Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sofia going in the car and it stops suddenly. She calls on the garage number and asks about the mechanic. When the person says that he is busy, she calls him ullu. Yug and Johny see Sofia on the road. Yug tells God has heard me. Johny says Sofia is outside the car. Yug says he will meet Sofia today and couldn’t let the chance go. Sofia calls her mum and tells her car has break down. Yug goes near her and offers to repair her car. He repairs her car and asks her to check. Sofia tries to start and tells it is not starting. Yug repairs again and the car starts. Sofia thanks him and goes. Johny laughs seeing Yug’s face smeared black with car smoke, and takes a pic. HE teases Yug saying he will forward his pic to girl friend.

The foreigner talks

to someone and tells he wants to shift to Parlekar house. He asks about the owner. The broker tells that he will make the sale deed and says it will take 2 months for the proceedings. The foreigner gives him 10 Lakhs rupees advance. The broker asks him to take charge of the house. The foreigner leaves. The broker thinks his dead deed will become after he goes in. Sofia scolds Nancy for spoiling her dress. Nancy goes. The lady comes there and tells she has spoiled her dress.

Sofia takes her name. The lady asks her to call mom and says she is her step mom. Sofia calls her mom. Yug sees a dream about his encounter with ghosts. He switches on the light and prays for his safety. Next morning, the inspector is seen at the pani puri stall and having it. Yug and Johny scares him. Johny says you should thank us as we are caring friends. Yug gets sad and misses his family. Johny apologizes to him. Yug says I didn’t feel bad, you both got family, but I didn’t.

Someone dropped me at the stairs after giving birth and this is my mistake. The Inspector asks him to see his wife, then he will not yearn for family. They laugh. Johny tells they got 200 kg fish order. They scare Inspector again. Sofia’s dad Peter calls Veronica, his wife. Veronica asks why you are shouting? He shows I pad and asks? Veronica says it is an I pad. Sofia’s dad Peter asks who is this man and asks why is he sticking to you so much. Veronica tells he is my cousin Montu. The broker calls Peter and tells him about the foreigner who wants to buy Parlekar house.

Yug and Johny hug each other for getting the order. He sees Sofia having something. Sofia sees him and tells her sister that she wants to thank Yug as he repaired her car. Johny tells Yug that she is coming here. Dede Sahiba song plays………….

Yug talks about Parlekar house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. when will he go there again

  2. I want to know how Yug will become part of ghost family.

  3. it is just an awesome show yaar…. but I’m also thinking that how yug will be in this house… as parlekar house is costly, and that foreigner have already given the money in advance….. ok let it be yaar…kaise na kaise toh mil hi jaayega….

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