Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 30th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Radha telling Dadi that she won’t keep quiet anymore and tells that necklace was given to her by her mum. She says your eyes were on that necklace since I got married. Dadi couldn’t say anything as she is muted by the tantrik. Radha finds necklace in the almari and says you would have asked me for it. Dadi tries to speak. Radha says you might want to trouble me. Yadav appears and says I will help you. Dadi says why I will take your necklace? Yadav interprets her and says whatever came from your Mayka is not genuine. Radha says Suraj used to visits her mayka and they love him much. Dadi tries to speak. Yadav says she wants to say that she is the owner of the house. Radha keeps necklace in her hand and asks her to keep it angrily. Dadi teaches a lesson

to Yadav and make him fly in air.

Suraj thinks about Ishaan’s words that he hates the person who killed them. He thinks of Ria’s words that they were killed because of him. Radha comes and tells Suraj that Dadi took her necklace. She says Dadi couldn’t speak, and Ria couldn’t vanish. She says she is sure that some trouble is going to come. Suraj is teary eyed and tells what is the need to worry. Radha asks him why he is feeling low? Suraj says I couldn’t do anything 25 years ago and calls himself useless. Radha says you are not useless. Suraj says you all died because of me and I couldn’t save any of us. Radha tells Ria and Ishaan want to know the truth from her. Yadav says I will do this with you always. Yug comes home and sits on chair where Yadav is already seated. He hears his voice and says I will not sit on this chair if you people don’t like. He goes to his room.

Radha asks Suraj, did you tell Ishaan about the person who killed us. Suraj says I don’t want to burden my kids with the truth and says they can’t do anything. He says I hate the person who killed us. He tells about that night when they were killed. A person enters Palekar Mansion and shoots at Suraj. Ria witnesses his death and gets shot. Radha comes downstairs and gets shot. The goons kill Dadi and Ishaan too. Everyone dies. Suraj is still alive and see the killer coming towards him. His face is revealed. Suraj is shocked to see Peter killing them. Suraj says I don’t believe that he would do such a thing. He says Peter was my junior and learnt everything from me. Radha asks him not to think about that man, and says money changes everyone. Suraj says we were killed for money. Radha asks are you sure that you have seen him only. She says you used to love him like your younger brother and I used to call him my dewar, how can he kill us. Suraj says I saw him only with my eyes while dying. He says Peter was standing infront of me with pistol in his hands. He takes his name Peter De costa.

Peter in his house and thinks if Veronica and Sophia can become mum and daughter in their life. He blames himself for losing Alex, and thinks he is a powerful man but couldn’t do anything till now. He says whatever has happened 25 years ago, you have to bear punishment for that. Tantrik asks Guru Maa if Ria and Dadi will be deficit of their strength, and will be like this for forever. Guru Maa says she is eager to know about their strength and asks him about Yug. Tantrik says his name is Yug. Guru Maa asks what else do you know about him. Tantrik requests her to give him some time to get info about Yug.

Suraj tells Yug that if he is the one who will take him out of this hell, and asks if I tell you about that person’s name, can you bring that man here, can you help us, or else if I will be doing a big mistake again by trusting you. Yug is seen sleeping.

Suraj tells that he don’t want his kids to know about the killer. Peter sees Suraj and his photo, and it falls. Sophia comes and picks the photo.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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