Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug meeting Tony and says he stays in Palekar Mansion. Tony says I came to know how you are staying in my house, and says he can send him to jail. Yug says I was helpless and will become homeless. Tony asks if he is mad to stay in that house, and asks what is the secret for your safe stay at that ghosty house. Yug thinks about his family’s words. Keith asks if Sophia will sign on the papers. Veronica says she will make sure that Sophia couldn’t open the locker in her life and says keys is with her. She asks him to get the papers from the lawyers. Veronica’s friends come home to give her condolences. Keith smartly makes an exit. The guests ask her about Amy and Sophia. Amy comes to Sophia and shares her idea with her. She says Veronica couldn’t stop

her from leaving. Veronica acts and says Sophia is ruined after Peter left. Sophia comes to Veronica and asks can I go to church to pray and light the candle. Guest lady praises Sophia. Veronica says we will go together. Sophia asks her to stay with Deshpande aunty and asks her to take care of Veronica. Deshpande aunty says she will take care of veronica. Sophia leaves.

Tony says Keith Adams are buying that property and it doesn’t matter to me if he stays or burn that house. He asks where you will stay then? He then says I am not bothered? Yug says you are doing good, but you should have sell the antiques kept in the house. He says there is no ghosts in the house else I wouldn’t have stayed there. Tony gets thinking. Yug says you can give the things in charity also. Tony says why charity. Yug says you can come with me and see the things.

Keith sees Sophia coming out of house and comes out of car. Sophia sees her and wonders if he saw her. Keith worries thinking Sophia might reach Peter’s locker. He follows her on the road, but she hides. Sophia wears a hooded long coat and escapes from his view. He wonders where she would go.

Radha looks at the room and tells Dadi that they had a fight when she wanted to change color of the wall. Dadi asks if you want to still fight with me and asks her to forget. Radha says she don’t want to forget and says I want to remind you that this house is yours even now, and you only have to safe it. She asks her to promise not to let anyone burn this house, or harm it in any way. Dadi promises and says I have faith that Yug will bring Tony here, and we will make everything fine. She says this house is ours and nobody can snatch it from us. Radha gets teary eyes and emotional.

Keith comes to Veronica and asks how can she let Sophia go out of house. Veronica says she is not a fool to let her out, but Sophia made her fool and acted smart. She says she will punish her when she returns home. Keith says he saw her in market and she was going towards bank to check locker. Veronica says she has the keys and says Sophia can’t do anything without the keys. Keith takes a sigh of relief. He tells her that he met Tony and threw a lot of money infront of him. He says he is going to sign on the deal tomorrow. Veronica gets happy and hugs him. Keith says we need to find out what is kept in the locker and Sophia shouldn’t get it. Veronica asks him to see what she does.

Johny asks what happened? Sophia said yes to you, if you have changed your mind. Yug says he will love Sophia all his life and says his tension is something else. Johny says I heard that someone is buying that Palekar Mansion. Yug says yes, you heard it right. Johny asks if you want to buy that house. Yug recalls Suraj’s words. He says he can’t think of buying that big house in his dreams. Sophia comes and asks them to hands up. Yug asks what do you want as he haven’t seen her face. Sophia asks him to stop meeting Sophia. Yug says he will meet Sophia whenever he wants. Sophia acts and says he will shoot Sophia. He sees her soft hands and takes out the hood from her head. Sophia asks do you love me so much? Yug says I won’t let anything happen to you.

Veronica hurts Sophia and asks her to sign on the papers. She says they are making me as a co owner of the locker. Dadi asks Tony to name Palekar Mansion on Yug’s name and says they are trapped there since 25 years. Tony is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Good episode….
    And can anyone tell me who the hell is tony??
    One more culprit I think, involved in Ghost family murder….
    Now show is becoming interesting…

    1. On the 31st Dec episode, Ria said that Tony is their cousin.

      1. Meaning Dadi’s grandson

      2. Shraddha Sharma


  2. Thanks Hasan for updating fast

    precap is really sad as sophia getting tortured

  3. Day by day this show is becoming interesting , so cute to see Yugphia’s love story on track and I really wanna see how Tony reacts when he sees the ghost in their actual form, I hope he helps them out n make Yug the owner of Palekar mansion not Keith , but I m sure if he does so that Keith will also kill Tony

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