Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amy coming to Sophia’s room and sees Keith/Kishore’s photo. She asks who is he? Sophia asks her to close the door and tells it is difficult to believe this, and shows Keith’s real face. Yug celebrates his birthday with his friends Johny and Jaggu, and cuts cake. Johny says today is very auspicious and your heart wish will be fulfilled. Yug says all my wishes are fulfilled. Jaggu tries to smear Yug’s face with cake, but the ghost family smears cake on Jaggu’s face. Jaggu asks if he has any setting with ghost family. Yadav and Suraj talk about british people who left these kinds of customs. Johny says I am sure that Yug has setting with ghost family and teasing us. Jaggu says I know Yug is a coward etc….Yug asks am I? He signs the ghost

family. Dadi makes Jaggu fall on cake and his face is smeared on cake. Jaggu asks for towel. Ria gives towel to Yug. Yug gives towel to Jaggu. He wipes his face and his face gets black. Yug smiles.

Amy is shocked to know that Kishore/Keith is Peter’s murderer. She says if Veronica was acted to be in love with Peter all these years. Sophia says I don’t know and asks to control her emotions, and do not tell anything to Veronica. She cries. Sophia says Amy. Just then Veronica comes and says hello. Sophia and Amy get tensed. Veronica asks why you are crying? Amy and Sophia looks at each other. Amy says that photo was very bad. Veronica looks at her laptop. Veronica asks which photo? Amy says movie photo? Sophia says it was just imagination. Amy says it was really bad. Veronica asks why you are crying? Amy says that woman killed her husband because of her lover and goes. Veronica is shocked. She asks Sophia to sleep. Sophia thinks I have to tell Yug today itself.

Yug tells ghost family that he is alive because of his friends. Ria says we have just done masti with him. Yug says what will happen when he will go to his wife with black face and laughs. Sophia comes there. Radha and Dadi make an excuse and leave from there. Ishaan says I am modern and asks them to talk. Suraj signs him to leave. He also goes along with Yadav. Yug asks Sophia to sit and asks what happened? Sophia says someone called Keith as Kishore in the old age home. She says Keith is Kishore and shows the photo. Yug realizes that Anjali Apte is the nurse, whom Keith used to call many times. She left after selling her property. She must have known something about him. He says Keith has got Plastic surgery on his face. Sophia says I too believe the same. Yug says why anyone will change his name. He has changed as he has done bad. He says Keith is the one who had killed Peter and his family also.

Suraj hears and comes back. He apologizes for listening to them mistakenly, and asks if they believe that Keith is Kishore. Yug shows the photo. Suraj thanks them and says you both have done good work. He says if anything would have happen to Peter, then we will never be able to forgive ourselves. Sophia says she wants to get her dad’s murderer punished. Yug says he will go to the old age home and will enquire about Kishore. Suraj asks him to be careful. Yug says nothing will happen to me. I will end this story, you all will get mukti and Peter’s dad will get justice.

Sophia tells Yug what we will do? We can’t be able to get any proofs against Keith or know about him. Keith gives money to goons and asks them to kill that old man.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Akash dhingra

    Aha ab keith nhi bachega bachchoo yug tere baal ki khaal nikalega dekhna

  2. I just loved the Yug and ghost family scenes a lot so cute and loving family and also very funny, and I feel so bad for Amy, I hope in the end Yug n Sophia gets married and also Amy stays with them and Yug treats her like his sister.

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice episode….
    I hope yug and sophia will save old man and ghost family will save all…

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Good news for ZABHMG lovers… show has got extention I saw on SBB (aaj tak) yesterday…
    And hamari bahu Rajni-kanth will telecast from 15 feb at 8 pm on life OK ( saw on ads)….

    1. Oh really????? Is it true 🙂 then it will be great, so which show is ending is it Janne kya hoga Rama re?

      1. Shraddha Sharma

        I am sure ki jane kya hoga rama re end ho raha hai ya uska tym badal raha hai….

      2. Are you a mad bro

  5. I love this episode and want that cute ghost family should get mukti

  6. Today I read in Tellychakkar that ZABHMG cast wrapped up their shoot today which means that ZABHMG is ending not JKHRR , I think JKHRR will have shift in time slot , I will miss ZABHMG a lot 🙁

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      Are you sure, as I have seen in SBB (aaj tak) it got extension….

      1. You can read it yourself in this link:
        And also one of my friend told me it’s true but how can it be as Bahu hamari rajinkant will be shown at 8pm and ZABHMG is shown at 7.30pm I m quite confused after reading this article

      2. Shraddha Sharma

        I read the article….
        This means that ZABHMG is ending and JKHRR will take the time slot… beacuse i read one more article in tellychakkar that HBRK is show of YHM writer and producer… in this ISHITA will be there for few days…. so JKHRR ko 7:30 ka tym slot denge as iss se YHM k trp bhi km nhi hogi or HBRK ki trp b ok ok aane lagegi….

      3. Shraddha Sharma

        And ZABHMG ko miss to krungi but HBRK ke promos bhi acche lg rehe hai… i hope ZABHMG ka koi new season bhi aaye…

      4. I m also a big fan if ZABHMG , I feel this is the best comedy daily soap after bhabiji and sumit, but went unnoticed 🙁

  7. Shraddha Sharma

    I hope ZABHMG do not end so soon

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