Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi seeing Yug coming and says Yug Bustura Palekar is coming….Yug says Palekar…Ria says you are owner of the house now. Suraj asks him to sit. Radha serves him breakfast. Ria gives him newspaper. Yug asks why they are pulling his leg and says he is sad. Radha asks him to eat hot parathas and then think. Dadi, Radha and Ria pamper him. Ishaan tells Yadav that they are happy and says my pain is nothing infront of their happiness. He says my family is happy today. Yadav nods. He says you have forgotten me. Dadi says everything is fine now. Yug says there is something to be solved. He says he needs to find out about Peter’s killer and then it will be cleared about their killer also. Ishaan asks him to forget it and think about Sophia. He asks

his family to live the happy moments. Ria says Ishaan is saying right and asks Yug to say hello to Sophia. He imagines Sophia with him while the song Jeene Laga Hun plays……………Sophia also dances in her house while serving food.

Veronica comes to the bank and gives the form of co ownership for the locker. The manager informs her that Sophia’s sign is fake and is not matching with the ones which they have in records. Veronica thinks Sophia have fooled her and thinks to harm her.

Yug gets a big fish order and he gets happy. Some goons come to the shop and asks about the fish. Yug says he will show the fish. The goon keeps gun on his back and asks him to come silently, else they will take him forcibly. Yug asks Parag to take care of the shop and asks him not to worry. He goes with the goons. Veronica comes to Sophia and asks do you think it is a joke. She calls her idiot and is about to slap her. She says you are unaffected and says I will attack on your weakness. She says she will destroy Peter’s library as she has many memories with her dad. Sophia pleads and asks her not to do anything to her dad’s library. Veronica says this library will be deserted and you will repent and blame yourself for this.

The goons bring Yug to an isolated factory. Keith comes and asks Yug, how did he buy the house when he is a street man and an orphan. Yug says Bustura had raised him. Keith says he can change the wind and says you are just a kid. Yug says you are getting scared of this kid though. Keith gets angry. Yug says the way you sent goons and called me here, it shows that you are upto something. He says I know you came here a week before Peter’s death. Keith asks how much price you gave to Tony? Yug laughs. Keith says you are a small fisherman. Yug says he is not a small fisherman and says he catches big fishes everytime. He asks why do you want to buy Palekar Mansion. Keith says I want to burn it.

Yug says there are many questions, we will know about each other. He asks him not to waste money to call him and says he is one call away. Keith thinks to find Yug’s weakness. Veronica throws the books in the library, and asks Sophia to say bye to Papa Peter. She throws their photo frame. Sophia picks their photo and cries. Keith comes and asks Veronica to stop destroying the memories. He takes her from there. Sophia cries looking at Peter’s photo. Keith asks Veronica to hold on her anger and says you are her step mom, we will not get anything with anger. She asks what do you need? Keith says a glass of cold water. Veronica is surprised and goes to bring it. Sophia calls Yug and says I miss you. She cries and asks him not to come there. She says I love you too. Keith hears her and says Sophia loves Yug. I got the keys to the locker now, and it will open soon.

Keith tells Veronica that they have just one way to get everything from Yug. Veronica apologizes to Sophia and hugs her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yugphia scenes were so cute , it would have been better if Sophia accepted Yug’s suggestion to come with him to Palekar Mansion. I feel so bad for her. I knew it now that Veronica and Keith will use Sophia to extract everything from Yug and then Yug will be dilemma to choose Sophia or Palekar family. Feel so bad for Yug

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Plzzzz Yug, sophia apna brain usse krna ya fir ghost family se help lena but Veronica and Keith ki baaton me maat aana….
    Annd yug and sophia did great job, keith and veronica ki indd(brick) ka jawab pathar se diya…

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