Zindagi (family, friends, love, betrayal) Intro


This is a story of a girl.. riaa

Riaa is a normal teenager who believe s in fairy tales. She believes that one day someone will come and take her far away.. away from her sorrows. Away from the people who are around her , who only hurt her..

Riaa a 15 year old girl who has seen nothing but only sorrows an betrayal from her childhood. Ria’s mother a selfish woman named chaand got married to her father oemar . Oemar a very loving husband and more a friend than a father for riaa..oemar loved chaand so much that without even thinking once he named all his properties after chaand. But he didn’t know that the woman he loved so much woul deceive him like this. She left him for another man. Riaa kept crying but she didn’t even think oce about her. Nor about her son naviez..

Precap: riaa gets a call from an unknown person.. she hears his voice.. he asks her something and riaa is confused what to say or do..

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  1. Nice intro dr

  2. Good intro, I like it

  3. Awesome intro riaa, keep it up buddyyy, plzzzz continue dear. ..how can a mom be so selfish. ..all the best sweetie, eagerly waiting for the first episode, love you loads

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