiding eye contact) Sanskar.. Kuch sawal aise hote h ki jinke jawab hoti h.. Kuch sawal aise hote h ki jinke jawab na hoti h.. But kuch sawal aise bhi hoti hai ki sawal ko puchne ki jaroorat nahi.. Jawab sirf samjna chahiye.. (Smiley blush tone)

Sanskar: (got green signal from her..9th cloud) really…?

Swara: ji..
Sanskar: agar wo guess galat hue to..
Swara: aise nhi hogi..
Sanskar: iska mtlp my tumse positive response samjsakta hu na..?
She nodes as yes.. While she pushes him and ran from there..

He smiles brightly..

At night..
She doing kaam in kicten..
She completed her work and comes to their room..
She surprised to see their room like that.. She blushed..
Swasan room fully decorated with red petals..
Its full romantic whether..
Sanskar came to her..
Swara: ye sab..
Sanskar: kya hua.. Acha nhi lagi..? (Upping his eyebrows..)
She downs her head.. Start blushing…
Sanskar: (passing packet) its for u..
Swara smiles..
Sanskar: ab change koun karega??
Swara: my aati hu..
She rushed to washroom..
He waiting for her..
Finely she came out..
She looking amazing in red colour saree.. Its visible her curves clearly..

BG plays..

Dhage tod laadu chaandni se noor ke..
Goonghat hi bnalo.. Roshni se noor ke..
Sharmaagayi to aahosh me lo..
Hum sanso se ulji..
Rahe mere sanse..
Bolna halke halke ..
Bolna halke halke..

She stepping towards him white blushing..
He places his palms on her shoulders..
She smiles and turns back..
He smiles an peaks her nape..
Which makes her eyes close tightly..
He moving his both hands to his waist.. Holds it tightly..
He makes her hairs one side and start kissing her Mikey back..
He slowly turns her..
He about to kiss lips..
Swara: nhi Sanskar.. (Feeling much nervous)
Sanskar: kya hua….
Swara: mje bhut dar lag rahi h..
He smiles to see her nervous feel..
Sanskar: Swara.. I only have rite to do these all with u… Trust me.. I. Makes u this night memorable in our life..
He slowly placed his lips on hers…

She too starts responding..

BG plays..

Aa neend ka souda kare..
Ek quab de.. Ek quab le..
Ek quab to ankho me hai..
Ek chand ki takiye tale..
Kitne dino se ye aasmaan ne..
Soya nhi h.. Isko.. Sulade..

(Its became a passionate one..
Both came in sence..
Both not able to meet eyes..
He pulls her more close to him and starts kissing her neck..
Which makes she shiver..)

Bolna halke halke ..
Bolna halke halke..

He ups her by his arms..
Placed her on bed..
He leaned on her..
He removed her pallu..
He again kissing her neak..
She hugs him tightly..
She grips his shirt..

He switch offs light.. And covers a blanket on them..
Their lips meets again..
They consuminate their marriage..
Both became each other forever…
No one can seperte them..

Now swasan ki Zindagi ki ek quahish puri hogayi..
Night passes..
Both sleeping peacefully in each other embrace..
Swasan disturbed by sun rays..
He kisses her forehead..
Sanskar: good morning my princess..
Swara: good morning..
She hide her face at his chest..
He holds her.. And caressing her hairs..
From that day swasan k beach k sare doiriyan dur hogayi..

The OS ends..

So, friends.. How was the OS..
Hope u feel this as new..
I know starting me read karke pakka common story samjgaye hogi na.. haha..
Leave ur reviews..
Its time to comments..
Don’t forget to leave comments..

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