Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sophia coming to meet Yug at his shop. Yug gets happy seeing her. Sophia tells him that she came out of the house infront of Veronica. She laughs and says Veronica got angry and her face expressions were aww. Yug tells her that he is going to meet Palekar Mansion owner. Sophia asks if he plans to buy it. Yug says he can’t buy it. Ishaan comes to talk to book. Yadav asks why did he come here and says he is sad as their house is about to sell. He says he is staying there since 25 years and it has become his home. Ishaan listens to him and says he came to ask the book, what they shall do if the house is burnt, how should they protect their soul.
Yug brings Tony to the Palekar Mansion. Tony asks if there are ghosts inside and asks if he told truth.

Yug says there is many stuff inside which belongs to him. He says you can take it and sell. He asks him to get inside. Tony hesitantly enters. Tony asks him to give antiques which he told him. He hears Dadi’s voice saying him that she will show everything. Tony faints and falls down. Radha asks what happened to him. Dadi says his heart is so weak and we didn’t know. Sophia returns home. Veronica holds her by her hairs and asks him to sign on the papers silently and says you are making me co owner of the locker. Sophia refuses. Veronica hurts her. Amy comes to her rescue and tries to stop her. Veronica hurts Amy and asks Sophia to sign else she will hurt her sister. Sophia signs while Amy asks her not to sign. Sophia signs on the papers and gives it to Veronica. Veronica takes the papers and leaves Amy. Amy hugs her and asks why did you sign on the papers.

All the ghosts family sprinkle water on him to wake him up. He sees Ria and Ishaan and faints again. Yug asks Dadi and others to give some time to Tony as he didn’t know that they are good ghosts. Tony gains consciousness again and says you were dead since 25 years ago. Radha asks him not to faint, and says they were dead only. Tony is shocked and asks for water. Yug gives him water. Tony drinks water. Yug says Palekar Mansion belongs to them and they will decide what to do. Dadi tells him that if you sells our house and that person burn it, then our souls will roam here. She asks him to name the property on Yug’s name. Yug says they are my family. Tony refuses to name the property on Yug’s name and says he is getting a good price for it, and want to get rid of it. He asks what you can do? They show their powers and lock him in the room. Dadi tells I know that you are not good and says she has become more dangerous now, can do anything. Tony asks what you will do. He hears Ria and thinks she can help me get out of house.

Radha asks Tony not to get scared of them and says they are his cousins. He turns and see the skeleton and gets scared. He asks what to do. Dadi asks him to sign on the papers and says it is written that he is transferring property on Yug’s name. Tony blames Yug for taking innocent ghost family on his side, and forcing him to transfer property on his name. Suraj says you can see us, and asks did you attend our last rites function, no. Radha says they didn’t visited us when we were alive. Yadav makes Tony sign on the papers and scares him. Keith waits for Tony. Someone comes and informs Tony has signed on the property papers and transferred it on Yug’s name. Keith is shocked and asks what can Yug offer him He thinks to do something.

Veronica punishes Sophia for signing wrong signatures on the bank form and throws Peter’s photo on the floor. Sophia cries picking the photo.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Too much torture on Sophia, she should have came back with Yug, only Amy and Yug is there for her now. I hope that Keith don’t kills Tony for transferring the Palekar Mansion on Yug’s name. I think Keith may use Sophia to threat Yug 🙁

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Toooo much tortoure for Sophia and Yug…
    I hope keith yug ko na maar de..???

  3. common people

    If ghost family revenge ke liye shanti nai mil sakti den same sofiyai ke dad ke saath hona chahiye tha even he was killed n ….

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