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The Episode starts with Keith holding Veronica sensually and then pushes her on bed angrily. He says your tongue is speaking much and says you knows all of my secrets. Veronica gets up and pushes him on bed. She says you can grab my neck, but can’t kill me. She calls him Keith or Kishore Kadam. Keith says I like your sharpness and smiles. Yug comes back to Palekar Mansion and is sad thinking about Sophia. Radha asks if someone is in pain. Yug says Sophia….Ria says she might be sad. Yug says Sophia is being tortured in her own house. He says she was a princess when Peter was alive, but now her mum has asked her to do Poocha. He says one man is there in the house, and nobody knows about him. Amy comes to Sophia and says sorry. Sophia asks why? Amy says I hate you all my life,

when you called my mum by her name. She says you would have felt that she can never become your mum. I feel that she can never be my mum also. She says I can understand why you have refused to go with Yug. She says if someone provokes me, then I will not leave the house, it is our house, my house…….She hugs Sophia and cries saying she will be with her always. Sophia wipes her tears and says she won’t break and is very strong. Amy says I know you are very strong and asks her not to fall weak if Veronica tortures her. Sophia sees her hand and says she will put ice on it. Amy hugs her and says I love you.

Suraj tells Yug that they have found some names, and says may be Peter was right. There might be someone involved in our murder, and now Peter’s accident. He says everything is related. He says someone wants to reach me through Peter, and says there were three ministers’ names which he found. Yug says I will help you and says I will bring laptop from Jaggu.
Yug writes the name of the minister. Suraj says he is still minister and asks him to type last name Kishore Kadam. Yug types the name in google, and someone else’s photo appears. Suraj says if you have seen this man on Peter’s funeral. Yug says no. Suraj says how can this happen and says he was dead and used to be minister of transport.

Veronica says this face has changed a lot because of plastic surgery, and says doctors have done a fantastic job. She says nobody can identify you. Keith says even walls have ears. Veronica gets someone’s call and says she will meet tomorrow. Keith says Peter is dead and you want to do romance so soon. Veronica says she got Inspector’s call, and he informed me that he got Peter’s phone on the accident spot….He asked me to meet tomorrow. Yadav tells Suraj that Police can find out about the last caller. Ria asks Yug to come with her. She asks him to confess love to Sophia now. Yug says she is sad and this is not the right time. She says Sophia needs someone who can say that someone loves her even in bad times, and that is you. Yug says you are saying right and says she needs someone close. I will tell her that her pain is mine.

Ria asks him to say I love you Sophia and asks him to practice. Yug practices saying I love you. Dadi and Radha comes. Dadi says I will show you. Ria says no. Dadi says she had much experience in love and tells about her time.

Sophia is going somewhere. Keith stops her. Veronica asks Sophia to show some manners to the guest. Sophia says it is taught by a mum and I don’t have any mum. Keith asks Sophia to get back to her work. Veronica gets angry and says I would have slapped her. Keith says inspector is going to come in few mins time. Inspector comes. Veronica introduces Kishore as Keith Adams. Inspector says he want to say something, and tells that Peter got last call from PCO. He says they are trying to enquire about the CCTV camera near the PCO. Veronica is shocked. Inspector says we can reach his murderer soon.

Keith tells Yug that he is buying Palekar Mansion, and the first thing he will do is that he will burn it. He says you will not have any home then.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    The bond between Sophia and Amy is so sweet n strong, So sweet of Amy. I think she will be the one to help Sophia elope or unite her with Yug. So Keith is Kishore with plastic surgery, I wonder how will yug n ghost family get to know bout Keith’s truth. And so sad this shows is ending very soon next year. Indian TV needs more shows like this show. This show literally had everything but was very unlucky. The most underatted show of current times.

  2. peter is dead due to accident.i wonder why he hasnt become gost by now? definitely peter should cm.thats right i think so.

    1. No bhuvana I don’t think so as the guy acting as Peter has quit the show and moreover ZABHMG is going off air that’s why

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