Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Yug to open his eyes and beats him with pillows. Yug prays to God to save him. Yug shows the cross. Dadi thinks he is not getting afraid and tries to make him fall from the bed. Yug prays and sticks to bed. Dadi makes heavy air flows to make Yug fall, but he manages to be on the bed. Dadi says Yadav was right and he might be getting strength from this cross. She asks God to listen to them also. Peter is seen exercising at night. Veronica is shocked seeing him walking on the threadmill and asks what is the matter? Peter says I need to lose my weight and I have to go to Goa. Veronica says so what? Peter says I have to inaugurate a sports club in Goa. Veronica says you have to inaugurate the club, but not run. Peter says inauguration is of swimming

pool. Veronica laughs. Peter asks her not to laugh. Veronica asks why you are scared? Peter says I was afraid if I was ask to swim then what I will do. Veronica says water will come out then. Peter says he wants to lose weight and asks her to exercise. Veronica says she wants to talk about Annie’s alliance. Peter asks did you talk to Annie?

Yug is working in the restaurant and stumbles because of lack of sleep. Other waiter makes him sit. Yug says Manager will scold him if he sit. Other waiter asks him to rest for 10 mins and make him sit. Yug asks him to wake up in 5 mins and sleeps. Radha asks Suraj, to ask her if she is having an affair? Suraj looks on. Dadi asks if you are fighting till now. She says Radha is saying right, she is not having any affair as she doesn’t look like Hema Malini. She says my son is very handsome, but he liked you. She says you both are made for each other. Radha says she couldn’t keep eyes off from Yug. Dadi asks them to end the matter.

Manager comes and sees Yug sleeping. Other waiter comes and tells he came just now. Manager fires him from job. Yug looks distressed. Veronica calls Sophia and asks her to come to her room. She says you couldn’t bring that shawl which you donated. She says it was actually my mum’s shawl. She says she saw exact shawl in the mall and asks her to bring it. Sophia is shocked. Veronica asks her to buy dress for herself. Sophia is surprised. Veronica says she is a mum and says you will understand about parents’ doings when you becomes a mum. Sophia is touched.

Annie comes and asks why did you send her for shopping. Veronica says I did this for your good and says wonderful groom is coming to see you. Annie is happy. Veronica says she don’t want Sophia to be in the house when that guy comes here. Annie says you are genius. Ishaan is angry as Suraj scolded him. Ria tries to cheer him up and says someone is coming. Ishaan sees girls and talks to them. The girls tell that they forget the way. Ishaan says he will show the way. The girls asks him about the way to restaurant. Ishaan tells them. The girls asks him to come with them. Ishaan says tries to step out of Palekar Mansion and gets electric shocks. Ishaan thinks how did he forget that he can’t step out of Palekar mansion. Yug comes to his friends to tell about losing the job. Johny gets a call and he gets busy. Yug thinks how to tell them. Johny tells my mummy troubles me by calling again and again. Yug says actually she loves you very much. He tells about losing the job.

Precap: Jaggu Dada tells Yug that he will not stay there. Radha tells Ishaan is angry. Ishaan blames Suraj for their death.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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