Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veronica getting angry and puts hot iron on Sophia’s hand. She burns her hand and asks her to remember this before making any more mistakes. Sophia cries and feels very much pain. Veronica asks her to do iron nicely. Sophia cries. Yug gets Peter’s phone and says he will show his family that Peter called me last time before his death. He checks the caller’s list and sees a landline number as the last received number. He thinks to talk to Sophia and thinks she can help me tell about his number. Amy looks at Sophia’s burn and asks how did it happen. Sophia says it is done by Veronica. Amy gets shocked. Veronica comes and asks her to get back to work. She holds her hand and pushes her asking to sweep the house. Amy asks how dare she do this with her

sister. Veronica twists Amy’s hand and blackmails Sophia to do the poocha and sweep. Sophia cleans the floor. Amy cries. Keith intentionally steps on the cleaned surface and asks Sophia to clean the floor again. Sophia looks on stunned. Veronica hurts her by holding her hairs and asks her to do clean. Amy says no. Veronica asks Amy to shut up.

Yug comes and sees Sophia cleaning the floor and is shocked to see her in servant’s clothes. Sophia cries looking helplessly. Suraj searches something in the store room. Radha appears and asks what he is searching in the files. Suraj says my mind is working now and says he is searching for Bustura bridge file. He says if Yug is right then there is someone involved in it. He recalls and says Peter used to say that someone else is involved. Radha says you are believing Yug now. Suraj says I am sure that there is someone involved and says his name is in the files. Radha says I will help you.

Veronica tells Sophia that her friend came to meet her. She says your status is equal now, and says she has become alone now. Yug is in pain to see her like this. Veronica asks him to say. Sophia asks why did you come here Yug. Yug keeps Peter’s phone back in his pocket and says nothing important. Veronica asks him to get out, and asks Sophia to clean kitchen. Yug says 1 min and asks her to say what is happening? Sophia recalls Veronica torturing her and asks him to go now. Keith asks didn’t you hear her and asks him to go. Yug says this is Peter De Costa’s home, and he was Peter’s father. Veronica says this is my house now. Sophia looks angrily. She asks him to go else. Sophia comes to him and asks him to go. Keith and Veronica smiles.

Sophia cleans the house again. Veronica says she needs a change and goes with Keith. Amy and Sophia cries. Amy comes to Yug and looks at his car. Yug asks why Sophia was cleaning the house. Amy asks him to take Sophia from there. Yug says Sophia asked me to go. Amy says my mom is torturing Sophia a lot since many days, and says I hate her. She asks him to take Sophia with him. Sophia comes to Yug and asks if he brought a new car. Yug says I haven’t come here to show my car. Sophia apologizes on her behalf. Yug asks her to come with him to Palekar Mansion. Sophia refuses and says that house is of her Papa, and she can’t leave the house because of the memories attached with the house. She says she want to see this new game end. She tells about Keith. Amy says I hate him. Yug asks who is this man and from where did he come? Sophia says she want to enquire and says she has to go else Veronica will torture her. Yug tells Amy that whenever they need him, they can call him. Amy says she is happy that he is with Sophia. Yug says he will be with Sophia always.

Radha gets the file and shows it to Suraj. Suraj finds three names of the politician, and says I haven’t heard their names before. He says one of the three might be involved. Yug comes to the Police station and shows the phone saying it is Peter’s phone. Inspector refuses to hear him and doubts on him. Yug says he got this phone at the place of accident and says Peter was coming to his house that day, but took an U turn. He asks him to enquire and solve the case. Inspector asks him to leave the phone with them. Yug thanks him.

Veronica and Keith come to the hotel. Keith says finally we are here. Veronica says I can’t believe that we are alone. I thought Peter will never open his mouth, and I had to sacrifice my youth and spent my life with a boring man. She hugs Keith and says nobody will know that you are Kishore Kadam. Keith looks on angrily. Veronica says there is no Keith Adam.

Suraj asks Yug to type Kishore Kadam. They see someone’s photo. Veronica tells Keith that Inspector got Peter’s phone at accident spot.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sophia’s condition is like Cinderella and Amy is just being ignored by her mother pathetic even her step-sister cares for her more. Hope Keith will be caught by Yug soonn. I think Yugphia and Amy will join hands to teach Keith a lesson.

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Show is going waaow….
    But sophia and amy k liye bura lgta hai…
    Yug and his family are super hero ghost…

  3. Sophia cares about Amy more than her real mother obviously her mother should care more about her but no she just dives a damn about s.x with Keith/kadam

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