Zindagi ek suhana safar (os)(edkv)

Hello my cuties.I m here with my another one shot.So r u all ready to read this.I m ready 2 eat ur heads fully.So let’s begin.
A voice:woh meri zindagi ka sbse haseen modh noo accident thi.mera dil usko abhi bhi doondh rha hai.woh meri zindagi ka sbse suhana safar tha.woh sbse alag sbse different sbse sweet .

Flashback:(the person whose voice was being heared is remembering)
A girl is shouting.
Girl:preeti !!!jldi aa I can’t wait.
Preeti:di aa gyi chilana band kr.
Girl:ab yeh daboo kaha reh gya.u both don’t respect time.
Preeti:di chillaxx plz.
Girl:plz preeti chup reh mujhse tu aaj maar khayegi.daboo.
Daboo:aa gya aa gya di.sumo di gussa mt kro.blood pressure bd jayega. Juzt chillax.
(The girl is our sumo]l
Sumo:daboo tu aaj phir late ho jayega.punctual shbd ka mtlab pta hai. Now let’s leave
The trio sit on 1 activa.
They were going
On other hand two boys were coming on bike.
1 boy:pushu time kitna hoya.
Push:bhai 8:30.
1 boy:itne ho gye.
From 1 side activa was coming and from other side bike.
They both clash.
Pushu:shravan bhai!!!!.
(Our hero shravo)

Sumo(full with anger)oh mister r u blind.dikta kam hai.
Shravo:oh madam aap khud triple savari Ho and getting angry on me.
Sumo:wht do u mean.yeh bacha abhi half ticket hai.and tum lambhe ho qutub minar jitne aur akal ghade jitni.
Shravo:what do u mean angry young woman.
(Shraman were fighting and on other side preekar was lost in each other)
Daboo:bhaiya aaj meri di se panga mt lo inka dimaag kal sham se fatta hoya hai .actually kl inke dhoni ko man of the match nhi chuna .she is crazy from that moment.
Sumo:aur kya nhi mere dhoni ne kl 2 stump out kiye aur 60 runs score kiye still he was not man of the match not fare.
Shravo listening this was thinking baap re kaisi ladki.
Shravo: madam so u r taking out the anger on me.itna hi gussa hai toh bcci ko kaho.
Sumo:u shut up .
Preekar come in senses listening their fight
Preeti:suman di CHLO.
Push:shravan bhai CHLO.
Sumo and shravo:(thinking) so suman/shravan naam hai iska.
Sumo:(thinking)shravan was so nice son cool calm and ek yeh shravn naam ko kharaab or rh a hai.
Shravo(thinking)suman naam itna khoobsurat zuban utni badsoorat . dhoni haan BTW he deserves man of the match.
This was the first crazy mulakat of our shraman
It was Saturday.
Every Saturday sumo goes to orphanage (anaatalay)(NGO)
Sumo and preeti goes there.
Preeti sees pushkar.
Preeti:di mai ek min mei aayi.

Preeti goes to push.
They start talking.
Sumo was going.
She saw shravo who were enjoying with kids.
Shravan was pampering them.
Was joking with them.then he started to play cricket with them.
Sumo was seeing this.
Sumo:yeh shravan sach me aacha.  Nikla.how cute.
She goes to him.
The children see her.
They shout:sumo di aa gye.
Shravo look s at her
Shravo:so ms angry young woman here to fight agai.
Sumo:no Mr qutub minar.not to fight but to do friendship.
Sumo: u r so nice .loving these children.
Shravo:oh tumhare dhoni ko kl ke match me man of the match mila isliye khush ho.
Sumo laughs.
They both play cricket with kids.
After playing they both talk alittle
Both were impressed from each other.
Now both were finding their siblings.they see them talking.
Preekar were embarrassed.
Sumo takes preeti with her.
Sumo:do u like pushmar
Preeti don’t reply she shys.
Shrvo was asking the same from him.
Push:yup bhai.she’s so cute.
So it was second mulaakat of our shraman.
It was Sunday.Sumo and preeti has gone to watch movie.
Sumo:preeti tu popcorns lekr aa.
Preeti:OK Didi.
Preeti goes.

