Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug standing up and beats Hasmukh as he tries to molest Sophia. Sophia cries. Yug opens the rope and frees her. He then covers her with a cloth. Sophia cries and hugs him. Jaggu Dada comes with his Police team and asks Yug if he is fine. Yug says yes. Jaggu Dada and the police team arrest Hasmukh. Sophia says if you would not have come then don’t know what have happened? Yug says I had to come. They care for each other’s wounds. Sophia thanks and hugs him again.

All the ghost family search for the book. Ria says may be that book went back from where it came. Radha says it is good that the magical book is gone, atleast no one will try to enter anyone’s body.

Yug brings Sophia to Palekar Mansion. All the ghost family are shocked to see

their injured state. Peter scolds Hasmukh for trying to kidnap his daughter. He asks Jaggu when will Sophia come there. He calls home and enquires about it. He gets tensed knowing Sophia didn’t reach there. Jaggu says Yug might have taken her to Palekar Mansion. Peter thinks he will end this chapter for once and all, and thinks he knows that the dead is there in the house. He thinks to apologize to the ghost family for his sins and pleads to them to leave Sophia.

Yug asks Sophia to sit and goes to bring water. Yadav calls Ishaan and tells that Sophia is in their captivity. He asks him to think what to do now. Sophia gets someone’s call. She says hello and couldn’t hear because of the network. She gets up from the sofa and talks to Avni. Ishaan puts rope infront of Sophia’s feet and thinks he will hang her upside down. Sophia puts feet on the rope, but Radha stops her. Sophia sees Radha and are shocked. Radha thinks she forgot to vanish. Yug comes. Sophia tells Yug that she saw a beautiful woman in a saree. Yug says you saw ghost. He says there is no ghosts here and only I stay here. Sophia says youe head is still bleeding.

Veronica talks to someone on phone and says it is good that you are coming. We have to stop Peter from doing a mistake. Sophia puts ointment on Yug’s wound. Ria laughs. Yug asks her to stop laughing. He puts wound on her head. Ria laughs. Yug asks her to stop laughing. Sophia asks when did I laugh and asks him to rest. Yug says I am fine. Sophia says I don’t know how to thank you. Yug asks her not to thank him. Sophia says don’t know what would have happen. Yug says you said we are friends. Sophia befriends with him and forwards his hand. Yug gets Jaggu’s message that Peter is coming to pick her. Sophia says Papa is coming. Suraj and everyone gather there. They think no one can stop them.

Peter comes in his car and thinks I will not run away today. I will end this story today. I will not get scared today and gets down the car. He asks God to help him and opens the gate. Sophia comes running and hugs him. Peter says I have come, nothing will happen to you. All the ghost family appear infront of him in their real state. Peter is shocked to see them and recalls murdering them.

Peter is shocked to see them proceeding towards him and shouts. Sophia says no one is there. Yug sees ghost family going towards Peter. Someone comes and meets Veronica. Veronica is happy to see him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. nice episode 🙂

  2. happy to see sofia n yug

  3. maybe it wasn’t Peter, somebody else killed them

  4. Nyc episode gud … n i think its nt peter it may b da man who is cuming killed them

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