Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Johny telling Yug that his destiny is in his favor today. He gives a showpiece asking Yug to give it to Sofia. Sofia comes and thanks him for repairing her thanks. Yug tells that his face turned black with her car smoke, then how can you identify me. Sofia tells your face is unique and different. He says anything for you. Sofia asks him to meet her at 8 pm. Yug agrees. It was just Yug’s imagination. Johny tells him that Sofia went to other man, and thanks him for repairing her car. The man asks her to have coffee with him. Sofia refuses and go. Yug gets sad. Johny tells Sofia didn’t go. Peter meets the broker outside the house. He tells about the foreigner deal. He tells this house will be sold. Veronica argues with Peter and compares her children.

Peter asks why she is comparing them? Veronica asks him to call Nancy and enquires with her about the rain coat.

Peter says I will solve the mystery within 2 mins. He calls Sofia. Yug’s Inspector friend teases him with Sofia’s name. Yug blushes. He tells him that he has a long relation with this place. He says we worked hard and earned the money. Inspector says your loan will be paid with this big order. Yug decides to pay big house and motor cycle. Johny asks him to make his dream girl sit with him on the motor cycle. Yug says it is not joke and I will make my dream come true. Peter comes to Sofia and asks did you give your rain coat to Nancy’s daughter. Sofia says I didn’t give. Peter says it means Nancy has stolen that rain coat and that’s why she can’t stay here. Sofia stops him and says no one can throw Nancy out of house.

Peter asks her to accept that she gave her rain coat to Nancy. Sofia refuses to admit it. Peter says you have done a good work, why did you want to hide it. Sofia says Nancy will not go anywhere. Veronica comes and asks did you talk to Sofia. Peter says Sofia gave that rain coat to Nancy, but she is not admitting. Veronica tells that rain coat is very costly and she brought it from Paris. She says your generous daughter gave it to nancy’s daughter. Peter says I can’t do anything. Veronica argues and scolds him. Peter is angry. Veronica tells did you say anything? Peter says nothing.

The foreigner comes to the Parlekar street with Mr. Periera. Mr. Periera shows the plan and goes to check layout. He likes the bungalow, and says I will put soul in it. Peter thinks of broker’s words and thinks may be there is no ghost in it and everything will forget about its mystery soon. Mr. Periera gets scared and says ghost. The foreigner sees a ghost and tells this is my home, go from here. He sees Periera skeleton and runs from there scared.

Sofia dances with her friend. Yug tells Johny that he have to save her and goes from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hahaha!!! ending was funny.. may be many had not laughed but I laughed… my whole family laughed… really it is an awesome serial… something new.. really yaar zindagi abhi bohot baaki hai…. mere ghost, mere dost, and every one… I love this pair yufia… they both are so cute… -_- …. i guess… yug was in another serial before… but in which… do any buddy know??? plz tell me…

  2. Yes yug was in diya aur baati hum as sandhya’s orderly that is a government servant

    1. sorry for late 🙁 ….. but thanku… 🙂 ….

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