Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 8th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veronica getting scared seeing Meena’s get up. Peter asks Meena to wash her face. Meena tells Veronica is not giving her leave. Peter asks her to grant leave to Meena and asks her not to show ego. Yug says you are talking loudluy. Peter says nobody hears me. Radha and Dadi watch TV and argue. Yug comes home and sees TV on. He wonders how can it be possible. He rubs his eyes and sees TV off. He says there is no ghost here. Dadi switches on the TV. Yug thinks this is old TV. Amy talks to someone on phone and says she can meet him. She sees Sophia coming and disconnects the call, saying she will call later. Sophia asks with whom she was talking to. Sophia takes her phone and says you are talking to loser Ben. She calls him and asks how dare you talk to Amy.

She warns him not to have enmity with her, and asks him to stay away from her sister. Amy says didn’t you see his abs. Sophia says how can you be so stupid?

Veronica says as you are world’s intelligent girl. She says Amy would have felt bad when you calls her stupid, and says you are the world’s bad sister. Sophia gets sad and tells Amy not to have any relation with Ben. She says he will make you cry and I can’t see that. Amy says I know you are not bad sister of this world. Dadi and Yadav fight with each other. Dadi says you also go against us. When we have decided to let Yug stay here, you want him to go. Yadav says this Yug will not stay here and my decision is final. He asks Yug to wake up. Dadi stops Yadav and sprays Jasmine perfume on him. Yadav warns her that he will play last trick.

Peter asks Veronica if she has a fight with a tailor. Veronica says she never goes to Tailor, and says she wears only designer dress. She says you are so backward and is irritating me. Peter says I love you, why do you want to go wearing off shoulder dress. She says she have to do an inauguration, and tells about the designer. Peter says that man who was sitting close to you and staring you? He says we have to go to Sharley for lunch. Veronica says that lunch is after two days. Peter tries to stop her, but in vain. Veronica asks him to go and says she needs to get ready. Peter calls Sophia. Nancy informs him that Sophia went out. He calls Amy and says I want your help. Amy asks what happened? Peter says no shoulder, no back. Amy says I will call doctor. Peter says I don’t need a doctor and asks her to do as he says as it is an emergency.

Sophia is sitting at sea side with her friend. Her friend asks till when she will throw bottles in the sea. Sophia says she will keep writing letters until she gets reply. Her friend says this Sophia is something else. She says do you think that someone will reply to you. Sophia says I will get reply to all my love letters and my prince charming will come. Her friend says I have trust on you. Sophia throws the bottle in the sea and leaves. Ben is hiding behind the mountain and says I will teach you a lesson for ruining my plan.

Amy calls aloud Veronica and tells Papa got heart attack. Veronica says he was fine just now. He says she will call ambulance and take him to hospital. She says she can’t attend inauguration. Peter says you can’t come to hospital in this dress and says he is feeling better now. Veronica says he got old patch in his hairs. Peter says he don’t have any. Veronica understands that he is jealous and acting. She kisses him and says she is going to do inauguration. Peter thinks he has to drown in sea. Amy says oh Dad…….

Yug is watering the plants and sees Sophia coming. He puts the water pipe on Veronica mistakenly. Veronica’s dress gets drenched fully. Peter and Amy come out and are shocked. Sophia is also shocked.

Meena informs Yug that Veronica has fired him as the old gardener joined them. Yug gets sad. Dadi and Radha see their big suitcase. Dadi says it has her old memories and tries to see, but Radha stops her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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