Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Peter and Veronica going in the car and see the thunderstorm victims. Veronica asks the driver to slow down the car and tells that woman is wearing her designer shawl. Peter says I didn’t know. Again she shows him pink sheet and says it is her stuff. Veronica says who gave my things to them. Peter says just think that Bustura people are wearing your things and you should be happy. Veronica asks are you laughing on me. Peter says Bustura people are suffering and you are saying this, what a irony. Yug works as a painter and gets a less money. Hai Malang Teri Ek Tara plays………….He does some small jobs and earns the money. He comes home and is given a notice by lawyers asking him to vacate the house and shop, as he had mortgaged them for buying boat.

Yug is shocked. He recalls buying the home and celebrating with Jaggu Dada and Johny.

Peter tells I don’t know how can you believe on ghost being educated. Veronica asks him to sell Parlekar house and says you are public development minister. He asks him to take advantage of his position. Peter refuses. Veronica taunts him and takes Sofia’s name. Peter says he is surrounded by 5 women in the house and don’t take Sofia’s name. Veronica says Sofia is a thorn in her life and asks did he remember what she did? Yug’s stuff is thrown outside the house. Yug requests the money lenders not to take shelter from his head and requests for some time. The man throws the phone and it breaks. Yug cries. Peter asks are you still angry with me? If you are angry because of Parlekar Mansion, or with Sofia’s incident. Veronica says Alex was my son. Peter says he was my son too. Veronica says he was your son, but you always thought of Sofia before Alex. Sofia comes and hears them fighting. Peter says Sofia was just 9 years old girl when the accident happened and asks how can she blame her. Veronica shouts and says she will always blame her. Sofia took her small son to park. Sofia cries. Veronica tells I miss my son a lot and will never forgive Sofia. She cries and hugs peter.

Peter says I miss him too. Yug sees the money lender seeing his things and cries. He recalls dreaming big. He comes to the temple and tells his two boats had drowned, and house and shop have been snatched from him. He says there is no difference between you and me. I am an orphan since childhood and you are the same, no one will come to you. He says I will not cry nor ask anything from you. I just dreamt to stand on my own feet and be something. It was my only dream, but you changed everything and it is finished. Pandit ji comes and says it is not yet over. You boats were drowned, but not you. Yug breaks down and says his dream was broken. He do odd jobs and earn money. Johny tells we are ruined. Yug asks him not to cry and says we will buy boat first and then take home. Johny asks him to stay at his house.

Yug refuses and says all your relatives are in the house. Johny jokes and asks him to stay in ghost house. Yug says I didn’t say that and tells Jaggu Dada asked him to stay with him. He gives some money to Johny which makes him emotional. Johny says we will take 50:50. Yug takes just 100 Rs. and smiles. Yug comes to Jaggu Dada’s house and sees his wife beating him. Jaggu Dada tells Yug is his best friend and is in need of shelter. His wife refuses to let him stay in their office. Yug leaves from there sadly.. A song plays…………Chandariya Jheeni Jheeni plays………………He takes shelter outside someone’s house, and is shooed by them. Yug asks them to let him stay there for a night, but they refuses. Finally Yug comes to the Parlekar house and thinks how did I come here?

Yug comes inside Parlekar Mansion being helpless and sees strange things happenings.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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