Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug is about to stab Peter, but his goodness stops him. Ishaan asks him to kill Peter. Radha tells where is Ishaan? Ria says even Yug is not at home. Radha asks Yadav if he knows anything. Yadav says no. Radha punishes him and flies him in air. She asks him not to take her test and tell him clearly. Yadav tells her that Ishaan has entered a human’s body yesterday and was planning to enter Yug tonight. He says Ishaan was planning to get mukti for all of us. Dadi says how can this be happen as the book is lost. Yadav says Ishaan has hidden that book and says he asked him not to tell them. Ishaan asks Yug to kill him. Yug turns holding knife and says kill him. His hand starts shaking. Suraj says he is helpless as they can’t get out of the gate. Radha

says my own blood went to kill someone, and says if he kills Peter, then Yug’s life will be miserable. Yug gets conscious and thinks what is knife doing on his hand. Ishaan asks him to pick the knife. Yug wonders why did I come here.

Ishaan comes back to Palekar Mansion. Yug wonders how did he reach there. Peter asks him to leave. Ishaan is in extreme pain and says I couldn’t do it. Suraj asks him to say something. Ishaan says I couldn’t kill him. Radha says what happened to him. Yug tells Peter that he didn’t know how did he reach there. Veronica hears them and is shocked. Peter asks him to get out of his house. Sophia comes and asks what happened? She sees the fallen knife and gets tensed. Veronica thinks Peter is getting mad since Yug is staying in Palekar Mansion.

Radha cries and says what is happening to Ishaan. I can’t even touch him. Ishaan tells them that Yug refused to accept his order. Radha is shocked and tells Suraj that he couldn’t do as Yug is honest. Dadi says why did he fall sick, as we never get ill. Suraj asks did you read the mantra or some other thing. Yadav tells him about the condition which book took from him, and says he can’t tell anything further.

Yug cries and thinks how can I raise my hand on Peter….He thinks how can I do this. Sophia came running to him and asks what happened? She asks him to sit…..and asks what happened? Yug thinks what shall I tell her, and says I came to kill your papa. He tells her that he didn’t sleep since 2-3 days, and says I will leave. Yug says he is fine and goes. Peter recalls Yug’s words and gets tensed. He thinks how can this be happen…..How did Yug know about Palekar’s and he wanted to kill me, why? He looks at CCTV and thinks everything might be recorded.

Radha cries seeing Ishaan in pain. Suraj asks her to have patience. Radha says my son’s condition is so bad and this is happening because of you. You was restless to get mukti and haven’t stopped Ishaan. Suraj says what did he give to book. He asks Ishaan to tell….what he paid to the book. Ishaan asks him not to ask, and leave him alone. Ishaan says what you will do knowing it? I have failed. Dadi asks him to tell the truth. Radha says where is Yug? Peter is saved now, and will not leave Yug. Ria says Peter might have called Yug to get him arrested, and he might be cursing us.

They see Yug coming home. Ria asks are you fine? Dadi asks where did you go? Yug says I went to Peter’s house and says how did I reach there. He tells you people will not believe if I tell you what happened with me. He says I remember that I was in my room, and sleeping…then how did I reach to Peter’s house. He says when I gained conscious, I was holding knife and Peter was shocked and scared. Peter thought that I will kill him. He says Peter is a good man and all the Bustura people take his help. Everyone gets tensed. Yug says I remember one thing, that I felt someone is calling me from within my body.

Peter reads the message sent by Ishaan. Ishaan rues to kill Peter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh my god now the show is getting even more interesting, I wonder what is Veronica’s intention, one thing is sure Peter will definitely not be killed by Yug even if he is possessed by the ghost.
    Radha , Ria , Dadi and Suraj takes such good care of Yug, and I think they will be the one to unite Yug and Sophia 🙂

  2. Although yug did not kill peter but Ishaan is spoiling yugs image infront of other people this can’t happen if this happens what about yug n sophia

    1. I just hope someone in the ghost family finds the magical book and makes good use of it and do something to teach Ishan a lesson that he should not be too impatient. I don’t know why that Yadav keeps on supporting Ishan. But I must say Yug’s acting was superb in the episode where he was possesed.

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