Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jaggu Dada sking Yug to stay in his house and tells about his wife’s troubles. Yug asks him to go to his wife. Annie gets happy when Veronica informs her that the boy liked her. She tells her about the courtship period and asks her to make him yearn for her. Annie hugs her and says I love you, for sending Sophia out. She shows her new dress and asks her to wear it. Annie shouts happily. Ishaan is angry. Radha tells Suraj that Ishaan is angry. Ria tells him that Ishaan was about to go with girls, but he got 840 volts current. Suraj says it can’t be scientifically. Ishaan says we have to stay here till Anant Kaal. Yadav says whoever tries to stay here and could help us, you made them run. Ishaan blames Suraj for their death and says because of your

mistake, we are dead now. Suraj says he is saying right. He says everyone died because of me. Ria asks what you have said to him. Ishaan asks her not to ignite his anger. The boy and Annie mingles well.

Veronica thinks it is good that sophia is not here. Sophia talks to her friend and tells that Veronica gave money for shopping while she is driving the car. Sophia recalls forgetting money at home, and turns her car to go home. Yug informs his friends that he stayed in Palekar Mansion at night as he didn’t get the house on rent. Johny says there is a ghost inside Palekar Mansion and asks if he saw. Yug nods. Johny says why didn’t you tell about your problem. Yug says you are my family and would get tensed hearing my problem. Johny says where you will stay tonight. Jaggu Dada says he has an idea and asks him to stay in Police lock up.

Veronica thanks the guests for coming on a short notice. Annie gets excited meeting the boy. Sophia comes back home. Veronica is shocked. Ben’s mum says he is going to be your brother in law. Sophia says it can’t happen. Veronica asks did you forget something at home. She asks her to pick up the thing and go. Ben’s mum says my son is awesome. Sophia says Mrs. Fernandes and Mrs. Pandey know well about him. Sophia says he has many affairs. Veronica asks her to stop joking. Sophia says she is not joking. She asks if he is having affairs only with married women. Ben says he is not having any affair. Ben’s mum and veronica support him. Veronica asks Sophia to apologize to them. Sophia says Annie is her sister too and she don’t want her to marry wrong guy.

Ben’s mum gets angry and tries to go. Veronica says we can sit and talk. Ben and his mum leaves. Radha tells Suraj not to take Ishaan’s words on heart. Suraj says Ishaan said right and says you all had died because of me. Radha asks him not to say that. Suraj blames himself for their death. Radha says that man was responsible for our death, who tried to bribe you and when you said no, he had killed us. She says he will also suffer. Suraj says we are suffering since 25 years. He says if we will be stuck here till Anant Kaal. Radha says God will show the way. Suraj says my wife is the best. Radha cries and says we can’t touch each other.

Veronica locks Sophia in the room. Peter hires Yug as a household help.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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