Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 4th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Zindagi Abhi baki hain mera ghost 4th dec update in short:
Episode begins with Veronica and Keith going to bank to investigate about Peter’s locker as some secrets r hidden there. Veronica asks the lady about locker, lady says she can’t help as Peter has joint account. Veronica says Peter passed away n she has death certificate wid her . Lady says she knows and read in newspaper she felt bad , but she can’t due to rules and says only Sophia can open it as Sophia is the joint owner also. Veronica tries to convince the lady but lady gives her a form and tells her to take Sophia’s sign to be owner of it. In the car, Keith is angry n scolds Veronica for these n Veronica says she will bring the sign. Here, Amy is trying to open door so that Sophia can go out. But in vain.

Yug comes. And Sophia is happy to know that.amy n Yug try to open but no use. Amy tells Yug to break door but Yug says what will Veronica say. And then, Yug asks any for hairpin and Amy says u r a boy? ? and then Yug opens door with hairpin and Sophia hugs Yug. Amy says speak to Sophia for some time n she goes. Yug says to Sophia to go out right now with him. Sophia refuses and says these are her only memories with Peter. She can’t. Yug says u have one more thing? Sophia says time and Sophia asks if Yug got car Yug says yes n they plan to go out for the whole day as Veronica is away

Yug and Sophia is on car and Sophia drives and tells Yug that she missed freedom the most. And Sophia drives car fast. Yug reminisces Riya telling him to confess his love for Sophia Yug self-talks that how to confess love, Sophia says what r u murmuring? Yug says nothing and Sophia starts to drive in very high speed. Yug gets scared and speed inccreaeEs and says he is scared of her being hurt, Sophia lost in driving and not about himself and says he can’t tolerate it and confesses his love by saying main Tumse love karti hun <3. Sophia applies brake and car stops at a high speed. And in Palekar house ghost family, is discussing about what to do and Ishan says we r house owners but then remember that they don't own the house after death, and aji is trying to say what can be done (some hindi parts I don't understand that's why as no subtitles). After that Yug comes back to Palekar mansion driving alone(I think Sophia rejected him) and reminisces his moments with Sophia from childhood till now and goes in the mansion. Ghost family sees Yug quiet, they try to ask but he’s not saying anything, and when Radha asks him what’s the matter and Yug says he confessed his love to Sophia , riya, Radha and aji gets happy and Riya asks what Sophia did? Yug says nothing she was quiet she seemed disappointed , I hope I dindnt spoil our friendship due to this confession. On the other hand, Sophia sits freezed on her room and any checks if she got fever and checks her pulse and Sophia asks amy what she’s doing Amy asks she had a chance as Veronica is out why she came back so soon. Sophia says he loves me . Amy ask who? Sophia says Yug. Amy gets happy and dances and ask I knew that Yug had feelings for u. Sophia says I don’t think I love him. Amy says no u do love him as u always ask him help remember when Peter tried to get Sophia married forcefully, she asked Yug’s help and when door got opened(today’s episode), she hugged Yug first. Yug and Sophia both r confused an the screen freezes on their face.
Precap: Aji tells Yug to be the owner of Palekar mansion Yug gets shocked and Keith on the other hand conspiring against owner of Palekar mansion and says Yug

Update Credit to: Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

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  2. And do watch Zindagi Abhi baki hain Mera Ghost 7.30pm

  3. what will be sophia’s reaction about yug’s proposal??? Hope Soon she will understand his love….

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