Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yug coming to Palekar Mansion with Cross locket in his hand which he got in the church. Dadi and Yadav see him coming. Dadi says even though he is scared, but getting in. Dadi tries to scare her, but Yug shows the cross in his hand. Dadi says it is shown in films. Ria gets happy as Yug has come back. She sees the cross and says he brought it to scare us, laughs…..Dadi says what is his religion. Ria recalls Yug saying he is an orphan, and tells his name is Yug Bustura. Dadi says we are dead, but I do Jaap everyday. Ishaan laughs. Yug hears his voice and runs to room. Suraj is crying. Radha asks him not to cry and see truth in her eyes. She says I am going to my Mayka. Suraj says did you forget that we can’t step out of Palekar Mansion. Radha says

I didn’t betray you, and is Pati vrata and pavitra.

Peter tells Veronica that they can’t marry Annie before Sophia. Veronica says the boy’s mum is her friend and even Annie likes the boy. She says they are well sophiscated people. She says Sophia will reject this proposal and that’s why she has chosen him for Annie. Peter asks why she has chosen this guy when she thinks Sophia will reject him. Peter says okay and asks her to keep meeting when he comes back. Veronica tries to convince him and thinks it is yes from his side.

Yadav tells Dadi to let Yug stay and asks her to understand his helplessness. He says no one would come back here, the way you troubles him. Dadi agrees to leave him and says no one can stay here without her permission. Radha cries. Dadi tells them that Yug has returned and asks what to do. Suraj says my marriage is at stake. Dadi says so what? She says you can’t break this marriage even if you want to. Radha says why do you hate me so much and is filling his ears against me. Dadi says let it be, and asks him to think about Yug who has returned. Suraj says my happy home has broken and my mood is off. He looks at Radha and says she has broken my heart. Radha cries. Suraj asks Ishaan to make Yug run from here. Ishaan agrees. He comes to Yug’s room and starts dancing in his room. Yug is sitting with cross in his hand and praying with eyes closed. He thinks Yug is very stubborn and puts lantern infront of him. He tries to scare Yug and laughs loudly. Ishaan gets angry as Yug don’t fall in his trap.

Sophia thinks about her conversation with her friend and smiles thinking about the bottle. She says 14 years old girl saw a dream that someone will come and hold her hand, to make her smile and understand her pain. She says that girl is me, and I am in search of my prince charming. She writes letter and put in the bottle. She says I am sure that one letter will come, we will go somewhere far……..Ishaan comes to Dadi and says he couldn’t scare Yug. Dadi scolds him. Ria teases Yug. Radha asks Suraj to listen to her once. Suraj asks her not to woo him and calls her Sanam Bewafa….Radha plays piano and sings Aaji Rut ke…………Dadi comes to Yug and asks him to open his eyes. She tells God listens to ghost also. Dadi thinks Radha is trying to woo Suraj and says Suraj got good alliances, but he married her. Suraj tries to get out of Palekar Mansion, but gets electric shock.

Ishaan tries to help the girls and gets electric shock. The girls laugh.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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