Sumo sees shravo.
Shravo listens sumo voice.
He turns.
He sees sumo.
They both meet .
Sumo:where is push??
Shrsvo:gone 2 buy popcorn and preeti kaha hai.
Sumo:same for popcorns.
The movie starts.
Sumo and shravo’s seat were the next to each other.
During the movie when horror scenes comes they fled the packet of popcorns which fall on them.
They were enjoying.
So it was third meeting .
Now shraman meet each other every second day.they were attached with each other.
One day sumo got an mail which was regarding her career.
On that mail it was written that she has to go to Mumbai for training for near about 3 years for completion of course.
She was super happy but at one edge of her heart she was not feeling good .she don’t know why.
Shravo gots to know.he was happy for sumo but he was also not feeling good.
Shravo wished her gud luck on phone only.
It was the day when sumo has to go .
Push and preeti came to leave her.
Sumo was waiting for shravo.It was only 5 min left.sumo eyes were finding shravo.
From one side a boy comes
Sumo:shravan tum aa gye I know u will come surely.
Shravo comes to sumo.
Shravo:sumo I m listening my heart not knowing is it correct time but I love u.
Sumo was surprised and shocked too.
Shravo:pta nhi kaise but I love u.
Sumo:(without thinking)pta nhi kaise but I also love u.
They share a warm hug.and sumo leaves.
The man who was thinking is disturbed.
Preeti:shravan bhai bhai.
(That man is shravo)

Preeti:bhai aaj di aa rhi hai.
Shravo:I know.
Shravo was very exited and emotional.
Sumo has reached.
Here sumo also have waited each and every moment to meet shravo .
She comes out of train.
This time shravo is on time.
They both r standing opsite 2 each other they r not speaking anything but their eyes r .
They hug each other.
The end.
How ws this.

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  1. whole was nice but just end part…..dekh bhai jo bhi ho end me i luv u to bol dete ek dusre ko

    1. Prettypreeti

      Oh ho safaq thanks buddy for commenting.
      Ya they should next day they will.
      Lots of luv

  2. Beas

    Awww… It’s damn amazing di. Keep it up!!!!?

    1. Prettypreeti

      Ohhh Bea’s thanks a ton.l darling.
      Thnks for well wishes.
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  3. woooh it was really nice
    urs was diff and I loved it

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      Sami thnku.
      I like when u ppl say its different.
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    Awesome one …

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  5. Ariana

    OMG!!! Idk wht to say. Such a cute os. How? Oh yah! If the writer is so adorable then the writing will obv b cute too. Stay blessed girl. U got a great brain full of sweetness! It’s awesome!!! So nice……….ShraMan’s 1st encounter was so hilarious..I couldn’t stop laughing!! I can relate to Sumo at tht point. I use to bark at ppl when Ab D Villers didn’t get man of the match awards. It’s soooo me. But I don’t bump into ppl :p
    I really wanna type more to praise ur wonderful work but then my tech teacher gave me abnormal amount of hws so need to jump into that.
    Pls make more shots. Love ur work
    thanks for a sweet chocolate cupcake
    love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    take care

    1. Prettypreeti

      Oh my aru cuppy.
      Ya abd is mine second fav after dhoni luv him.
      Aaye itni tareef mt kiya kr .
      Mujhe diabetes ke doc ka no de.
      Oh u bumped in all of us as happiness.
      Hw keep doing.
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  6. It was so cuttee…???

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      Sona di thnku a ton.
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  7. Awwww….it’s lovely di! Do post more like this!
    Love ya!?????

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      Hey thanks anshlta a lot.
      I will post.
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    Awesome !!!!!!?????
    Aap ka jabab nahi di !!! Its so nice !!! Loved it !!!

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  9. nice , loved it was
    a simple yet beautiful os,

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      A very cute compliment.
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      1. yeah, u can call me mirra, you r welcome

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    It was very nice??

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  11. IME

    ek dum tere jaisa tha preeti……..yrrr addha dimgad apna muje dede mai bhi kuch accha sooch pau…….. luv u… age bhi aise os likte reh

    1. Prettypreeti

      Ishu thanku sissi.
      Lekin I too need ur beautiful brain.
      Mera dil garden garden ho gya terw comment pdne me baad.
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  12. This was amazing. Loved it so much. ?

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