Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 5th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug talking to Ria while they are having breakfast. Yug says he has to leave for work. Suraj is shocked. He goes to Radha and says I want to talk to you. Radha says later. She says Ria lied to us and she can vanish too. Suraj says Yug works in Peter De Costa’s house. Radha is shocked. Suraj says I heard him talking to Ria. Radha says it is destiny. Suraj says do you feel that Yug can help us get mukti. He says we got this chance afer 25 years. He says guilty should be punished. Radha says we don’t know anything about Yug, and don’t know about his relation with him. She says may be Yug is his man. She says how can you think that Yug can help us whom he can’t see. Suraj says he strongly feel that Yug can help them. Peter laughs and

enacts Veronica’s reaction seeing diamond ring. The ring falls from his hand. Peter picks the ring fallen under the table and gets up with the table. He calls Veronica. Veronica comes and asks what he is doing with the table. Veronica likes the diamond ring. Peter asks her to help him free from the table. Amy says she will help him. Veronica asks him to calm down and asks Meena to bring oil from kitchen. Meena brings olive oil. Veronica says it is very costly and asks her to bring some other oil. They finally manage to take Peter’s head out of table. Peter gets happy as Veronica falls on his lap. Veronica thanks him. Peter tells her I love you. Veronica says I love you too.

Yug comes to Peter’s house and thinks he can’t believe that he is standing in Sophia’s room. He thanks the God. Sophia’s mum photo frame gets broken because of him. Sophia comes and sees the frame broken. She gets teary eyes and looks angrily at Yug. Yug apologizes. Sophia looks at her mum’s photo. Yug asks who is she? And says she looks very sympathetic. Sophia syas she is my mum, who gave me birth. She says her mum was very generous, and have died when she was very small. She asks do you know anything about mum. Yug gets teary eyes as well. Sophia says a mum binds everything together, and asks him to go. Sophia asks about his family. Yug tells her that he is an orphan. Sophia looks on. Yug says I will leave, and goes. Sophia looks at her mum’s photo.
Dadi asks Ria if she got fine with the puja flowers which Yug brought. Ria nods yes.

Radha asks why she didn’t vanish when she was having chance to hide. Ria says Yug knows that good ghosts stay here and says he talked to us that day. Dadi says Yug doesn’t know about us, and says we are ghosts and can’t have relations with human, Ishaan says we are different. Ria cries and says you can’t think how do I feel? Ishaan asks her to talk to them. Suraj and others come to Ria. Radha asks her to listen to them. Suraj goes to Ria and says I can understand you. He says we can’t do this. Ria says you was on my side. Suraj says I am not with you now. Ria asks what do you want? You don’t want Yug to see me? Suraj says yes. He thinks we can’t have any relation with Yug until I find out how could Yug help us.

Guru Maa puts something in fire and it makes a fire ball. Tantrik asks what is this. Guru Maa says ghosts will become her servants. Tantrik looks on. Guru Maa closes her eyes and says she is seeing ghosts future. She says she has to make kada more strong and needs some ingredients. Tantrik asks shall I bring it? Guru Maa says you don’t have that much intelligence to bring it. She asks him to add some ingredients and asks him not to make any mistake. She goes to bring other ingredients.

Peter comes to Sophia and asks what happened? Sophia cries and says her mum’s photo frame is broken. She hugs Peter. Peter says your mum doesn’t care about money etc, and says she used to value heart and feelings. He says we will get new photo frame, and also will buy rasgulla and chamcham. Sophia asks did you come here to say something? Peter recollects and says I came to scold you. He says Amy told me everything. Sophia says she is a liar. Peter asks did you visit Palekar Mansion? Sophia says she went there to meet Yug. Peter thinks how can Yug stay there when all Bustura people get afraid of it. Sophia says it is his helplessness, and says he don’t have a family. She says Yug was saying that he heard voices around him. Peter says there are ghosts inside and asks her not to go there. He wonders how can Yug stay there?

Peter asks Yug, don’t you get afraid of the ghosts. Yug asks do you know the people. Peter is shocked. Amy tells Peter that Sophia is going to Palekar Mansion.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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