Zindagi hai mushkil – Episode 2

Avni enters her college she walks down a long hall to her locker Avni open her locker

An boy come and says hi avni who is shown wearing a hoody jumper with black jeans and trainer who is shown to be Ali

Avni: hi Ali
Ali: avni how are you
Avni: i am good
Ali:how’s neela aunty
Avni:she good
Ali:i am gonna go and get my thing see you in lesson
Avni:okay bye
Ali leaves

Avni’s phone rings saying
Avni:papa ka phone
Her dads name is a ashish his in London with
aman because of his education and they both are gonna come soon

Avni:hello papa
Ashish: hello my princess how are you
Avni:I am fine how are you
Ashish:I am good how your mum
Avni:she’s good and when are you coming

Ashish:I will come soon because your brother need to finish studying and I will give you a surprise okay princess
Avni: okay how is Aman

Ashish:hes good
Avni:okay papa I have to go to class now I will talk to you later
Ashish: okay take care love you
Avni:love you too
Avni: bye
She cuts the line

A boy enters wearing a blue shirt with a black jacket,black jeans,with trainers
Everybody screaming avni turns around she try to see but she couldn’t.
The boy walks ahead by waving to everyone
Avni stars to walk when her legs slips
She screams the boy catches her and shown to be Neil
Neil:stop screaming your saved
She open her eyes and look at him
Avni and Neil have a eyelock

Music plays sadja tere sadja
Neil:do you have a habit of falling
Neil: then oh wait i know because girls dying for me that why
Avni: sorry I am not those type of girl who die for you and by the way who said to you I die for you
Neil: why are you in my arms
Avni when did I say hold me
He drops her on the floor
Avni: ouch
Neil: next time don’t ever fall
He walks of

Avni tries to get up when a girl give her hand and is shown to be avnis best friend
avni see her and says
Avni gets up
Anjail: are you okay
Avni: okay how can I be okay when he is here
Anjail:who is here
Avni: Neil and who

Anjail:oh Neil
Avni: yh who does he think he is the hero of this college my foot
Anjail: well he is
Avni: anjail how can he throw your best friend on the fall I will not spare him
Anjail:okay okay now lets go before we get late
Avni: come lets go

Precap: avni enters her class and sees Neil
She says I will teach you a lesson or else my name is not avni

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  1. Oho…tashan baazi.I like it.it remembered Me of yuvraj luthra.please cont

  2. Sweetgirl7

    Nice tashaan between the two and do make them jealous and love soon and early

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