Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amy asking Peter not to tell anything to Sophia. Peter worries thinking if Yug tells anything about him then he will be in danger. He gets shocked and thinks the ghosts might harm Sophia.Amy asks him to listen to her. Peter says you both don’t listen to me and asks her to get out.Sophia tells Yug that she wants to see all PAlekar Mansion. Yug says he wil repair the puncture and says 2 mins. Some goons come and points gun at them. Sophia asks them to shoot. The goon laughs and asks her to take out the money. Sophia refuses to give anything. Yug tries to make her understand to give money. Yadav cries and says he wants to return to his house. Dadi says you can’t go from this house. Ishaan thinks he has a memory loss. Radha comes there and acts

as drunk. She talks to him with arrogance. Yadav says he will go and gets electric shock. Dadi thinks it might be affect of that bottle as they drank that juice. Goons asks her to give bracelet, earrings etc. Sophia refuses to give him anything. Yug gives his wallet and is scared.

The goons tries to scare him, but Sophia faces the goons with much strength. Peter thinks about Yug’s words and thinks he has to go to Palekar Mansion to save Sophia. Suraj thinks to find out about Peter and Yug relation. He takes out cheque and recalls in a flashback. He thinks about his conversation with Peter. Peter says govt has sanctioned 350 crores for the bridge. Suraj is happy for the people. Peter says I will reach great heights and you will also. Suraj thinks I had trusted Peter and he has cheated me. Peter calls Yug’s number as Sophia went with him. He gets worried.

Suraj is thinking. Dadi comes there and tells him that strange things are happening with Radha and Yadav. She says this is happening for the second time and says thanks to Yug, we didn’t have that juice. He asks what you are doing in his room and asks if he is thinking Yug is cheating us. Suraj says I trust him, but want to know about Yug and Peter’s relation. Dadi is shocked and asks if he is the same Peter who had killed us. Suraj says yes. Dadi asks what do you feel? Suraj says I think Yug is the way for our mukti, once he brings Peter here then our problems will be solved. Dadi says Yug is an orphan and feels pity on him. Suraj says he wants to take revenge from Peter. Dadi says Yug can’t help us. Suraj says Yug is innocent, honest and says he can only bring Peter here. Dadi asks what you will do if Peter comes here. Suraj says I will kill him and take revenge. The goons ties Yug and Sophia onto the tree. Yug says they should have shouted. Sophia scolds him for giving his stuff to the goons. Yug is happy to be tied with Sophia with the same rope. Sahiba song plays………….

Precap:Peter comes to Palekar Mansion and says he will save his daughter. Suraj and his family looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Its a good show…..please make yug meet the ghost very faaaast

  2. Please make yug meet with the ghosts fast

  3. it is an interesting show. please make yug to meet with the ghost very fast….

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