Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 7th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ishaan’s entering Jaggu Dada and asking him to slap Johny. Jaggu Dada slaps Johny and says I know you both laugh on me. Johny says we don’t laugh on you and says sometimes we laugh on your wife. Johny gets emotional and says kicks him. He says I will never see your face and leaves. Ishaan comes out of Jaggu Dada’s body and feels pain. Jaggu Dada wonders why did Johny leave him alone and went. Radha asks Ishaan to tell truth. Just then Ria comes and takes Radha with her. Yadav asks Ishaan what happened? Is he feeling weak? Ishaan says our problem is solved.
Peter asks Veronica to cancel her meetings and says we are going to London. Veronica says we are not going and refuses to accept his decision. Peter says his decision is final. Veronica picks

the call. She informs Peter that she is not going anywhere with Amy. Peter shouts at her. Veronica asks why you are shouting at me. Peter asks her to go.

Ishaan tells Yadav that none of his family members should know about him, and says he is waiting for the night to kill Peter. Yug tells Ria that he will not get Sophia. Ria asks him to keep trying and says you will get her one day. She says you are very lucky as you can see, love, talk someone. She says I never got the chance to meet someone and fall in love, but I died and became ghost. Yug says my heart will be pained seeing you sad. Ria tells her marriage was fixed and the groom was very good man. Yug says if given a chance then he will reverse the time. Ria asks him to do as she says to get Sophia, and says sisters are always right for their brothers. Yug says I will do as my sister says.

Amy comes to Sophia’s room and says many adventures are happening in your life. She asks how are you? Sophia says I am fine. Amy hugs her and asks about her hero Yug who has saved her. Sophia says I trust him so much, that I dialled his number first. Whenever I feel like I couldn’t come out of the situation, Yug helped me come out of the situation. A flashback is shown, Sophia recalls Yug helping her. Amy smells something and says she is smelling that love is in the air. Sophia asks her to get out. Amy says I know that you are blushing……..Sophia runs after her with pillow and smiles thinking about Yug.

Later Yug comes to kitchen and sees Radha making gajar ka halwa. He says my mum is making gajar ka halwa for me. He tells about the incident of his childhood. Radha says I will make you eat with my hand. Yug gets happy and gets tantalize smelling it. Ria comes and says gajar ka halwa. Yug says it is mine and says he is lucky to have it. Suraj comes there and asks can you do my work. Yug says yes. Suraj asks him to have one spoon of it, as he misses Radha’s gajar ka halwa.

Veronica calls someone and tells that Peter has booked tickets for London. She says she don’t want to go, and tells Peter is shouting on everyone. The person calls her veronica darling and says you are not going anywhere. Are we meeting tonight? Veronica says yes, I will meet you surely. Yug comes to his room and thinks he has a good family who take care of him. He thanks the God and says sorry for complaining to him before. While Yug closes his eyes, Ishaan comes to his room and enters him. Yug feels pain in his body and opens his eyes.

Yug comes to Peter and says you are a murderer of Palekar family, and is about to stab him. Peter is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Love this show. I don’t think yug will kill peter. I think it’s ishaan’s imagination.

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