Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 6th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 6th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the ghosts getting scared with the mobile ring. Suraj says it is a radio. Ishaan says it is not radio. Dadi asks them not to touch as it is inauspicious. Ishaan says it is camera and shows the photo. Just then the mobile rings again, and they pick the call without knowing anything. Someone asks for Yug. Suraj says it is a phone. When we died 25 years ago, it was launched. He says we shall let Yug stay in this house for few days, and we will get to see new invention every day. Dadi and Radha refuses to let him stay in house. Everyone is against Suraj’s decision. Yadav says Suraj is against us. Dadi says Yug will not stay here, today he brought tantrik, and tomorrow, he might trouble us. Peter comes to sophia’s room and tells that he knows that she eloped

from home. They hug and share a light moment. Peter says Veronica will feel sorry when she comes to know about Ben. He sees Veronica coming and starts acting annoyed with Sophia. Sophia tells Ben is not right and have many affairs. Peter says I know. He asks why did you insult Ben when he came to our house. Veronica hears them and goes. Peter thanks Sophia for saving Amy’s life. Sophia says you are the only one who understands me Dad, and hugs him.

Jaggu Dada tells that he thought to give his old LCD TV to Yug as he brought new LED TV. Johny says you think so much about Yug. He says I can give my life to Yug. Jaggu Dada says this is LCD TV. Yug comes. Jaggu Dada gives him TV. Yug gets happy and asks if he needs to return to Bhabhi. Jaggu Dada asks him not to take her name and take TV to his home. Yug says okay. Johny says we will keep TV in Palekar Mansion.

All the ghosts plans to make Yug leave, and makes weird plans. Dadi taunts Radha. Yug and Johny bring TV there. All the ghost are surprised. Yug asks him to check the wire, and goes to place the dish antenna on the terrace. Dadi says will he make food at our terrace. Peter sees flowers at his house and thinks today is someone’s birthday. He calls Sophia and Amy, and asks if it is her birthday today. Sophia says none of us. Amy says did you forget my birthday. Peter says no. Peter says it might be Veronica’s birthday or our anniversary, and gets thinking. He thinks he has married her in the month of December and opines that it is Veronica’s birthday. He calls Veronica and sings Happy Birthday song. Veronica asks him to stop his drama and says you don’t remember my birthday date. Peter says I have kept party in hotel. Veronica says this bouquet is for Mrs and Mr. Sharma’s anniversary. She asks him to pick the bouquet and follow her. They get surprised and happy. Johny switches on TV. All the ghost family watch TV excitedly. Yug and Johny changes channels. Yug says he is getting late for work and asks him to come. Johny switches off the TV. They leave. The ghost family look at the remote control of TV.

Amy and Sophia are playing tennis in the garden area. Yug is cleaning the garden, and the shuttle cock hits him. He returns it to Sophia. They are shocked to see Veronica’s favorite pot.

Veronica asks what happened to her Aloevera pot. Amy and Sophia are tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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