Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 4th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the ghost family looking angrily at Peter. Peter gets scared and looks at them. Yug wonders if Peter could see them. Later he questions the ghost family if they know Peter. Suraj says we know him and we lied to you. Ria says I think Sophia is liking you. Yug asks do you feel the same. Ria says she might got impressed by you and asks him to say I love you. Yug refuses and says he can’t do that. Ria says I will help you propose her. Ishaan tells that their victim left. Suraj says we left this chance because of Sophia. Ishaan says why she will help us and blames Sophia. Radha says why you are blaming her.

Sophia questions Peter why he was silent on the way and asks did you see anything in Palekar Mansion. Peter says no. Sophia says you was behaving

strangely and asks did you see any ghost? Peter says no. Sophia says I will not be shocked if you saw ghost, and says she saw a ghost too. She says she have seen a woman wearing a saree. Peter gets shocked and says you have not seen anything. He asks her to go and rest. He gets a message….from someone who messages him that he knows everything about his doings. Peter thinks I can’t stay in this city and have to leave this city.

Veronica waits for someone outside the airport. The man comes there with his luggage. Veronica hugs him and says I am very happy to meet you. Ishaan comes to the store room where he has hidden the book. He says I am ready to compromise with you and says I accept your condition. You will take one part of my soul inexchange. The book asks him to stand straight and takes one part of his soul. Ishaan feels pain. Book says now you can enter anyone’s body. Ria comes hearing his shout and asks who has shouted. Ishaan says he slipped and got hurt. Ria says we are just soul and don’t get hurt. Ishaan thinks he felt pain as his soul’s part is taken away.

Yug comes to the same restaurant and thinks Ria made him wear these clothes. Nikhil, the waiter comes and asks Yug if he came for Sophia. He reads the note which Ria asked him to tell to Sophia. He gets tensed. Yadav and Ishaan are looking outside. Ishaan says I am waiting for someone to come, and says he will practice entering someone. Yadav says I am sure you have hidden the book. Ishaan asks him not to tell anyone. They see someone coming.

Johny asks Jaggu Dada, why did he bring him here and says he is afraid of Palekar Mansion. Jaggu Dada asks him to come, but Johny says he won’t go inside. Ishaan thinks to enter them. Johny calls Yug and says they are outside Palekar Mansion. Yug says he is in the restaurant, and practicing the lines. He asks Yug what to do about the contract? Yug asks him to accept the contract and says it is important for us. He says I will confess my feelings to Sophia today. He takes out the paper and reads the lines. Sophia comes there. Yug gets tensed and asks her to sit. He says I have to tell something urgently. Sophia asks him to tell….Yug says I……since the day I….you….Sophia asks what happened to you. Yug says I need to go to bathroom. Sophia drinks water. Jaggu Dada asks why did you say all the best to him. Johny says I won’t tell and steps out of Palekar Mansion. Ishaan enters Jaggu Dada’s body after reciting the mantras. Johny turns and is shocked.

Jaggu Dada slaps Johny hard. Johny is shocked. Peter decides to leave the country. Veronica meets that man.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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