Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 30th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 30th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Suraj if he found the way to get answers from book. Suraj says no and tells that Yug helped them. He says Yug found this magical pen and tells that they have to write questions with it.

Suraj asks the questions, how they will get mukti? Answer appears on book. Suraj reads that they will get Mukti by killing the person who had killed them. Ishaan says I will ask question. Suraj says wait and asks another question. How can we step out of house? Dadi reads the answer that we are souls and that’s why book is asking us to get in someone’s body. Suraj says do we need to possess someone’s body. Book writes yes and it appears that they have to possess someone’s body.

Yug is in Police station with Jaggu Dada. Yug feels helpless

as Peter is ruining Sophia’s life and is not in a mood to listen to them. Jaggu dada says he didn’t even see the printout. Yug says two days are left in her marriage and I can’t do anything. Jaggu Dada asks him to drink cold water and think with calm mind. Yug asks Jaggu to call Hasmukh’s wife. Jaggu says I called her, but she disconnected the call. Yug says I will go and make her understand.

Suraj asks how can we get in other’s body. Book asks them to read some mantra once while concentrating on a person’s body to enter. Radha says this book has showed us way, but the question is we will enter whose body? Yadav and Suraj talk about Yug. Radha says no. Ishaan says this is a good idea. Ria says Yug will go to jail when Peter will be killed. She says I will tell everything to Yug. Ishaan warns her. Suraj asks them to keep quiet and says we will make a plan with which nothing will happen to Yug, and he will not go to jail. He says we will get revenge. Dadi says Yug is innocent and is staying in our shelter. If he is saved from police, but what about people. He will think that he is a murderer. Ishaan is adamant.

Sophia thinks Yug has helped me even after he is a stranger to me. He brings smile on my face always. She thinks my own dad doesn’t care for me and cries. Yug comes and calls her slowly. Sophia asks what you are doing here? Yug says I came to told you that I will fulfill my promise and asks her to do something. Sophia says if this will happen? Yug says yes else I will help you elope from here. Sophia smiles and looks at him.

Hasmukh’s first wife comes to Peter’s house. Hasmukh sees her and threatens her asking why did she come to meet him. He says I am marrying someone else and asks her to go. His wife says you are still married to me and says it is enough of your marriage business. He asks her to get out. Yug comes and says no one can touch her when I am around. Hasmukh says that’s why she is making so much noise. He asks him to be in level and says Sophia is a spoilt brat, shameless girl. Peter and Sophia looking at him from hiding. Jignesh and his wife comes out and tells their bahu that no one will believe her. She tells Yug that they will give him money from whatever money they will get from Peter. Yug refuses to take money and says he is not greedy. Peter comes out and asks what is happening.

Peter asks them to get out. Veronica asks what is the matter? Jignesh’s wife says this woman is claming to be Hasmukh’s wife. The woman shows the marriage certificate and tells that Hasmukh marries a girl every years and elopes with his money. Peter scolds them and regrets for chosing wrong guy for Sophia. Veronica messages someone and asks when he is returning India.

Radha makes a veriety of dishes for Yug. Ishaan says you didn’t make these many dishes for us. Dadi asks Radha, if they have any other way. Radha says we can wait for some more time. Police comes and arrests them. Peter thanks Yug for saving his daughter’s life. Yug thanks Hasmukh’s wife for coming with him and saving Sophia’s life. The woman thanks Yug and tells Sophia that she is lucky to have a true friend like Yug. Sophia smiles looking at Yug.

Hasmukh kidnaps Sophia in her car and puts knife on her neck. Yug follows the car on his bike.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Its a different show and is brilliant.
    I just love Sophia and Yug

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